Young Woman's Legacy Lives On After Truck Accident Brings Confidential Settlement

Young Woman Dies in Auto-Truck Collision

Young Teen Killed by Driver with Multiple Violation History

Young Mother Killed in Crash Caused by Driver Distracted by Cell Phone

Young Boy Suffers Serious Injuries at School Stop Sign

Worn Tires on Rental Vehicle Cause Severe Injury to Vacationer

Woman’s Brain Injury Results in $1.25 Million Settlement

Woman Loses Life After Birth of Child

Woman Injured in Fall in Winn Dixie Gets $400,000 Settlement

Woman in Coma Recovers $3 Million from St. Mary's Hospital

Woman in Coma from Cosmetic Surgery Gets $3.5 Million

Woman Gets $1.2 Million for Breast Loss Due to Delayed Diagnosis

Woman Falls Into Coma After Outpatient Surgery

Woman Expires After Delay in Diagnosis

Woman and Baby Die During Childbirth

Wife Recovers $1 Million Against Tampa Hospital for Husband's Death

War Hero Receives Justice for Loss of his Loving Wife

Volunteer Thrown From Golf Cart Gets $1 Million Settlement for Injuries

Virginia Man Faces Major Medical Setbacks

Veteran's Retirement Dreams Permanently Smashed by Negligent Tank Truck Driver

Verdict Rendered in Tragic Crash Is $256 Million for Family

Verdict Rendered Against Doctor "Frozen in Inactivity"

Verdict of $8 Million for Profoundly Retarded Woman Raped in Group Home

Verdict of $50 Million Affirmed by Judges Against CSX

Verdict of $23.5 Million for Failure to Test for Genetic Defects

Verdict of $2.1 Million Awarded for Death Caused by Delayed Cancer Diagnosis

Verdict of $1.4 Million Awarded in Brother, Sister Drowning

Verdict in Railroad Death $6.1 Million for Surviving Wife, Children

Verdict Against Insuror is Nine Times the Settlement Offer for Uninsured Motorist Claim

Verdict Against Ford Motor Company $10.4 Million in Faulty Seatback Case

Verdict $25.8 Million Against Walgreens in Prescription Error

Vehicle Collision Results in Permanent Spinal Cord Injury, $2.1 Million Settlement

Vacationer's Injuries Due to Rental Car's Worn Tires Prompt Confidential Settlement

Use of Outlawed Forceps Delivery Results in $63 Million Verdict

U. S. Supreme Court Denies Big Tobaccos Request to Reverse SDSBS Wrongful Death Case

USAir Crash in Charlotte NC Reaches Confidential Settlement

Untreated Side Effects from Anesthesia During Surgery Cause Permanent Brain Damage

Untreated Infection Leads to Brain Injury

Unstable Barstool collapses, Causing Injury

Unrestrained Dog Creates Mayhem Causing Injury to Neighbor and Liability on Owner

Unreported Chest X-rays Result in Inoperable Cancer

Unqualified Doctor's Liability for Brain-Injured Newborn Produces Confidential Settlement

Unprovoked Dog Bite in Face Results in $295,000 Settlement

Unnecessary Use of Force at Birth Damages Newborn

Unlit tractor towing a feeder causes horrific accident

Uninsured Driver Hits and Kills Intoxicated Pedestrian – Jury Awards Estate Over $1.75 Million in Damages

Undue Influence to Disabled Woman in her Estate Trust Decisions Results in $3.75 Million Settlement

Undetected Problem at Birth Results in Brain Damage

Uncleaned Floor Causes Woman to Slip and Fall

Unattended Resident Dies from Fall in Nursing Home

Two Student Nurses Drop Patient

Two Major Cases Against Car Insurers Conclude with Shared $6 Million Settlement

Trucking Accident Victim Gains Confidential Settlement

Truck Driver's Failure to Warn Traffic Causes Crash

Truck Driver with Devastating Injuries in Crash Gets $1.1 Million Settlement

Treatable Neck Injury Turns Into Paralysis

Treatable Neck Injury Turns Into Paralysis

Train Derailment Eerily Similar To Palank Case Won By SDSBS

Tragic Results for Newborn Due to Hospital Miscommunication

Tragic Results of Anesthesia Error Lead to $4.7 Million Recovery

Tragic Manatee County Medical Malpractice Case Settles for $6 Million

Three SDSBS Attorneys Appointed to Court Committees Aiding National Litigation of Birth-Control Pill Claims

Talented Young Driver with Racing Future Killed in Road Crash Caused by Wanton Recklessness 

SUV Roof Crush That Caused Brain Injuries Reaches Confidential Settlement

SUV abruptly turns across bicyclists path causing collision, serious injury

Super Bowl Weekend Ends in Tragedy

Suit Yields $ 4 Million Against Arthur Young & Company

Suit Against Hospital for Brain Damage Due to Lack of Timely Care Results in $5.7 Million

Substantial Changes in Neurological Conditions are Ignored, Resulting in Severe Brain Damage

Student Injured by Drunk Driver Gets $100,581 Recovery

Student Drowns During First Open Water Dive

String Of Errors Leads To Legal Malpractice Settlement of $675,000

State Trooper Injured by Reckless Truck Driver

Staff Leasing Company Found Liable for $2 Million for Employee's Injuries

Software Entrepreneur Settles Breach of Contract Suit for $3 Million

Simple Gallbladder Surgery Turns Into A Battle for Life

Simple Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery Burns Cornea and Leaves Woman Blind in One Eye

Shoddy Work and Lack of Inspections by Orkin Expose Homeowners to Dangers

Severely Disabled Patient Wins Confidential Settlement Against Hospital

Severely Disabled Patient Wins Confidential Settlement Against Hospital

Seven-Month Delay in Diagnosis Results in Loss of Breast

Settlement Reached in Botched Thyroid Surgery

Settlement Provides $1 Million for Child's Death Due to Misdiagnosed Infection

Settlement of $6.5 Million Reached in Hospital's Overdose to Child

Settlement of $57 Million for Family's Loss in Catastrophic Crash

Settlement of $4.25 Million in Road Safety Defect Case

Settlement of $2.4 Million Obtained Despite Vigorous Defense

Settlement of $1.3 Million Against Doctors Who Treated Fracture, Missed Cancer

Settlement from Obstetrician, Hospital $5.5 Million for Brain-Damaged Newborn

Settlement Approved by Court of $13.5 Million in Landmark Discrimination Case

Seriously Injured Bicyclist Learns the Importance of Having Uninsured/Underinsured Motor Vehicle Insurance

Semi-Truck with Two Loaded Trailers Smashes into Vehicle, Crushing Hopes for Bright Future

Searcy Firm Files Another Suit Against Orkin, This Time for Forged Contract

Searcy Denney Attorneys Tackle Manufacturers of Life-Threatening Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices That Cause Harm to Many

Searcy Denney Attorneys Tackle Defective Products that Cause Serious Injury or Death

SDSBS Wins Case of Negligence by Property Management Company and Condo Association

SDSBS: 3, Big Tobacco: 0

SDSBS Teams Up To Win Landmark Victory ($1.58 billion)

SDSBS attorneys reconstruct accident details to prove how it happened, resulting in $1.5 million settlement

SDSBS Attorneys Pursue Justice for Victims of Defective Drugs and Medical Devices

Routine Auto Accident Causes Years of Litigation

Rotted Tree Falls During Storm, Injuring Woman

Roofing Companys Failure to Provide Jobsite Safety and Supervision Results in Severe Injuries to Worker

Roof Crush Defect in SUV Causes Horrific Brain Injury

Repeated Errors by Doctors in Viewing CT Scan Result in Man's Death

Recovery of $4 Million for Nerves Damaged by Back Surgery

Recovery of $1.3 Million for Deadly Crash in Road Maintenance, Safety Case

Recovery of $1.1 Million for Young Boy's Injuries at School Stop

Recovery $2.3 Million for Plane Crash That Killed Three

Record-Breaking $9 Million Verdict Leads to Safer Highways

Reconstruction of Fatal Accident Proves Responsibility

Reckless Indifference and Failure to Provide even Basic Mental Health Care Result in Patient's Tragic Suicide

Reckless Assumptions and Miscommunications by Medical Personnel Lead to Patient's Untimely Death

Recent studies on roof crush injuries show that proposed industry standards are still inadequate for public safety

Rear End Collision Causes Spine Injury and Chronic Pain

Punitive Damages of $50 Million Awarded in Train Derailment

Publix Settles for $1.2 Million for Boy's Eye Loss

Property management companies and homeowners associations are held responsible for compliance with local traffic and other safety regulations

Profoundly Handicapped Woman Awarded $7.6 Million for Years of Abuse

Prescription Error Causes Devastating Injuries, Produces $3.5 Million Recovery

Potentially Lethal Combination of Drugs Used to Treat Spider Bite Caused Permanent Damage

Post-surgical Infections: Request for Information from Holmes Regional Patients

Post-Surgery Infection Cases Settlement $31 Million

Plane Crash Kills Three

Physician Liable for $1 Million in Ignoring Symptoms, Causing Woman's Death

Physician Incompetence Exposed In $8.2 Million Settlement

Physician Ignores Patient's Allergic Reaction to Allopurinol, Resulting in Death

Physician Ignored Medical History and Symptoms, Causing Woman's Death

Physician Assistant's Misdiagnosis Results in Confidential Settlement for Disabled Man

Pharmacy Error Results in $1.8 Million Settlement for Hearing-Impaired Baby

Permanent Damage Caused by Kava Product Yields $4.2 Million Settlement

Pedestrian HIt by Baseball Club Van Driver Wins $3.5 Million Settlement

PBC Sheriff 's Office Settles High Speed Chase Case for $2.5 Million

Patent Suit Nets $2 Million for Inventors Against Johnson & Johnson

Parents Reach Confidential Settlement Against Hospital That Disposed of Evidence in Baby's Death

Parents Get $6 Million for Newborn's Brain Damage from Life-Threatening Drugs

Parents Decline $22 Million Offer (see Settlement of $57 Million for Family's Loss)

Paraplegic in Motorcycle Accident Recovers $5.9 Million from Hospital

Paraplegic Gets $$1.7 Million for Delay In Care

Paralyzing Neck Injury Prompts $1 Million Recovery

Over $13 Million Awarded for Death Caused by Fuel Truck Collision

Orkin Gets Tangled in Lawsuits, Inquiry

Odyssey on Behalf of Brain-Damaged Child Concludes With $7.7 Million Settlement

Nursing Home Ignores Patient's End-of-Life Directives and Wishes

Ninth SDSBS Victory in Engle Progeny Trials

Newborn Twin's Leg Amputated, Parents Recover $2.2 Million for Negligence

Newborn Becomes Blind While Under the Care of Pediatricians in Two Separate Hospitals

Negligent Use of IV Causes Damages

Negligent Truck Driver Caused Traffic Accident, Severely Injuring Other Driver

Negligent Security at Apartment Complex Blamed for Visitor's Violent Death

Negligent Delay in Diagnosis Results in Death from Easily Treatable Form of Cancer

Negligence by property management company results in $12 million award to boys family

Negligence by Hotel and Contractor Causes Deadly Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Multi-Million Dollar Verdict Increased on Appeal

Multi-Million Dollar Confidential Settlement in Toxic Shock Syndrome Case

Mrs. K v. West Coast Hospital

Motorcycle Drive Turns Tragic for Newly Married Couple

Mother of Three Dies Needlessly From Undiagnosed Ectopic Pregnancy

Mother and Unborn Child Die in Crash with Commercial Vehicle Resulting in Multi-Million Dollar Settlement

Mom's Untimely Death Attributed to Psychiatrist's Arrogance

Misfilled prescription causes serious damage to newborn baby

Misfilled Methadone Prescription Causes Woman's Death

Misdiagnosis, Miscommunication Lead to $3.5 Million Malpractice Settlement

Misdiagnosis, Delayed Treatment Result in $1.1 Million for Woman

Misdiagnosis Causes Woman to Suffer Stroke, Recovery Is $1.1 Million

Misdiagnosis Causes Christmas Eve Death, Family Recovers $2.2 Million

Misdiagnosed Shunt Malfunction Results in Death

Misdiagnosed Quadriplegic Gets Settlement of $3.2 Million

Million Dollar Settlement for Brain-Injured Newborn in Government Hospital

Mentally Disabled Young Man Sent to Jail by Hospital Staff with Tragic Results

Medical Staff's Failure To Act Prompts $2.4 Million Settlement

Medical Malpractice Case Settles for $3 Million Total

Medical Malpractice Case Against Hospital, Doctors Settles for $1.4 Million

Medical Experts Failure to Detect Malfunction Results in Child's Death

Medical Delays in Child's Death Prompt Confidential Settlement

Medical Delay by Doctors and Hospital Results in Child's Death

Mediation Settlement of $1.1 Million in Fatal Crash After Truck Safety Meeting

Massive Injuries Caused by Huge SUV Speeding in Parking Lot

Man's Leg Crushed by Heavy Equipment

Man's Estate Wins Suit Against Kentucky Hospital

Man's Death Results from Nurse Ignoring Clear Signs of Curable But Life-Threatening Condition

Man's Death in Horrifying Multi-Vehicle Crash Caused by Negligent Driver

Man's Death in Airline Crash is Huge Loss for Family, Charities and Community

Man's Estate Wins $1.5 Million in Suit Against Kentucky Hospital

Man's Cancer Death Produces Confidential Settlement

Man Who Lost Job After False Claims Gets $90,000

Man Injured by Newspaper Van Driver Wins Settlement of $5.5 Million

Man Gets $950,000 Settlement for Injuries from Defective Chair

Man Falls to Death Due to Negligent Construction, Family Recovers $1 Million

Man Dies While Vacationing in Florida

Man Dies of Cancer Despite X-ray Findings

Man Dies Because of Doctors' Lack of Urgency

Man Dies After Emergency Personnels' Errors

Man Becomes Disabled Due to Physician Assistant's Misdiagnosis

Long Legal Saga of Noel Berk Ends Successfully with $3.3 Million

Local Doctors Strike $1.5 Million Blow Against HMO for Patients Everywhere

Local Doctors Strike $1.5 Million Blow Against HMO for Patients Everywhere

Litigation Updates

Legislature Approves Funds for Injured Infant in Confidential Settlement

Leasing Company Found Liable for Young Woman's Tragedy

Leasing Company Agrees to Confidential Settlement with Family of Dead Child

Large Settlement Procured Despite Insurer's Attempt to Cap Damages

Landmark Settlement of $3 Million Reached for Metal Pipe on Guardrail

Lack of Road Maintenance and Safety Procedures Results in Deadly Crash

Lack of Preventive Care by Hospital Staff Results in Elderly Patient's Fall

Lack of Guidance on Operation and Safe Use of Rental Equipment Results in Serious Injury

Laboratory Fails To Diagnose Melanoma, Confidential Settlement Agreed

Known Defects in SUV Cause Tragic Crash, Yield Confidential Settlement

Kimberly Godwin Claims Bill Passes

Kidney Transplant Patient Dies from Tuberculosis, Confidential Settlement Reached

Jury Renders $30.6 Million Verdict Against Broward Sheriff's Office

Jury Holds Builder and Developer Liable for $2 Million in Worker's Death

Jury Finds Racial Bias at Citrus Company, Awards $13.5 Million

Jury Awards Inventors $2 Million Against Johnson & Johnson

Jury Awards Family $25.8 Million for Walgreens Prescription Error

Jury Awards Dentist $3.2 Million for Trooper's Negligence in Tragic Accident

Jury Awards $3.8 Million For Woman's Death in Tractor Trailer Crash

Jury Awards $3.773 Million for Woman's Death

Jury Awards $23.5 Million Verdict in Wrongful Birth Case

Jury Awards $21.6 Million Verdict in Cell Phone Related Accident

Jury Awards $15 Million to Club Customer for Injuries from Bartender's Beating

Jury Awards $10.4 Million for Injuries from SUV Seat Defect

Judgment of $10 Million Against Big Trucking Company for Motorcyclist's Injuries

Judge Swats Down Gag Order Request by "Buggy" Hospital

Interstate Highway Crash Results in $2.7 Million for Permanent Injuries

Insurance Settlement of $1 Million for Physician's Negligence in Cardiac Death

Insurance Settlement for Billy Hungerford: A Profile In Courage

Insurance Settlement for Billy Hungerford: A Profile In Courage

Insurance Limit of $1.2 Million Paid for Child with Kawasaki Syndrome

Insurance Covers $1 Million for Pre-Natal Injuries in Woman's Tragic Crash

Insurance Company Tries to Avoid Obvious Liability for Severe Auto Accident

Insurance Company Tries to Avoid Good Faith Claim

Injured Worker Gets $1 Million for Defective Paper "Guillotine"

Injured Mother Gets $20 Million for Fiery Crash that Killed Husband, Children

Injured Boy's Recovery From Developer, Contractor $2.7 Million for Pond Defect

Inadequate Pedestrian Barriers Create Dangerous Fall Situation at Retail Store

Improper Electrical Wiring Results in Worker's Death

Ignoring Warnings of Severe Infection, Hospital Proceeds with Elective Surgery

Ignoring Precautions Results in Fatal Crash Moments After Safety Meeting

Ignoring Patient's End of Life Directives Costs Nursing Home $150,000

Ignored Symptoms Lead to $3.4 Million Recovery in Woman's Death

Ignored or disabled ventilator alarm results in death

Hysterectomy Leads to Incontinence and Multiple Surgeries

Hotel Fails to Warn Family About Ocean's Deadly Undertow

Hospital's Use of Life Threatening Drug Results in Brain Damage for Newborn

Hospital's Lack of Timely Care and Proper Treatment Causes Brain Damage

Hospital, Clinic Negligence Leads to $6.7 Settlement for Disabled Child

Hospital Tragedy Results In Confidential Settlement and Fire Code Revisions

Hospital Settles for $1.7 Million After Man's Tragic Death

Hospital Settles Emergency Room Negligence Case for $1.6 Million

Hospital Miscommunication Causes Tragedy for Newborn, Family Gets $17 Million

Hospital Ignored Teen's Hypertension, Causing Permanent Eye Damage and Loss of Both Kidneys

Hospital Fails to Protect Visitors

Hospital Disposes of Evidence After Baby's Death

Horrific Crash Caused by Tired Truck Driver Results in $17.5 Million Settlement for Family

Holy Cow! $1 Million Settlement After Bull Attacks Man

Holiday Medicine and Unqualified Doctor Dooms Baby's Brain

HMO Liable for Doctor's Negligence Agrees to Confidential Settlement

Hit by Drunk Driver, Woman Suffers Effects

High Speed Impact Causes Spinal Fracture

High Speed Chase Leads to Devastating Injuries; Sheriff's Office Settles for $2.5 Million

High Speed Chase Ends in Tragedy, $8.5 Million Recovery

Help Stop Government Waste

Helicopter Disaster Due to Maintenance Error Prompts Confidential Settlement

Head-On Collision Takes One Life, Leaves Young Woman in Coma

Head-On Collision Leaves Daughter in Coma, Parents Settle for $2.1 Million

Head-On Collision Causes Brain Injury, Leads to $1.3 Million Recovery

Gunshot Victim Receives Settlement Despite Unpaid Insurance Premium

Groom's Death in Motorcycle Crash Brings Confidential Settlement for Injured Bride

Grocery Store Errs on Safety

GM Ordered To Pay $25 Million To Motorists

Gas Station Repeatedly Ignored Leaking Pump Despite Numerous Warnings of Danger of Explosion

Gas Price Relief

Garbage Truck Brakes Fail, Family Receives $6.9 Million for Serious Injuries

Frayed Cable Breaks, Dumping Two Tons of Cement Blocks on Worker

Forged Auto Title Exposes True Liability

Florida Supreme Court Affirms $50 Million Verdict For Cooper City Woman

Florida Settles $10 Million Child Abuse Case

Florida Legislature Passes Senate Bill 1360, 'The Pharmacy Technician Act'

Florida Jury Finds Aviation Services Giant Liable for $4.3 Million

Firm Settles Fatal Crash Case for $2 Million, Nearly 20 Times Policy Limits

Firm Settles Case for Nearly 20 Times the Policy Limits

Fetus Suffers Brain Damage Because of Hedge Obstruction, Confidential Settlement Reached

Federal Express Driver's Wrong Turn Yields Confidential Settlement for Injured Woman

Faulty Sea Plane's Fatal Crash Produces Confidential Settlement

Family Recovers $542,500 for Nursing Home's Negligence in Mother's Death

Family Recovers $3 Million When Doctor Dies After Tooth Infection Ignored

Family of Teen Killed by Driver with Multiple Violations Gets $8.7 Million

Family of Newborn with Impaired Motor Skills Gets $3.5 Million for Hospital's Negligence

Family Gets $600,000 in Worker's Death Caused by Improper Welding

Family Gets $2.5 Million Settlement for Brain-Damaged Toddler

Family Awarded $30.6 Million for Crippling Birth Injuries

Family Awarded $21.6 Million in Fatal Crash Caused by Cell Phone Distraction

Families of Seven Guatemalan Workers Killed in Car Accidents Reach Settlement After Years of Litigation

Fall on unsafe stairs causes injuries to elderly man

Failures to Diagnose Pancreatic Cancer Bring $4.2 Million Settlement

Failures to Diagnose Condition in High-Risk Pregnancy Resulted in Mother's Tragic Death

Failure to Test for Genetic Disorders Results in Second Child with Severe Birth Defects

Failure to Replace Protection Barriers Causes Fatality

Failure to Record Vital Signs Masks Clues to Deadly Infection Costing Toddler's Life

Failure to Monitor Oxygen Level During Surgery Results in Permanent Blindness

Failure to Monitor Mother and Baby During Labor Results in Severe Damage

Failure to Monitor Care Results in Amputation for Newborn Twin

Failure to Monitor Antibiotic Therapy at Nursing Facility Results in Death

Failure to Diagnose and Treat Infection Leads to $1.7 Million Recovery

Failure to Diagnose and Treat Infection Causes Father's Untimely Death

Failure by Medical Experts to Detect Massive Aneurysm Results in Death

Failure by Doctor and Hospital to Provide Proper Evaluation Results in Coma for Young Girl

Failed Lasik Surgery Ends in $900,000 Litigation Success

Expert Medical Testimony Results in $1 Million Settlement

Errors, Misdiagnosis in Enlarged Heart Death Draw $1.7 Million Settlement

Error in Anesthesia During Routine Surgery Causes Tragic Results

Employee Gets $2 Million for Injuries Due to Rain, Speed and Unscreened Driver

Eighth SDSBS Victory in Engle Progeny Trials

Early Hospital Discharge Results In $6,050,000 Settlement

Drunken Driver Causes Injuries for Young Student

Doctors, Hospital Settle for $1.5 Million Over Brain-Injured Baby

Doctors, Hospital Liable for $2.5 Million for Brain-Damaged Baby

Doctors Fail to Diagnose and Treat Deadly Infection

Doctors' Lack of Urgency Causes Man's Death, Family Gets $1.1 Million

Doctors' Disregard of History, Symptoms Yields $1 Million Settlement

Doctors' Disregard for Patient Results in Death

Doctors' CT Scan Errors Cause Death, Result in Confidential Settlement

Doctor's Failure to Recognize Symptoms Results in $1.2 Million Settlement

Doctor, Hospital Reach $7.5 Million Settlement for Young Girl's Coma

Doctor Performs Surgery on Woman Without her Consent

Doctor Leaves, Nurse Fails To Get Help, $5.5 Million Settlement

Doctor's Lack of Caution Results in Irreversible Brain Damage

Doctor Dies After Tooth Infection Ignored

Diving Instructor's Negligence Yields $1 Million for Drowning

Disregard of Physical Therapy Evaluation Results in Neurological Impairment

Disbursement of $13.5 Million Concludes Class Action Suit for Racial Discrimination

Disabled Man Wins $4.8 Million Jury Award

Despite Numerous Doctor Visits, Man Diagnosed with Cancer

Despite Maritime Law Limits, Jury Awards $5.6 Million for Man's Electrocution

Despite Catastrophic Injuries, Man's Indomitable Spirit Inspires All

Derailed- The Angel Palank Story ($56.1 Million Verdict)

DePuy Hip Implants: Another Johnson & Johnson Recall

Deputy Recovers $500,000 After Favorable Judgment

Delivery Driver Ignores Signs, Strikes Pedestrian

Delays, Misdiagnosis Lead to Daughter's Death, $1 Million Recovery for Mother

Delays in Care Cause Massive Brain Injury to Newborn

Delayed Diagnosis of Toddler Brings $2 Million Settlement

Delay in Care Renders Man a Paraplegic

Defective Seat in SUV Causes Permanent Injuries

Defective Product Case in New Jersey – Partial Settlement In Excess of Eight Figures

Defective Component is Responsible for Eye Infections

Defective Camping Heater Causes Two Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Deaths

Death of Young Pilot as Plane Breaks Up Yields Confidential Settlement

Death from Massive Aneurysm Produces $1.7 Settlement

Dead Man's Estate Gets $1 Million After Cardiologists Misread EKG

Dangerous Herbal Supplement Damages Liver of Healthy, Active Woman

Curb Stop Causes Woman's Fall in Parking Lot

CSX Liable for $50 Million in Punitive Damages

Crushing Injury to Minor Results in Over $2 Million Settlement

Crash Death Results in $12.5 Million

Coverup After Death of Wife and Mother Results in $3.3 Million for Malpractice Suit

Courts Award Local Company $4 Million Against Halliburton for Defective Equipment

Court Says Growers Can Continue Fungicide Lawsuit Against Dupont

Court Awards $12.4 Million in Delay Damage Case Over Patent Rights

Couple Battles Insurance Company for Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Protection

Consumers Get Confidential Settlement for Contaminated Health Food

Confidential Settlement Reached in Mom's Death from Drug Reaction

Confidential Settlement Reached for Botched Surgery

Confidential Settlement Reached After Two Student Nurses Drop Patient

Confidential Settlement Negotiated in Negligent Tank Truck Driver Case

Confidential Settlement in Man's Death in Horrifying Multi-Vehicle Crash

Confidential Settlement for Vietnam Veteran Over Rights of Disabled, Public Accommodations

Confidential Settlement for Man With Catastrophic Injuries, Indomitable Spirit

Confidential Settlement for Incontinence, Multiple Surgeries After Hysterectomy

Communities Failure to Honor Contract Results in $4 Million Settlement for Developer

Commercial Litigation Case Yields Verdict of $3.3 Million

Client With Videotape Proof Gets Confidential Recovery

Clients Have Wins Against Two Major Car Insurers

Class Action Settlement Raises Questions about the Deceptive Practices of Other Propane Providers

Claims Bill Passes, Awarding $7.6 Million Balance in Rape of Retarded Woman

Chiquita Brands, an American Corporation, Admits Financial Support of Colombian Terrorist Groups

Child Dies Following Misdiagnosed Infection

Chain of Medical Mistakes Causes Tragic and Preventable Death from Chicken Pox

Case of Severe Brain Damage Ends with Confidential Settlement

Careless Trucker Causes Horrific Crash

Careless Anesthesia Plan and Negligent Resuscitation Result in Death of Newlywed

Career Woman Hindered Because of Car Accident

Cardiac Symptoms Ignored, Woman Dies

Car Wash's Negligence Results in $3 Million Verdict

Car v. Pedestrian: $600,000 Settlement for the Pedestrian

Car Insurer Settles for $1.1 Million Over Backdated Policy

Car Insurer Allegedly Backdates Policy

Car Accident Turns Costly for Developer in Confidential Settlement

Brother and Sister Drown in Unprotected Pool

Breast Implant Cases Update: Proposed Global Settlement

Breakdown in Procedures and Failure to Act by Medical Staff Proves Deadly

Breach of Contract, Business Relationship Suit Against Van Lines Wins $15 Million

Breach of Contract by Life Insurance Company Draws Confidential Settlement

Brain Injury Caused by Failure to Provide Timely Medical Care

Brain Injury After Collision Leads to Confidential Settlement for Woman

Brain-injured Child Makes Strides Against All Odds

Botched Surgery Results in Temporary Blindness

Boca Aviation v. Proskauer Rose

Blinded Woman Recovers $1 Million Against Ophthalmologist

Bizarre Chain of Events Results in Woman's Brain Injury

Big Tobacco’s Glass House of Deceit Continues to Crumble As Two More Engle Progeny Judgments Are Affirmed

Big Tobacco Finally Compelled to Pay After Lengthy Appeals

Be Your Own Advocate

Bausch & Lomb Lens Cleaner Cases: Dangerous Eye Infection Alert

Bank’s Auditor, Ernst & Young, Ordered to Pay $17.2 Million for Accounting Malpractice

Baby Client Receives $4.6 Million Despite State Caps

Award of $1 Million for Massive Injuries Caused by Speeding SUV

Auto Crash Case Yields $1 Million Dollar Verdict

Author Uses SDSBS Case to Show Impact of ‘Morally Hazardous’ Government Policies that Reward Reckless Corporate Behavior

Attorneys’ Fight for Paraplegic Man Wins $3 Million

Attorneys Reach Confidential Settlement in Estate Battle

Attorney Chris Searcy’s Passion for Justice Achieves $100 Million in Jury Trial Verdicts for Four SDSBS Clients in 2007

Appellate Court Upholds Multi-Million Dollar Decision Against Walgreens for Negligence

Appeals Court Affirms $4.4 Million in Securities and Accounting Negligence Case

An Advertised Stroke Hospital Proves to be no Such Thing

Ambulance Firm, Hospital Pay $3.6 Million for Brain Damage to Professor

Air Crash Victim Receives Recovery of $1.1 Million

After Son's Death, Mother Becomes Advocate for Organ Donor Organizations

After More than 13 Years, Floridas First District Court of Appeal Affirms Judgment Against Shands at Live Oak

After 42 Years, Kevin Sidaway Finally Found Justice

Active Senior Injured by Grocery Store Carts

A Story of Betrayal Without a Happy Ending

90 mph Runaway Car Kills Two, Injures Another

$823,342 Verdict for Construction Worker Injured by Dumpster

$80 Million Verdict Over Big Tobacco – 4th SDSBS Victory In Smoking Battle

$8 Million Verdict in Boy’s Death as Result of Medical Negligence

$700,000 Settlement; Traffic Signal Timing Errors Contribute to Pedestrian Fatality

$7.8 Million Verdict Against Big Tobacco

$6.4 Million Verdict: Negligence Resulting in Permanent Spine Damage During Boating Accident

$5.8 Million Awarded in the Tenth SDSBS Engle Case Win Against Big Tobacco

$5.5 Million Awarded to Family of Smoker with 40-year Addiction

$4.25 Million Settlement for Repeated Failures to Diagnose Pancreatic Cancer

$31 Million for Post-Surgery Infection Cases

$3.9 Million Settlement: School Bus Rams Into Van Causing Severe Spinal Injuries to Firefighter/Coach

$3.4 Million Awarded in the Fifth SDSBS Engle Case Filed Against Tobacco Industry

$256 Million Verdict Rendered

$25.8 Million Verdict Against Walgreens in Prescription Error

$21 Million Verdict Won After Proving Tobacco Companies Intended Nicotine Addiction

$2.5 Million Awarded for Death Resulting from Nicotine Addiction

$2 Million Settlement for Incompetent Surgeries, Missed Diagnoses, and Delays

$1.35 Million Settlement for Damage Resulting from Lack of Monitoring During Surgery

$1.2 Million Settlement for Painful Injuries to Couple Caused by Malls Failure to Maintain Escalator

$1.1 Million Awarded to Young Athlete for Damages in Collision with School Bus

$10.0 Million Verdict for Injuries Caused in Multi-Vehicle Accident

$1 Million Settlement; High School Student Suffers Brain Injury in Truck-Auto Crash

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