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Attorney list

Adriana Cara
Adriana Cara

Employment & Labor, Employment Litigation

Cynthia L. Counts
Cynthia L. Counts

Media and Advertising, Communications, Civil Rights, Intellectual Property

Katie M. Ackels

Personal Injury - General, General Litigation, Professional Liability

Scott A. Agthe

Employment & Labor, Employment Litigation, Alternative Dispute Resolution

William J. Akins

Professional Liability, General Litigation, Personal Injury - Products

Daniel L. Alexander

General Litigation, Appellate

Radha V. Bachman

Health Care

Jess A. Bahs

Business/Corporate, Tax, Mergers & Acquisitions

Gregory S. Bernabeo

Intellectual Property

Richard P. Blessen

Real Estate, Business/Corporate

Christina H. Bost Seaton

Business Litigation, Employment Litigation

Christopher W. Boyle

Environmental, Land Use/Zoning

Edmund F. Brown

Schools & Education, Employment & Labor, Nonprofit Organizations

Vincent Bushnell

Business Litigation, Intellectual Property Litigation

Amy L. Butler

Business Litigation, Transportation/Maritime, Franchise/Dealership

J. Todd Butler

Mergers & Acquisitions, Business/Corporate, Employee Benefits

Peter J. Cahill

Business/Corporate, Real Estate

Anthony J. Calamunci

Health Care, Business Litigation, Franchise/Dealership

Aurora Cassirer

Business Litigation, Securities Litigation, International

Tarun J. Chandran

Real Estate

Jeremy R. Cnudde

Mergers & Acquisitions, Business/Corporate, Tax, Nonprofit Organizations

Hollace Topol Cohen

Bankruptcy, Securities & Corporate Finance

Tiffany Compres

Alternative Dispute Resolution, International

Casey H. Cusick

Business Litigation

Matthew DeFrancesco

Antitrust Litigation, Business Litigation, Securities Litigation

Brian E. Dickerson

Criminal Defense: White Collar, Food and Drugs

Brian E. Dickerson

Criminal Defense: White Collar, Food and Drugs

Jennifer Taylor Fargo

Real Estate

Joel M. Ferdinand

Business Litigation, Civil Litigation, Construction Litigation

Joel M. Ferdinand

Business Litigation, Construction Litigation, General Litigation, Civil Litigation

Wendy L. Fields

Real Estate

Patricia B. Fugée

Bankruptcy, Creditor Debtor Rights, Business/Corporate, Business Litigation

Tyler Giles

Mergers & Acquisitions, International, Entertainment & Sports, Intellectual Property

Michael C. Gilleran

Business Litigation, Intellectual Property

Scott D. Goldsmith

Business Litigation

Robert B. Graziano

Personal Injury - Medical Malpractice, Business Litigation, Civil Litigation

R. Mark Halligan

Intellectual Property Litigation, Intellectual Property

Michael J. Hickerson

Banking, Business/Corporate, Real Estate

Debra S. Hill

Franchise/Dealership, Intellectual Property, Business/Corporate

James W. Hill, M.D.

Intellectual Property, Intellectual Property Litigation

Fordham E. Huffman

General Litigation, Business Litigation

Cammi R. Jones

Business Litigation, Business/Corporate, Real Estate, Employment Litigation

Diem N. Kaelber

Business Litigation, Administrative Law, Civil Litigation, Appellate, General Litigation

David G. Kern

Business Litigation, Real Estate, Construction Litigation, Estate Planning & Probate

Michael S. Khoury

Technology Transactions, Business/Corporate

Christopher R. Kinkade

Intellectual Property Litigation, Intellectual Property

William Kraus

Civil Litigation

Ken Krug

Real Estate

Kevin R. Lashus


Soren Lindstrom

Mergers & Acquisitions, Business/Corporate, Securities & Corporate Finance

R. Bates Lovett

Civil Litigation, Business Litigation, General Litigation

David N. Makous

Intellectual Property Litigation, Intellectual Property, International, Technology Transactions, Entertainment & Sports

Joseph M. Manak

Intellectual Property Litigation

James Marshall

General Litigation, Employment & Labor, Insurance Coverage

Diego Matamoros

Mergers & Acquisitions, Business/Corporate

Mark L. Mathis

Employee Benefits

Matthew M. May

Business Litigation

Clifton E. McCann

Intellectual Property, Intellectual Property Litigation

Laura McClellan

Real Estate

Simone McCormick

Employment & Labor, Employment Litigation, General Litigation, Professional Liability

Daniel D. McGuire

Business Litigation, Civil Litigation

Owen J. McKeon

Business Litigation, Intellectual Property, Intellectual Property Litigation, Business/Corporate

Robert G. Menzies

Business Litigation, Civil Litigation

David D. Mesa

Personal Injury - Products, Civil Litigation, Personal Injury - General

Maryam Meseha

Business Litigation, Business/Corporate, Environmental

Daniel L. Messeloff

Employment & Labor, Class Action/Mass Torts, Business Litigation, Civil Litigation

Eric Meyer

Employment & Labor

Rachel E. Moynihan

Civil Litigation, Business Litigation, Employment Litigation, Personal Injury - Medical Malpractice

Craig Mueller

Intellectual Property

Patrick J. Murphy

General Litigation, Entertainment & Sports, Health Care, Legislative & Governmental Affairs, Government Relations, Military/Veterans Law

Michael M. Murray

Intellectual Property Litigation, Intellectual Property

Justin S. Nahama

Business Litigation

Bradley P. Nelson

Business Litigation, Intellectual Property Litigation

Anthony A. Onorato

Business Litigation, Intellectual Property, Technology Transactions

John C. Opgenorth

Real Estate

Stuart A. Panensky

Professional Liability, Construction Litigation, Business Litigation, Technology Transactions, Environmental Litigation, Insurance Coverage

Bryan D. Pollard

Civil Litigation, Intellectual Property Litigation, Personal Injury - General, Personal Injury - Products, Construction Litigation

David E. Renner

Employment Litigation, Employment & Labor, Business Litigation

Rebecca Rettig

Business Litigation, General Litigation, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Technology Transactions

Lawrence R. Robins

Intellectual Property Litigation, Intellectual Property

Suzanne Kleinsmith Saganich

Real Estate, Banking, Creditor Debtor Rights

Karin Sage

Business Litigation

Joseph Schramm, III

Business Litigation, Appellate, Construction Litigation, Insurance Coverage, Civil Litigation, Intellectual Property Litigation

Lisa Koebbe Schubel

Estate Planning & Probate, Elder Law, Tax

Christopher F. Schultz

Mergers & Acquisitions

Joseph F. Shea

Business Litigation, Class Action/Mass Torts

Steven S. Sidman

Entertainment & Sports

Sharon B. Soloff

Estate Planning & Probate, Nonprofit Organizations, Tax

Matthew T. Stanger


Sidney R. Steinberg

Employment Litigation, Employment & Labor

Trent D. Stephens

Business Litigation, Personal Injury - General, General Litigation

Kenneth Thompson, Jr.

Business Litigation, Civil Litigation, Alternative Dispute Resolution

Michael R. Traven

Business Litigation, Personal Injury - Medical Malpractice, Energy & Natural Resources

Seth A. Travis

Business Litigation, Construction Litigation, Intellectual Property Litigation

Louis F. Wagner

Intellectual Property, Intellectual Property Litigation, Appellate

Gurpreet Singh Walia

Intellectual Property Litigation

Thomas R. Walker

Bankruptcy, General Litigation

Ian Walsworth

Intellectual Property, Intellectual Property Litigation, International

Susan Warner

Employment Litigation, Business Litigation, Appellate

Daniel K. Weidenbruch

Real Estate, Business/Corporate

Ryan Wierenga

Health Care

Jessica Wilson Wilson

Employment & Labor, Appellate

Robert T. Wright, Jr.

Class Action/Mass Torts, Business Litigation, Administrative Law

Rita S. Wu

Intellectual Property

Anne Yates

Intellectual Property, Intellectual Property Litigation, Media and Advertising

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