Adams and Reese LLP

Adams and Reese LLP

1901 6th Avenue North
Suite 1110
Birmingham, AL 35203 Phone: 205-250-5000

Attorney list

Holmes S. Adams

Estate Planning & Probate, Schools & Education, Employment Litigation

Charles P. Adams, Jr.

Business/Corporate, Alternative Dispute Resolution

Ricardo A. Aguilar

Business Litigation, Bankruptcy, Business/Corporate

Cannon F. Allen

Class Action/Mass Torts, Health Care, Business Litigation

Timothy J. Anzenberger

Appellate, Business Litigation, Bankruptcy

Benjamin W. Bard

Employment & Labor

Cynthia Mitchell Barnett

Government Finance

Virgil T. Batcher

Construction Litigation

John F. Beach

Business Litigation, Estate & Trust Litigation, Health Care, Administrative Law

Mark R. Beebe

Business Litigation, Antitrust Litigation, Securities Litigation

Jennifer C. Bergeron

Business Litigation, Schools & Education, Energy & Natural Resources, Environmental

David S. Bernstein

Real Estate, Banking

Lodie V. Biggs

Real Estate, Tax, Banking

Ron C. Bingham, II

Bankruptcy, Creditor Debtor Rights

Alexander Bondurant

Energy & Natural Resources, Real Estate, Appellate

C. Britton Bonner

Business/Corporate, Government Relations, Real Estate

Robert W. Boos, II

Business Litigation

Reber M. Boult

Intellectual Property, International

Donna L. Boyce

Personal Injury - Medical Malpractice

David L. Boyette

Business Litigation, Construction Litigation, Estate & Trust Litigation

William C. Brabec

Business Litigation, Insurance Coverage, Class Action/Mass Torts

Rob Breunig

Business/Corporate, Employee Benefits, Mergers & Acquisitions

Benjamin S. Briggs

Employment & Labor, Employment Litigation

Timothy M. Brinks

Business Litigation, Civil Litigation, Professional Liability

F. Laurens "Larry" Brock

Personal Injury - Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury - Products, Health Care, Business Litigation

Lyndey R. Z. Bryant

Appellate, Business Litigation, Estate & Trust Litigation

C. Phillip Buffington, Jr.

Banking, Mergers & Acquisitions, Securities & Corporate Finance, Business/Corporate

F. Lee Butler

Business Litigation, Energy & Natural Resources, Personal Injury - Products, Transportation/Maritime

R. Nash Campbell

Schools & Education, General Litigation, State, Local & Municipal, Employment Litigation

Richard P. Carmody

Bankruptcy, Banking, Real Estate

Paul A. Carrubba

Banking, Securities & Corporate Finance

Charles A. Cerise, Jr.

Transportation/Maritime, Class Action/Mass Torts, Environmental Litigation

Mark J. Chaney, III

Business Litigation, Bankruptcy

Robin B. Cheatham

Bankruptcy, Business Litigation, Construction Litigation

Scott Robert Cheatham

Business Litigation, Banking, Bankruptcy

Staton M. Childers

Civil Litigation, Business Litigation, Workers' Compensation

Emily Clendenon

Construction Litigation, Insurance Coverage

Jaimme A. Collins

Business Litigation

Matthew A. Copeland

Civil Litigation, Construction Litigation, Personal Injury - General

Christie Michelle Coston

Construction Litigation

Trenton Cotney

Construction Litigation

Trenton Cotney

Construction Litigation

Trenton H. Cotney

Construction Litigation

Kenneth M. Curtin

Business Litigation, Construction Litigation

Thomas H. Dart

Business Litigation, Business/Corporate, Construction Litigation, Health Care

V. James (Jim) Dickson

Construction Litigation, Environmental, Business/Corporate

Kathleen F. Drew

Environmental Litigation, Class Action/Mass Torts

John M. Duck

Bankruptcy, Mergers & Acquisitions, Business/Corporate

Brooke Duncan, III

Employment & Labor

Richard B. Eason, II

Business Litigation, Class Action/Mass Torts, Personal Injury - Products

Susan N. Eccles

Construction Litigation, Civil Litigation, Government Contracts

Robert Eckinger

Business Litigation

Mark S. Embree

Tax, Estate Planning & Probate

Jacqueline Feliciano

Mergers & Acquisitions, Business/Corporate, Tax, Construction Litigation

Raymond R. Ferrera

Intellectual Property

Philip A. Franco

Construction Litigation, Real Estate, Employment & Labor

Andrew B. Freeman

Mergers & Acquisitions, Securities & Corporate Finance, Real Estate

R. Jarrad Garner

Business Litigation, Employment Litigation, Personal Injury - General

A. Kirk Gasperecz

Insurance Coverage, Professional Liability, Civil Rights

Charles F. Gay, Jr.

Personal Injury - Products, Personal Injury - Medical Malpractice

Robert J. Gill

Eminent Domain, Business Litigation, General Litigation

Roscoe Green

Construction Litigation, Business/Corporate, Real Estate

Matthew C. Guy


Alton J. Hall, Jr.

Business Litigation, Environmental Litigation, Energy & Natural Resources

Lisa M. Hedrick

Bankruptcy, Business Litigation, Business/Corporate

Marshall A. Hevron

Eminent Domain, Schools & Education, Land Use/Zoning, Legislative & Governmental Affairs, Real Estate, General Litigation

John S. Hooks

Appellate, Employment & Labor, Civil Litigation

D. Reed Houk

Real Estate, Banking

M. Ann Huckstep

Health Care, Real Estate

W. David Johnson

Business/Corporate, Mergers & Acquisitions, Securities & Corporate Finance

Michael Jones

Business Litigation, Banking, Business/Corporate, Employment & Labor, Construction Litigation, Eminent Domain

Christopher Joseph, Jr.

Construction Litigation, Civil Litigation

Christopher J. Kane

Business Litigation, Transportation/Maritime

Amy L. Hanna Keeney

Technology Transactions, Banking, General Litigation

James A. Keith

Schools & Education, Employment & Labor

Philip M. Kirkpatrick

Intellectual Property Litigation, Business Litigation, Personal Injury - Products

Luke G. LaHaye

Business Litigation

Edwin C. Laizer

Transportation/Maritime, Business/Corporate, Business Litigation

Alexandra Lamb

General Litigation, Appellate, Environmental Litigation, Insurance Coverage

Brian R. Lambert

Construction Litigation, Civil Litigation, Insurance Coverage

Brad A. Lampley

Government Relations, Business Litigation

Leslie A. Lanusse

Employment & Labor

Taylor LeDuff

Business Litigation, General Litigation, Business/Corporate, Utilities

Victor H. Lott, Jr.

Business/Corporate, Real Estate

Tiffany Love

Real Estate

Benjamin Lute

Construction Litigation

Elizabeth Lee Maron

Employment & Labor, Schools & Education

Adam Massey

Civil Litigation

Kellen J. Mathews

Civil Litigation, Employment & Labor, Schools & Education, Personal Injury - Products, Administrative Law

Paul R. McAdoo

Media and Advertising, Business Litigation, Intellectual Property

Steven Richard McCommon

Construction Litigation

William P. McElveen, Jr.

Real Estate, Banking

Don S. McKinney

General Litigation, Health Care

James B. McLaren, Jr.

Real Estate, Mergers & Acquisitions, Government Finance

Aaron G. McLeod

Appellate, Civil Litigation, Professional Liability

Benjamin C. Miller

Civil Litigation

Evan Moeller

Banking, Business Litigation

Lynn Morrow

Entertainment & Sports, Intellectual Property

Robert B. Nolan

General Litigation, Energy & Natural Resources, Insurance Coverage

Brian K. Oblow

Construction Litigation, Civil Litigation

Powell G. Ogletree, Jr.

Real Estate, Energy & Natural Resources

Jamie W. Olinto

Business Litigation, Bankruptcy, Banking

Ryan W. Owen

Construction Litigation, Business Litigation, General Litigation

Charles N. Parrott

Banking, Real Estate

Robert Parrott

Business Litigation, Bankruptcy

Eric J. Partlow

Business Litigation

Lucian T. Pera

Business Litigation, Professional Liability, Media and Advertising

Glen M. Pilie

Environmental Litigation, Environmental

Chantal M. Pillay

Civil Litigation

Mason Pokorny

Construction Litigation, Business/Corporate, Workers' Compensation

Erica Pope

Employment & Labor

Kyle L. Potts

General Litigation

Benjamin Rachelson

Construction Litigation, Business Litigation, Bankruptcy

Kyle Rea

Construction Litigation

Jeffrey E. Richardson

Class Action/Mass Torts, Appellate, Personal Injury - Products

John T. Rogerson, III

Business Litigation, Bankruptcy, Creditor Debtor Rights

Deborah B. Rouen

Personal Injury - Products, Class Action/Mass Torts

Elizabeth A. Roussel

Employment Litigation, Business Litigation, Professional Liability

Stephen A. Rowe

Business Litigation, Health Care, Securities Litigation

Amanda L. Sanders

Civil Litigation

Bradley R. Sanders, Jr.

Real Estate, Appellate

Nikolaus F. Schandlbauer

Bankruptcy, Securities & Corporate Finance

Leigh Ann Schell

Appellate, Environmental Litigation, Personal Injury - Products

E. Paige Sensenbrenner

Class Action/Mass Torts, Health Care, Government Relations

Erica Sensenbrenner

Civil Litigation, Schools & Education, Government Relations

William D. Shea

Business Litigation, Administrative Law, Insurance Coverage

A. Jerry Sheldon

Energy & Natural Resources, Real Estate

Henry C. Shelton, III

Bankruptcy, Banking, Business Litigation

Philip B. Sherman

Real Estate, Land Use/Zoning, Business/Corporate

Tyson B. Shofstahl

Personal Injury - Products, Environmental Litigation, Class Action/Mass Torts

Brent E. Siler

Employment & Labor, Health Care

April D. Smith

Real Estate, Banking, Business/Corporate

Mark J. Spansel

Business Litigation, Environmental Litigation, Class Action/Mass Torts

Christopher Z. Staine

Construction Litigation

W. Taylor Stanley

Business Litigation, Civil Litigation, Creditor Debtor Rights

Anna Stein

Civil Litigation, Construction Litigation

Martin A. Stern

Appellate, Class Action/Mass Torts

Austin Stewart

Civil Litigation, Food and Drugs, Entertainment & Sports

Mark C. Surprenant

Personal Injury - Products, Environmental, Class Action/Mass Torts

John A. Thomson, Jr.

Bankruptcy, Business Litigation

Guilford F. (Gif) Thornton, Jr.

Government Relations, Administrative Law

Lee E. Tomlinson

Construction Litigation

David Toney

Construction Litigation, Civil Litigation, Business Litigation

Jeff Trotter

Energy & Natural Resources, Class Action/Mass Torts

William M. Umbach

Mergers & Acquisitions, Business/Corporate, Tax

Sara C. Valentine

Environmental Litigation, Business Litigation, Insurance Coverage

Katelin Varnado

Construction Litigation, Civil Litigation, Business/Corporate, Employment & Labor

Timothy W. Volpe

Business Litigation, Insurance Coverage

Robert A. Vosbein

Business Litigation, Entertainment & Sports

Cassandra Walsh

Estate Planning & Probate, Real Estate, Business/Corporate, Closely Held Business, Nonprofit Organizations

Raymond P. Ward


Bradley A. Waters

Civil Litigation, Business Litigation, General Litigation

Leslie A. Wickes

Business Litigation, Intellectual Property

Clarence A. Wilbon

Business Litigation, Personal Injury - Products

Maia Woodhouse

Intellectual Property Litigation, Intellectual Property

William K. Wright IV

Professional Liability, Civil Litigation, Employment Litigation, Personal Injury - Medical Malpractice, Business Litigation, Personal Injury - General

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1901 6th Avenue North
Suite 1110
Birmingham, AL 35203

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