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Firm Profile

For nearly a century, Foulston Siefkin LLP has been one of the largest and most respected law firms in the state of Kansas and the Midwest. With nearly 90 attorneys serving in Wichita, Overland Park and Topeka, Foulston Siefkin LLP is a renowned Kansas institution and celebrates an unsurpassed tradition for legal excellence.

In 1919, Robert C. Foulston and George L. Siefkin founded a law firm in Wichita that quickly became known for its talented lawyers. The founders’ belief in the growth of the Kansas economy and its expanding legal needs served the company well from its very conception. From representing an emerging aircraft company, Boeing, in the early 20th century to representing Fortune 500 companies in the 21st century, Foulston Siefkin LLP is proud of its past history in Kansas and looks forward to its future endeavors in both Kansas and Missouri.

Foulston Siefkin LLP provides a full range of legal services to its clients that include civil and complex litigation, business matters, employment and labor and health care. The mission of Foulston Siefkin LLP is to provide valuable, first-rate professional services at a reasonable cost. Serving the interests of its clients, Foulston Siefkin has garnered recognition by both clientele and peers for its reputation of absolute honesty and integrity.

Foulston Siefkin LLP is proud of its long-standing status and reputation. However, it could not have attained such prestige if not for the dedication and hard work of its staff and attorneys. Foulston Siefkin is honored not only to serve its clients but also to acknowledge the accomplishments merited by its attorneys, which include several national recognitions and honors. The clients of Foulston Siefkin know that the services offered by these attorneys truly match the prestigious reputation of this law firm.


Practice Areas

Business Litigation (40%)

General Litigation (40%)

Employment & Labor (10%)

Health Care (10%)


Scholarly Lectures and Writings
  • OT 2008 U.S. Supreme Court Opinions:Summary & Analysis (Toby Crouse), 2009
  • OT 2009 U.S. Supreme Court Opinions: Summary & Analysis (Toby Crouse), 2010
  • OT 2007 U.S. Supreme Court Opinions:Summary & Analysis (Toby Crouse), 2008
  • Accommodations and the ADA - November 19, 2013
  • When Government Agencies Investigate - October 24, 2013
  • Health Care Reform Update - October 16, 2013
  • Non-Competes and Other Restrictive Covenants - September 11, 2013
  • Amendments to Kansas Unemployment Laws — August 28, 2013
  • Lessons From a Plaintiff - August 13, 2013
  • OSHA Compliance – July 31, 2013
  • Wage & Hour and Wage Payment Issues – July 17, 2013
  • HR Box Lunch Series, 2013
  • Employment Law Overview Workshop, November 6, 2013
  • Kansas Health Law Institute, October 18, 2013
  • Western Kansas Estate Planning Forum, September 26, 2013
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  • Kansas Annual Survey, Volume XXIII, Torts (Bradley D. Serafine), 2013
  • 'Gimme that back' – big changes to Kansas Wage Payment Act (Boyd A. Byers), 2013Pro bono/Community Service
  • Southwestern College
  • Wichita Salvation Army
  • Wichita Grand Opera
  • Wichita Area Sexual Assault Center
  • United Methodist Open Door, Inc.
  • TFI Family Services, Inc.
  • Symphonic in the Flint Hills
  • Starkey Foundation, Inc.
  • Sedgwick County Zoological Foundation
  • Ronald McDonald House Charities of Wichita
  • Orpheum Theatre
  • Mulvane Chamber of Commerce
  • Lupus Foundation Kansas Chapter
  • KPTS Ch. 8
  • Junior Achievement of Wichita, Inc.
  • HopeNet of Wichita
  • Heartspring
  • Habitat for Humanity, Inc.
  • Goodwill Industries of KS, Inc.
  • Fundamental Learning Center
  • Exploration Place
  • City Union Mission
  • Butler Community College Foundation
  • Boys & Girls Club
  • Arts Partners
  • American Red CrossHonors and Awards
  • Best Lawyers names 18 practice area's "Lawyer of the Year" in 2013
  • Holly Dyer & Amy Lemley have been named 2 of the Top 250 Female Litigators
  • Foulston Siefkin Honored for M & A Deal of the Year - Softbank/Sprint
  • Chambers USA ranks Foulston Siefkin Attorneys Among Kansas's Top LawyersBar/Professional Activity
  • Wichita Bar Association
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