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Practice Areas: Personal Injury, Class Action & Mass Torts

Licensed in Massachusetts since: 1979

Education: New England Law | Boston

Selected to Super Lawyers: 2004 - 2005, 2014 - 2024

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Mitchell Garabedian is the founder of the Law Offices of Mitchell Garabedian and since 1979 has focused on helping individuals and representing victims of sexual abuse.  Mitchell Garabedian has successfully argued that the First Amendment of the United States Constitution does not bar clergy sexual abuse cases.  He has successfully argued that state statute of limitations have not expired in cases brought by adults who were sexually abused when they were young children.  In his advocacy work, Mitchell Garabedian has successfully represented individuals in Massachusetts trial and appellate courts, as well as in the United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts.  He has personally represented hundreds of victims of clergy sexual abuse, and his legal work has encouraged thousands more to come forward.  He drafted legislation that added clergy to the list of mandatory reporters of child abuse.  He continues to represent sexual abuse victims and support changes in legislation.

For decades, the Law Offices of Mitchell Garabedian has brought claims against numerous individuals alleged to have sexually abused victims and survivors when those victims or survivors were children under 18 years of age, and when those victims or survivors were over 18.  The Law Offices of Mitchell Garabedian has successfully obtained settlements or arbitration awards for claims made against numerous individuals for sexual abuse, some of which are listed below with their respective supervising or employing organizations listed in parentheses (the organizations and many of the individuals who settled or paid arbitration awards maintain they are not at fault):

  1. 1. Father Richard J. Ahern, C.S.S., also known as Father Richard J. Ahern, C.P.S. (Congregation of the Sacred Stigmata, also referred to as the Stigmatines; and Diocese of Springfield)
  2. 2. Father Jose Alonzo, also known as Father Jose Alonso (Diocese of Paterson)
  3. 3. Father Joseph Angeli (Archdiocese of Boston)
  4. 4. Father John T. Atwater (Archdiocese of Boston)
  5. 5. Father José Maria Bettencourt e Ávila (Diocese of Fall River)
  6. 6. Father Eugene Bailot (Archdiocese of Boston)
  7. 7. Brother Stephen Baker, T.O.R. (Franciscans, Third Order Regular)
  8. 8. Father Robert F. Barrett (Archdiocese of Boston)
  9. 9. Father Sydney Bayers, also known as Father Sidney Bayers (Archdiocese of Boston)
  10. 10. Father Robert P. Beale (Archdiocese of Boston)
  11. 11. Father Leon F. Beauvais (Archdiocese of Boston)
  12. 12. Father Ronald Becker (Diocese of Trenton)
  13. 13. Father George C. Berthold (Archdiocese of Boston)
  14. 14. Father Joseph E. Birmingham (Archdiocese of Boston)
  15. 15. Father Paul J. Bolduc (Archdiocese of Boston)
  16. 16. Father Barry F. Bossa, S.A.C., also known as Father F. Barry Bossa (Archdiocese of Boston)
  17. 17. Father Philip C. Breton (Archdiocese of Boston)
  18. 18. Father Anthony L. Buchette (Archdiocese of Boston)
  19. 19. Father Myron F. Bullock (Archdiocese of Boston)
  20. 20. Brother Robert Burgess, S.D.B. (Salesians of Don Bosco)
  21. 21. Father Robert M. Burns (Archdiocese of Boston)
  22. 22. Father Ignatius M. Burrill, S.J. (Society of Jesus, Chicago-Detroit Province)
  23. 23. Father Alan Caparella, O.F.M. (Order of Friars Minor)
  24. 24. Father Michael J. Carew (Archdiocese of Boston)
  25. 25. Father Guido Caverzan, C.S. (Missionaries of St. Charles Borromeo, also referred to as the Scalabrinians)
  26. 26. Brother John B. Chaney, C.F.C. (Congregation of Christian Brothers)
  27. 27. Father Edmund P. Charest (Archdiocese of Boston)
  28. 28. Father Joseph K. Coleman (Archdiocese of Boston)
  29. 29. Father James E. Connelly (Archdiocese of Boston)
  30. 30. Father John M. Cotter (Archdiocese of Boston)
  31. 31. Father Edmund Croke (Archdiocese of Boston)
  32. 32. Father John P. Cronin (Diocese of Fall River)
  33. 33. Brother Eugene Cumerlato, S.X. (Xaverian Missionary Fathers)
  34. 34. Father Thomas M. Curran (Archdiocese of Boston)
  35. 35. Father Robert F. Daly (Archdiocese of Boston)
  36. 36. Sister Agnes Daniels, C.S.J. (Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph)
  37. 37. Father Glenn Davidowich (Eparchy of Passaic)
  38. 38. Brother Fidelis DeBerardinis, O.F.M. (Order of Friars Minor)
  39. 39. Father John J. Dewire (Archdiocese of Boston)
  40. 40. James D. Doherty (coach at Savio Preparatory High School) (Salesians of Don Bosco)
  41. 41. Father Roy Drake, S.J. (New York Society of Jesus)
  42. 42. Father William J. Duffy, S.J. (New England Society of Jesus)
  43. 43. Father John A. Dunn (Archdiocese of Boston)
  44. 44. Father Leo V. Dwyer (Archdiocese of Boston)
  45. 45. Father Frank E. Fairbairn (Archdiocese of Boston)
  46. 46. Brother Nolan Farrell (Archdiocese of Boston)
  47. 47. Father Paul J. Finegan (Archdiocese of Boston)
  48. 48. Father James J. Foley (Archdiocese of Boston)
  49. 49. Father Peter J. Frost (Archdiocese of Boston)
  50. 50. Father Robert V. Gale (Archdiocese of Boston)
  51. 51. Father Rene Gaudin, SS.CC. (Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary)
  52. 52. Father John J. Geoghan (Archdiocese of Boston)
  53. 53. Father Louis J. Govoni (Archdiocese of Boston)
  54. 54. Father Daniel M. Graham (Archdiocese of Boston)
  55. 55. Father John E. Guiney (Archdiocese of Boston)
  56. 56. Monsignor Arthur J. Hagan (Archdiocese of Boston)
  57. 57. Father John R. Hanlon (Archdiocese of Boston)
  58. 58. Brother William A. Hennessey, C.F.C., also known as Brother William A. Hennessy, C.F.C. (Congregation of Christian Brothers)
  59. 59. Brother A. Thomas Hewitt, C.F.C. (Congregation of Christian Brothers)
  60. 60. Paul A. Hightower, also known as Father Paul A. Hightower, a/k/a Brother Paul A. Hightower (seminarian at Cardinal O’Connell Seminary) (Archdiocese of Boston)
  61. 61. Brother Edward Anthony Holmes, SS.CC. (Archdiocese of Boston)
  62. 62. Father Paul W. Hurley (Archdiocese of Boston)
  63. 63. Father Raymond L. Hyder (Archdiocese of Boston)
  64. 64. Father Vincent Inghilterra (Diocese of Trenton)
  65. 65. Brother Charles Irwin, C.F.C. (Congregation of Christian Brothers)
  66. 66. Brother Vincent Jerome, F.M.S. (The Marist Brothers)
  67. 67. Father Donald J. Joyce, O.M.I. (Oblates of Mary Immaculate, also referred to as the Oblates)
  68. 68. Father Peter S. Kanchong (Archdiocese of Boston)
  69. 69. Father Donald J. Keenan, C.P. (Passionist Missionaries)
  70. 70. William Kelleher (groundskeeper at St. Ann’s Parish, West Bridgewater) (Archdiocese of Boston)
  71. 71. Father Edward T. Kelley (Archdiocese of Boston)
  72. 72. Father Edward M. Keohan (Archdiocese of Boston)
  73. 73. Father Irving F. Klister (Archdiocese of Santa Fe)
  74. 74. Father Bernard J. Lane (Archdiocese of Boston)
  75. 75. Father James H. Lane (Archdiocese of Boston)
  76. 76. Father Richard R. Lavigne (Diocese of Springfield)
  77. 77. Father Kenneth A. LeBlanc (Archdiocese of Boston)
  78. 78. Father Charles M. Loeffler, S.J. (Archdiocese of Boston)
  79. 79. Edward Lopes (sexton or custodian, Santo Christo Parish, Fall River) (Diocese of Fall River)
  80. 80. Father John P. Lyons (Archdiocese of Boston)
  81. 81. Father Joseph Maffei, S.D.B. (Salesians of Don Bosco)
  82. 82. Father Paul J. Mahan (Archdiocese of Boston)
  83. 83. Father Richard Mataconis, S.D.B., also known as Father Philip Mataconis, S.D.B. (Salesians of Don Bosco)
  84. 84. Father Richard Matte (Archdiocese of Boston)
  85. 85. Brother Julius Martin Mattingly, O.P. (Dominican Order)
  86. 86. Father Terence O. McAlinden (Diocese of Trenton)
  87. 87. Father George V. McCabe, S.J. (New England Society of Jesus)
  88. 88. Father Raymond W. McCarthy (Diocese of Fall River)
  89. 89. Father Richard J. McCormick, S.D.B., also known as Brother Richard J. McCormick, S.D.B. (Salesians of Don Bosco)
  90. 90. Father James T. McDonald (Archdiocese of Boston)
  91. 91. Father Paul E. McDonald (Archdiocese of Boston)
  92. 92. Father Joseph McInnis, also known as Father Joseph McInnis, S.J. (Archdiocese of Boston & New England Society of Jesus)
  93. 93. Father Benjamin J. McMahon (Archdiocese of Boston)
  94. 94. Father Gerard T. McMahon (Archdiocese of Boston)
  95. 95. Father Francis J. McManus, S.J. (New England Society of Jesus)
  96. 96. Father Paul Moriarty (Archdiocese of Boston)
  97. 97. Father Robert H. Morrissette (Archdiocese of Boston)
  98. 98. Father Jay M. Mullin (Archdiocese of Boston)
  99. 99. Brother Thomas Mulryan (Diocese of Fall River)
  100. 100. Father David C. Murphy (Archdiocese of Boston)
  101. 101. John Murphy (teacher at Archbishop Williams High School in the 1980s) (Archdiocese of Boston)
  102. 102. Father Kenneth B. Murphy (Archdiocese of Boston)
  103. 103. Father John P. Nickas (Archdiocese of Newark)
  104. 104. Father James Nickel, SS.CC. (Diocese of Fall River)
  105. 105. Father James Nyhan (Archdiocese of Boston)
  106. 106. W. Emmett O’Brien (children’s choir director at St. John Chrysostom Church, West Roxbury, MA) (Archdiocese of Boston)
  107. 107. Father Rickard O’Donovan (Archdiocese of Boston)
  108. 108. Father Eugene O’Sullivan (Archdiocese of Boston)
  109. 109. Deacon Joseph A. Papile (Archdiocese of Boston)
  110. 110. Father Edward O. Paquette (Diocese of Fall River)
  111. 111. Father Ronald H. Paquin (Archdiocese of Boston)
  112. 112. Father Leonard E. Pelletier (Archdiocese of Boston)
  113. 113. Douglas Perlitz (former director of Project Pierre Toussaint, Cap Haitien, Haiti) (Haiti Fund, Inc., Father Paul E. Carrier, S.J., and others)
  114. 114. Brother Peter-Claver, S.C. (Brothers of the Sacred Heart)
  115. 115. Father Victor Phelan, M.Afr. (Society of Missionaries of Africa)
  116. 116. Father Leo E. Pollard, S.J. (New England Society of Jesus)
  117. 117. Father James R. Porter (Diocese of Fall River)
  118. 118. Brother Dennis Raeihle, S.A. (Franciscan Friars of the Atonement, also referred to as the Graymoor Friars)
  119. 119. Father Henry Rancourt, S.M. (Marist Fathers)
  120. 120. Father Robert J. Reiss (Archdiocese of Dubuque)
  121. 121. Brother Ricardo, C.F.X. (Xaverian Brothers, also known as Brothers of St. Francis Xavier)
  122. 122. Father James Robichaud, O.M.I. (Oblates of Mary Immaculate)
  123. 123. Father Sean Rooney, S.D.B. (Salesians of Don Bosco)
  124. 124. Father George J. Rosenkranz (Archdiocese of Boston)
  125. 125. Monsignor Frederick J. Ryan (Archdiocese of Boston)
  126. 126. Father Robert Ryer (Archdiocese of Boston)
  127. 127. Father Paul P. Rynne (Archdiocese of Boston)
  128. 128. Brother Alan Scheneman, S.D.B. (Salesians of Don Bosco)
  129. 129. Father Augustus Scott, O.F.M.Conv. (Conventual Franciscans and Diocese of Camden)
  130. 130. Father Paul R. Shanley (Archdiocese of Boston)
  131. 131. Father James C. Shaughnessey (Archdiocese of Boston)
  132. 132. Monsignor Francis S. Shea (Archdiocese of Boston)
  133. 133. Monsignor William B. Shea (Archdiocese of Boston)
  134. 134. Brother George Sheehan, S.D.B. (Salesians of Don Bosco)
  135. 135. Father Edward F. Sherry (Archdiocese of Boston)
  136. 136. Father Gilbert J. Simoes (Diocese of Fall River)
  137. 137. Father Brendan Smyth, O.Praem. (Diocese of Providence)
  138. 138. Father Eugene P. Sullivan (Archdiocese of Boston)
  139. 139. Father Michael D. Sullivan (Archdiocese of Boston)
  140. 140. Father C. Melvin Surette (Archdiocese of Boston)
  141. 141. Father James F. Talbot, S.J. (New England Society of Jesus)
  142. 142. Father J. Garret Thomson, also known as Father J. Garret Thompson (Archdiocese of Boston)
  143. 143. Father Paul J. Tivnan (Archdiocese of Boston)
  144. 144. Father Louis Toma, P.S.S.C., also known as Father Louis Toma, C.S. (Missionaries of St. Charles Borromeo, also referred to as the Scalabrinians)
  145. 145. Father Ernest E. Tourigney (Archdiocese of Boston)
  146. 146. Father Robert K. Towner (Archdiocese of Boston)
  147. 147. Father James J. Tully, S.X. (Xaverian Missionary Fathers)
  148. 148. Father Ronald J. Tully, also known as Monsignor Ronald J. Tully (Diocese of Paterson)
  149. 149. Father Robert Turnbull, O.S.A., also known as Father John Turnbull, O.S.A. (Brothers of the Order of Hermits of St. Augustine, also referred to as the Augustinians)
  150. 150. Father James P. Vallely (Diocese of Portland)
  151. 151. Father Joseph P. Veneto (Archdiocese of Boston)
  152. 152. Brother John Voglio, S.D.B. (Salesians of Don Bosco)
  153. 153. Father Leonard Walsh, O.F.M. (Franciscan Friars – Holy Name Province)
  154. 154. Father William M. Walsh (Archdiocese of Boston)
  155. 155. Father Robert A. Ward (Archdiocese of Boston)
  156. 156. Father Joseph Welsh (Archdiocese of Boston)
  157. 157. Brother Paul White, O.F.M.Cap. (Capuchin Friars Minor)

First Admitted: 1979

Professional Webpage:

Bar/Professional Activity:
  • Member, Massachusetts Bar Association
  • Member, National Crime Victims Bar Association
  • Member, American Bar Association
Educational Background:
  • Boston University, B.A., 1973
  • Northeastern University, M.A., 1975
  • New England School of Law, J.D., 1979
  • Named Lawyer of the Year, Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly, 2002
Verdicts/Settlements (Case Results):
  • Obtained an $85,000,000 settlement for 120 victims of 40 different priests within the Archdiocese of Boston, 2003
  • Obtained a $10,000,000 settlement for 86 victims of Father John Geoghan, 2002

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100 State Street, 6th Floor
Boston, MA 02109


13 Years Super Lawyers
  • Super Lawyers: 2004 - 2005, 2014 - 2024

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