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Keren E. Goldenberg
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Licensed in Massachusetts since: 2004

Education: Northeastern University School of Law

Languages Spoken: English, Hebrew

Selected to Super Lawyers: 2019 - 2023

Law Offices of Keren Goldenberg, Inc.

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Attorney Keren E. Goldenberg is the founder and owner of The Law Offices of Keren Goldenberg, which has offices in Lowell and Belmont, Massachusetts. Serving clients throughout the Greater Boston metro region and surrounding areas, Ms. Goldenberg focuses her practice primarily on criminal defense. She has achieved notable success helping her clients protect their rights and liberties, and obtain favorable outcomes in the face of some of the most serious criminal charges. She practices in both the state and federal courts.

Before establishing her own private practice, Ms. Goldenberg spent more than 12 years serving as a public defender in Lowell, Massachusetts, and New York City. During this time, she gained invaluable insight into the criminal justice system and successfully defended the accused against some of the toughest and most aggressive prosecutors and judges.

A leader in her field, she conducts continuing legal education seminars for a variety of professional legal organizations, and she has written and lectured extensively on a number of legal topics related to drug crimes, sexual assault, trial advocacy, and more. She also accepted invitations to serve on the faculty of Harvard Law School’s Trial Advocacy Workshop, as well as the Macaronis Institute of Trial and Appellate Advocacy’s Advanced Evidence Skills program.

Ms. Goldenberg earned her undergraduate degree from the University of Toronto in 1995 and her Juris Doctor from Northeastern University School of Law in 2003. She holds her license to practice in New York and Massachusetts, and she is an active member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, the Massachusetts Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and the Greater Lowell Bar Association.

Recognized for her impeccable professionalism, Ms. Goldenberg earned designation from the National Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys as a Top 10 Attorney in Massachusetts for Criminal Defense. She has also received "Superb" client ratings on Avvo along with the site's Clients' Choice Award for 2015 and 2016.

Practice areas

Criminal Defense

Focus areas

Arrest & Arraignment, Assault & Battery, Criminal Domestic Violence, Criminal Fraud, Criminal Law, Drug & Alcohol Violations, False Accusations, Felony, Misdemeanor, Motor Vehicle Offenses, Murder, Parole, Probation, Sex Offenses, Theft

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First Admitted: 2004, Massachusetts

Professional Webpage:

Bar/Professional Activity:
  • Massachusetts Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, 2004 – Present
  • Greater Lowell Bar Association, 2004 – Present
  • Massachusetts, 2004
  • New York, 2004
Scholarly Lectures/Writings:
  • Committee for Public Counsel Services Jury Skills Training, 2012 & 2013
  • Co-author, Chapter in Trying Drug Cases in Massachusetts
  • Faculty, Macaronis Institute for Trial and Appellate Advocacy’s Advanced Evidence Skills program
  • Faculty, Harvard Law School’s Trial Advocacy Workshop
  • Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education Uncommon Defenses to Common Cases, 2009
  • Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education Seminar, 2010
  • Middlesex Defense Attorney Training Conference, 2010
  • Committee for Public Counsel Services Annual Training Conference, 2009 & 2011
  • Committee for Public Counsel Services New Lawyer Training, 2012
Educational Background:
  • University of Toronto, Bachelors of Science, 1995
  • A jury in the Cambridge District Court returned a verdict of NOT GUILTY for a client charged with violating a restraining order. The jury found that our client did not violate the order when he called a friend of his wife’s to find out how she was doing because he did not intend for her to pass on any messages to his wife., 2019
  • A jury in the Cambridge District Court quickly returned a not guilty verdict for my client. He client called the police following a minor car accident because the other driver was irate and behaving bizarrely. Instead of addressing the situation, the responding officer accused our client driving under the influence. The officer’s testimony about so-called “field sobriety tests” (balancing and coordination exercises with no demonstrated ability to assess one’s sobriety) administered on the sidewalk of a busy street was not compelling especially in light of a booking video at that police station that showed our client standing upright without assistance or difficulty for almost 45 minutes. The booking video lasted longer than the jury’s deliberations and we are grateful for their verdict., 2019
  • A jury in the Lowell District Court found my client NOT GUILTY of assault & battery and witness intimidation against her ex-boyfriend with whom she has two children. This case was one of many Probate and Family Court disputes that spilled over into the criminal court. The ex made false accusations against my client in order to gain leverage in their custody and visitation dispute. The jury saw right through him and came back with not guilty verdicts in less than 15 minutes., 2019
  • Verdict: not guilty Client was accused of raping a prostitute in his car. The defense was that she made up these false allegations when police approached her while she was working and she had a warrant and was on probation for prostitution. By false accusing my client of rape, she was not arrested for prostitution, on the warrant, and she did not risk having her probation revoked., 2017
  • In October of 2018 a jury in the Lowell District Court returned not guilty verdicts for a client accused of assault and battery on her soon to be ex-husband and sister-in-law. It is common to see divorce proceedings spill over into the criminal court. Unfortunately sometimes people make false accusations in order to gain leverage in the divorce proceedings. The jury must have thought so too and found my client not guilty., 2018
  • A client was found non guilty of Operating Under the Influence in the Westborough District Court. It was a tough case and had he been a US citizen he would have seriously considered accepting a continuance without a finding which is a non-criminal disposition available to people accused of OUI for the first time. Because he is not a US citizen and OUI convictions and continuances have detrimental immigration consequences, he could accept that disposition. The trial was a nail biter and he was acquitted of the charge., 2018
  • I represented a young man accused of armed assault to murder for stabbing someone at a party where everyone was drunk and looking to fight. The victim of the stabbing and his brother testified that my client initiated a one-on-one fight with the victim and pulled a knife out because he was losing the fight and stabbed the unarmed man who was much smaller than him. I presented several witnesses from the party who all agreed that my client had been surrounded by a large group of angry men including the one who was stabbed and his brother who swarmed him. Following hours of meticulous preparation, my client testified beautifully about the attack and his belief that he was going to be beaten to death. He was acquitted of all charges., 2014
  • Verdict: Not Guilty The complaining witness said that she drove my client home from a party and went into his apartment to use his bathroom where she was raped by him. Defense was that she had to explain to her boyfriend why she had gone out without him and came home at 4 am so she invented this story., 2017
  • Verdict: Not Guilty. Client in the middle of a miserable divorce with her soon-to-be ex-husband. He showed up with his sister and mother to tell her off and it got physical. Although my client was the only one with injuries, the husband and his family convinced the police that she had attacked all of them and she was charged. All of them testified against her with his divorce lawyer watching from the gallery. Jury agreed that their claims were false and that they were doing this to gain leverage in the divorce., 2017
  • Client was accused of shooting a rival drug dealer in the leg. Defense was that the rival dealer was shot by someone else but after refusing to speak to police decided to falsely blame my client so that he could take his customers while client was detained for the shooting. Verdict: Not Guilty, 2017
  • Verdict: Not Guilty. Drunk client was accused of burglarizing house when he was really an invited guest who overstayed his welcome. The homeowner had friends on the police force in his small town who didn't question his version of events., 2013
  • Verdict: Not Guilty   In this trial I successfully convinced a jury of twelve that the wet road on which my client was speeding was so inherently dangerous in its design that her failure to stay within the designated lane of travel, which resulted in a single car crash that killed her passenger, was not the result of negligent driving but was truly an accident. This victory required calling my own expert – a highway design engineer – and successfully cross-examining an engineer from the Department of Transportation as well as a motor vehicle reconstruction expert. , 2013
  • Client's ex-girlfriend was furious at him for breaking up with him and accused him of pulling her hair and hitting her. He spent the weekend in police custody while she enjoyed his beautiful apartment and car and was furious when he was released by the court on Monday. So she called the police and said he had hit her again and this time the court detained him. Her dramatic testimony tears on the stand did not survive cross-examination and the jury found him not guilty., 2017
  • My client was accused of sexually assaulting his ex-girlfriend's daughter. The jury agreed with my defense that the child made up the accusation because she was jealous that my client had left her mother and had a new girlfriend and baby. They quickly found my client not guilty., 2015

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