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Frost Brown Todd LLP

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Attorney list

Samuel E. Joyner
Samuel E. Joyner

Intellectual Property, Business Litigation

Deborah S. Adams

Employment Litigation

Edmund J. Adams


Dale E. Ahearn

Real Estate

Thaddeus R. Ailes

Real Estate, Closely Held Business

Michael P. Allen

Government Finance

Kimberly S. Amrine

Business Litigation

Joseph L. Ardery

Business/Corporate, Health Care, Tax

Jennifer R. Asbrock

Employment & Labor

Yazan S. Ashrawi

General Litigation, State, Local & Municipal, Land Use/Zoning, Appellate

Zachary D. Bahorik

Business/Corporate, Civil Litigation, Employment & Labor, Intellectual Property

Jennifer Bame

Employment & Labor

Jennifer Y. Barber

Tax, Government Relations

Terra Dodd Barley

Estate Planning & Probate

Blake Bars

Real Estate

Victoria E. Beckman


Thomas F. Bedsole

Real Estate, Construction Litigation, Business Litigation

David S. Bence

Business/Corporate, Aviation and Aerospace

Barbara Bennett

Health Care, Mergers & Acquisitions, Technology Transactions

John F. Bennett

Intellectual Property Litigation

Stephen G. Berardino

Estate Planning & Probate, Elder Law, Estate & Trust Litigation

Nathan L. Berger

Banking, Mergers & Acquisitions, Business/Corporate

Maureen A. Bickley

Personal Injury - Products, Business Litigation, Personal Injury - General, Government Relations

John H. Bieber

Intellectual Property

Zenobia Bivens

Business Litigation, Criminal Defense: White Collar, Government Contracts, Appellate, Intellectual Property

Jordan S. Blask

Creditor Debtor Rights, Business Litigation, Closely Held Business, Nonprofit Organizations

Matthew C. Blickensderfer

Appellate, Antitrust Litigation, Business Litigation

Thaddeus M. Boggs

State, Local & Municipal, Land Use/Zoning, Constitutional Law, Government Finance

Adrienne R. Bond

Business/Corporate, Energy & Natural Resources

Jonathan Bont

Criminal Defense

Tanya Yarbrough Bowman

Business Litigation, Banking

Kenneth R. Breitbeil

Business Litigation, Professional Liability, Intellectual Property

Michael D. Brewster

Energy & Natural Resources, Real Estate, Securities & Corporate Finance

Jamie S. Brodsky

Banking, Business/Corporate, Creditor Debtor Rights, Real Estate

Edwin J. Broecker

Business/Corporate, International, Real Estate

Terrence L. Brookie

Construction Litigation, Surety

Scott R. Brown

Civil Litigation, Construction Litigation, Insurance Coverage

Scott R. Brown

Civil Litigation, Insurance Coverage, Construction Litigation

Julie M. Bruns

Workers' Compensation

Kenneth Bullock

Energy & Natural Resources, Business Litigation, Transportation/Maritime, Construction Litigation, Personal Injury - General, Personal Injury - Products

Catherine F. Burgett

Employment & Labor, Employment Litigation

S. Bradford Butler

Real Estate, Tax

Jeremiah A. Byrne

Personal Injury - General, Franchise/Dealership, Utilities, Personal Injury - Products

John I. Cadwallader

Real Estate, Banking, Business/Corporate

Devon C. Callaghan

Real Estate

Theresa A. Canaday

Business Litigation, Appellate

Matthew S. Carr

Nonprofit Organizations, Business/Corporate, Tax

Frank S. Carson

Personal Injury - Products, Insurance Coverage, General Litigation

Kevin R. Carter

Business Litigation

Tessa Castner

Employment & Labor, Employment Litigation

Joshua R. Cepluch

Real Estate

Daniel Choe

Business Litigation

Richard S. Cleary

Employment & Labor, Employment Litigation

Monisha Coelho

Business Litigation, International

Katherine M. Collier

Employment & Labor, Immigration, Employment Litigation

Kevin L. Colosimo

Energy & Natural Resources, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Business Litigation

Amy King Condaras

Government Finance, Banking

Monica Conley

Real Estate

Kevin L. Cooney

Business/Corporate, Mergers & Acquisitions, Securities & Corporate Finance

Brian Michael Cooper

Entertainment & Sports, Mergers & Acquisitions, Technology Transactions, Business/Corporate, Gaming, Media and Advertising

Anthony G. Covatta, Jr.

Business/Corporate, Business Litigation, Health Care

Darren A. Craig

Business Litigation, Appellate, Energy & Natural Resources

Donald L. Crain

Employment & Labor, State, Local & Municipal, Schools & Education

Steven M. Crawford

Personal Injury - Products, Construction Litigation, Class Action/Mass Torts

Peter M. Cummins

Business Litigation

Alexander S. Czanik

Intellectual Property, Intellectual Property Litigation

Thomas L. Davis

Civil Litigation, Business Litigation

Kevin A. Day

Eminent Domain, Business Litigation, Real Estate

Joseph J. Dehner

International, Mergers & Acquisitions, Securities Litigation

Douglas R. Dennis


Monica L. Dias

Media and Advertising, Intellectual Property

Jeffrey S. Dible

Estate Planning & Probate, Tax, Business/Corporate

Robert A. Dimling

Employment & Labor

Carrie G. Doehrmann

Environmental Litigation

Megan M. Dollenmeyer

Tax, Business/Corporate

Scott W. Dolson

Tax, Mergers & Acquisitions

Thaddeus H. Driscoll

Environmental Litigation, Environmental

Anne E. Duprey

Employment & Labor, Employment Litigation

Ashley J. Earle

Intellectual Property, Technology Transactions, Intellectual Property Litigation

Michael L. Eckerle

Business/Corporate, Closely Held Business, Mergers & Acquisitions

Kathryn A. Eckert

Utilities, General Litigation

John S. Egan

Government Finance, Business/Corporate

Lucas T. Elliot

Intellectual Property Litigation, Business Litigation

Alexander L. Ewing

Employment & Labor, Schools & Education, State, Local & Municipal

Susan Grogan Faller

Media and Advertising, Business Litigation, Communications

Thomas W. Farlow

Criminal Defense: White Collar, Criminal Defense

Liam E. Felsen

Personal Injury - Products, Business Litigation

Justin S. Fowles

Insurance Coverage, Construction Litigation, Business Litigation, Personal Injury - General

Ariel Fox


Michelle Fox

Personal Injury - Products

James C. Frooman

Business Litigation, Business/Corporate, Bankruptcy

Thomas L. Gabelman

Construction Litigation, Real Estate

Charles Galvin

General Litigation, State, Local & Municipal, Appellate

Neil Ganulin

Securities & Corporate Finance, Mergers & Acquisitions, Business/Corporate

Fred Gaona III

Employment Litigation, Employment & Labor, General Litigation

Jason L. George

Government Finance

Kaitlyn J. George

Banking, Business/Corporate, Mergers & Acquisitions, Real Estate, Securities & Corporate Finance

James A. Giesel

Securities & Corporate Finance, Business/Corporate

Joanne Wissman Glass

Workers' Compensation, Employment & Labor

C. Edward Glasscock

Mergers & Acquisitions, Business/Corporate, Securities & Corporate Finance

Thomas C. Gleason

Business Litigation, Securities Litigation, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Civil Litigation

Ryan W. Goellner

Business Litigation

Ronald E. Gold


Steven J. Goldstein

Intellectual Property

Carte P. Goodwin

Business Litigation, Appellate

John W. Gragg

Real Estate

Seth R. Granda

Employment & Labor, Employment Litigation

F. Gerald Greenwell

Estate Planning & Probate

Scott Gurney

Construction Litigation, Constitutional Law

T. Ray Guy

Business Litigation, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Securities Litigation

Colleen M. Haas

Banking, Real Estate

Christopher S. Habel

Environmental, Construction Litigation, Energy & Natural Resources

Timothy J. Hagerty

Environmental, Energy & Natural Resources

Walter E. Haggerty, Jr.

Health Care, Insurance Coverage, Civil Litigation

Adam P. Hall

Business Litigation, Class Action/Mass Torts, Insurance Coverage

Jeffrey L. Hallos

Mergers & Acquisitions, Business/Corporate

Thomas M. Hanahan

Real Estate, Banking

Craig D. Hardwick

Real Estate

Todd J. Harlow

Business Litigation

Miles R. Harrison

Business Litigation

William M. Harter

Insurance Coverage, Transportation/Maritime, Civil Litigation

Robert L. Hartley

Business Litigation, General Litigation, Business/Corporate

Philip K. Hartmann

State, Local & Municipal, Eminent Domain, Real Estate

Stephen N. Haughey


William D. Hayes


Jack B. Hemenway

Employment & Labor

Michael Hensley

Real Estate, Appellate, Class Action/Mass Torts, Securities Litigation

Kandi Hidde

Business Litigation, Health Care, Intellectual Property Litigation

John S. Higgins

Construction Litigation, Business Litigation

Lynda Motes Hill

Civil Litigation, Business Litigation

Barry A. Hines

Real Estate

Kaitlin E. Hizny

Employee Benefits

Warren J. Hoffmann

Energy & Natural Resources, Business/Corporate

Nicholas Huang

Business/Corporate, Real Estate, Estate Planning & Probate

Robert D. Hudson

Employment & Labor

Jeffrey A. Hunt

Business Litigation, Transportation/Maritime, Business/Corporate, General Litigation, Insurance Coverage

Barry D. Hunter

Business Litigation

Jennifer L. Imsande

Real Estate

Adam S. Ira

Personal Injury - Products, Personal Injury - General, Civil Litigation, Construction Litigation

Nolan Jackson

Business Litigation

David Janklow


Christopher G. Johnson

Civil Litigation

Kyle D. Johnson

Employment & Labor

Haley A. Johnston

Personal Injury - Products, Personal Injury - General

Ron G. Jones

Personal Injury - Medical Malpractice

Jason T. Jonovski

Intellectual Property

Nicole E. Karam

Eminent Domain, Civil Litigation

Kristopher N. Kazmierczak

Employment Litigation, Business Litigation, General Litigation, Closely Held Business, Construction Litigation

Brad S. Keeton

Antitrust Litigation, Business Litigation, Health Care

John W. Kellogg

Business/Corporate, Mergers & Acquisitions, Securities & Corporate Finance, Energy & Natural Resources

Edward M. King

Bankruptcy, Banking

Matthew R. King

Personal Injury - Products

Melissa D. Kirby

Business Litigation

Scott Krapf

Government Finance

Clayton L. Kuhnell

Intellectual Property, Intellectual Property Litigation

Russell J. Kutell

Business Litigation, Insurance Coverage

Eric Lamb

Intellectual Property, Intellectual Property Litigation

Carl C. Lammers

Employee Benefits, Employment & Labor, Health Care, Mergers & Acquisitions, Tax

Douglas W. Langdon

Insurance Coverage, Personal Injury - Products

Patricia D. Laub

Estate Planning & Probate

Amy E. LaValle

Intellectual Property Litigation, Intellectual Property, Business Litigation

James K.L. Lawrence

Alternative Dispute Resolution, Employment & Labor

Tyler Lemen

Construction Litigation

Tricia A. Leminger

State, Local & Municipal, Land Use/Zoning, Government Finance

Ryan S. Lett

Business Litigation, Civil Litigation, Class Action/Mass Torts

Todd Lewis

Estate Planning & Probate, Tax, Estate & Trust Litigation

Jeffrey N. Lindemann

Employment Litigation, Employment & Labor

John T. Lovett

Employment & Labor, Employment Litigation

Denise Y. Lund

Government Finance, Aviation and Aerospace, State, Local & Municipal

Lauren D. Lunsford

Securities & Corporate Finance, Real Estate

Alan K. MacDonald

Securities & Corporate Finance, Business/Corporate, Closely Held Business

Kaitlin L. Madigan

Civil Litigation

Kevin J. Maguire

Eminent Domain, Business Litigation

Lark T. Mallory

Business/Corporate, Tax

Kevin Malof

Business/Corporate, Real Estate, State, Local & Municipal

Timothy W. Martin

Real Estate, Land Use/Zoning

Carrie M. Mattingly

Business Litigation, Appellate

N. Nicole Mattingly

Business Litigation

Derrick Maultsby, Jr.

Business/Corporate, Closely Held Business, Intellectual Property, Technology Transactions, Entertainment & Sports, Media and Advertising

Barry McGinley

Civil Litigation

Stephanie V. McGowan

Personal Injury - General, Personal Injury - Products, Constitutional Law, Employment Litigation, State, Local & Municipal

Kevin N. McMurray

Environmental, Environmental Litigation

Janet McQuaid

Environmental, Environmental Litigation, Administrative Law

Edgar G. (Ed) McQueen

Banking, Creditor Debtor Rights, Real Estate, Bankruptcy, Business/Corporate

William L. Montague

Estate Planning & Probate, Closely Held Business, Tax

Mekesha H. Montgomery

Employment & Labor, Employment Litigation, Class Action/Mass Torts

Thierry R. Montoya

Environmental, Eminent Domain, Land Use/Zoning

Martin E. Mooney

Tax, Closely Held Business, Securities & Corporate Finance

Richard L. Moore

Employment Litigation, Workers' Compensation

Edward W. Moore, Jr.

Mergers & Acquisitions, Business/Corporate, Closely Held Business, Energy & Natural Resources

Keith Moorman

Employment Litigation, Civil Litigation

Jennifer J. Morales

Business Litigation, Appellate

Shannah J. Morris

Construction Litigation, Banking, Business Litigation

William Morriss

Intellectual Property, Technology Transactions, Legal Aid/Pro Bono

Daniel A. Murray

Intellectual Property Litigation, Intellectual Property

Kevin Charles Murray

State, Local & Municipal

Raymond D. Neusch

Employment & Labor

Ha-Vi L. Nguyen

Business Litigation, Personal Injury - General, Business/Corporate, Civil Litigation, Construction Litigation

Michael E. Nitardy

Business Litigation, General Litigation

Patrick R. Northam

Business/Corporate, Mergers & Acquisitions, Energy & Natural Resources

Daniel P. Novakov

Tax, Estate Planning & Probate

Thomas P. O'Brien, III

Intellectual Property Litigation, Business Litigation

Joshua M. (Josh) O'Bryan

Business/Corporate, Mergers & Acquisitions, Securities & Corporate Finance

Sloane O'Donnell

Bankruptcy, Construction Litigation, Business Litigation

Michael J. O'Grady

Banking, Real Estate

E. Richard Oberschmidt

Real Estate, Banking, Business/Corporate

David C. Olson

Business Litigation, Class Action/Mass Torts

Jason L. Ott

Business/Corporate, Banking, Creditor Debtor Rights, Mergers & Acquisitions, Technology Transactions

Andrew M. Palmer

Personal Injury - General, Personal Injury - Products, Business Litigation

Nicholas C. Pappas

Personal Injury - Products, Business Litigation

Nilesh S. Patel

Media and Advertising, Technology Transactions

D. Patton Pelfrey

Employment & Labor, Employment Litigation

Scott D. Phillips

State, Local & Municipal, Land Use/Zoning

Patricia M. Plavko


Susan J. Pope

Personal Injury - Products, Class Action/Mass Torts

Jacinta Porter

Civil Litigation

Holly Brown Powell


Ryan J. Preston

Technology Transactions, Business/Corporate, Mergers & Acquisitions

Charles M. Pritchett, Jr.

Personal Injury - Products, Personal Injury - General, Professional Liability

Samantha M. Quimby

Intellectual Property

Nitya N. Ram

Eminent Domain, Business/Corporate, Real Estate

Ali Razzaghi

Business Litigation, Franchise/Dealership, Land Use/Zoning

Jennifer D. Readler

State, Local & Municipal, Land Use/Zoning

Frank J. Reed, Jr.

Civil Litigation, Administrative Law, Environmental Litigation

Eric A. Riegner

Personal Injury - Products, Personal Injury - General, Business Litigation

Randall R. Riggs

Personal Injury - Products, Civil Litigation

Eric M. Robbins

Intellectual Property, Intellectual Property Litigation

Jacob C. Robbins

Construction Litigation

F. Colby Roberts

Business Litigation

Rita B. Robertson

Workers' Compensation

Harlan W. Robins

Real Estate, Business/Corporate, Securities & Corporate Finance

D. Christopher Robinson

Personal Injury - Products, Personal Injury - General

Bryan P. Rose

Aviation and Aerospace, Business Litigation, General Litigation, Civil Litigation, Personal Injury - Products, Business/Corporate

Martin E. Rose

Business Litigation, Aviation and Aerospace, Intellectual Property Litigation, Personal Injury - Products

Jeffery R. Rush

Banking, Real Estate

Raul F. Salinas

Employment Litigation, Business/Corporate, Government Relations, Health Care, International

Stephen P. Samuels

Environmental, Environmental Litigation, Energy & Natural Resources, Alternative Dispute Resolution

Robert V. Sartin

Business/Corporate, Mergers & Acquisitions, Bankruptcy

Matthew R. Schantz

Intellectual Property

Rhonda B. Schechter

Health Care, Business/Corporate

Kevin C. Schiferl

Personal Injury - Products, Civil Litigation, Business Litigation

April Schilling

Real Estate, Banking

Karlyn A. Schnapp, Ph.D.

Intellectual Property

Lauren Schneider

Intellectual Property

W. Joseph Scholler, III

Schools & Education, State, Local & Municipal, Employment & Labor

Kelly W. Schulz

Business/Corporate, Bankruptcy

Neal Shah

Employment & Labor

Jesse J. Shamp

State, Local & Municipal

Blake N. Shelby

Personal Injury - Products

Noel C. Shepard

Workers' Compensation, Employment & Labor

Kevin T. Shook

Media and Advertising, Business Litigation, Intellectual Property Litigation

Jeffrey S. Shoskin

Employment & Labor, Employment Litigation

C. Michael Shull III

Construction Litigation, Government Contracts

Gregory S. Shumate

Business/Corporate, Closely Held Business, Government Relations

Saira S. Siddiqui

Construction Litigation, Personal Injury - General, Business Litigation, Energy & Natural Resources

Jonathan M. Siderits

Intellectual Property

Jud B. Sims

Mergers & Acquisitions, Business/Corporate

David A. Skidmore, Jr.

Employment & Labor, Employment Litigation

Cory J. Skolnick

Business Litigation, Appellate, Administrative Law, Securities Litigation

Jordan Slusher

Personal Injury - General, Personal Injury - Products

Brice C. Smallwood

Employment & Labor

Maggie L. Smith


Ruben A. Smith

Schools & Education, Real Estate, Business/Corporate

Stephen J. Smith, Jr.

State, Local & Municipal

Jillian Nolan Snider

Bankruptcy, Business Litigation

Sheryl G. Snyder

Business Litigation, Appellate

Mark F. Sommer

Tax, Business/Corporate, Administrative Law

Madison S. Spach, Jr.

Business Litigation, Construction Litigation, Professional Liability, Bankruptcy

Christina M. Sprecher

Real Estate

Alexander G. Staffieri

Business/Corporate, Banking

Michael J. Stegman

Estate Planning & Probate, Real Estate

Ryan G. Stevens

Employment Litigation

Richard A. Stewart

Business Litigation, Civil Litigation, General Litigation

Zackary Lane Stillings

Business Litigation

R. James Straus

Business/Corporate, Banking, Franchise/Dealership

Irina Strelkova

Employment & Labor, Employment Litigation, Immigration

William G. Strench

Securities & Corporate Finance, Business/Corporate, Mergers & Acquisitions

A. Thomas (Tommy) Sturgeon, III

Business Litigation, Estate & Trust Litigation, Real Estate

Paul E. Sullivan

Energy & Natural Resources, Mergers & Acquisitions, Business Litigation

Simon Y. Svirnovskiy

Business Litigation, Civil Litigation, Legal Aid/Pro Bono

William M. Swann

Government Relations, Administrative Law, Employment Litigation

Timothy M. Swanson


Douglas D. Thomson

Nonprofit Organizations, Business/Corporate

Robert B. Thornburg

Personal Injury - Products, Business Litigation, Civil Litigation, Media and Advertising

Rebecca J. Todora

Workers' Compensation, Social Security Disability

Steven Michael Tolbert, Jr.

Employment Litigation

Jason D. Tonne

Business/Corporate, Real Estate, Business Litigation

Jared M. Tully

Business Litigation, Bankruptcy, General Litigation

Andrew Ulmer

Intellectual Property

Vance V. VanDrake, III

Intellectual Property

Eric W. Volz

Intellectual Property

Matthew O. Wagner

Employment & Labor

David Walulik

Insurance Coverage, Environmental

Joseph M. Ward

Business Litigation

Samuel W. Wardle

Business Litigation, General Litigation, Administrative Law, Class Action/Mass Torts, Insurance Coverage

Donald L. Warner, III

State, Local & Municipal

A.J. Webb


Robert C. Webb

Tax, Criminal Defense: White Collar

J. Kendrick Wells, IV

Insurance Coverage, Business Litigation

Steven M. Wesloh


Allison W. Weyand

Personal Injury - Products

Thomas E. Wheeler, II

Schools & Education, Government Relations, Legislative & Governmental Affairs

Geoffrey M. White

Real Estate, Business/Corporate

Tyler J. Wicker

Insurance Coverage

Christina Wieg


E. Todd Wilkowski

Business/Corporate, Construction Litigation

Jason C. Williams

Franchise/Dealership, Mergers & Acquisitions, Business/Corporate

Thomas V. Williams

Employment & Labor

Amy S. Wilson

Employment & Labor

Heather L. Wilson

Employment Litigation, Business/Corporate

Stephen P. Withee

Construction Litigation, Government Contracts

C. Laurence Woods, III

Employment Litigation, Employment & Labor

Kathleen Biggs Wright

Employment & Labor

Yan Michelle Xu


Benjamin J. Yoder

State, Local & Municipal, Land Use/Zoning, General Litigation

Gordon C. Young

Securities Litigation, Estate & Trust Litigation, Civil Litigation

George E. Yund

Employment & Labor, Entertainment & Sports

Beau F. Zoeller

Government Finance

Brian D. Zoeller

Business/Corporate, Health Care

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Indianapolis, IN 46204

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