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Attorney list

Elizabeth K. Acee

Employment Litigation, Business Litigation

Charles R. Andres

Land Use/Zoning, General Litigation, Government Relations

Kayla A. Arias

Business Litigation

Corey A. Auerbach

Land Use/Zoning

Megan E. Bahas

Employment Litigation

Robert A. Barrer

Professional Liability, Business Litigation

Kenneth M. Bello

Employment & Labor, Employment Litigation

Melissa C. Bennett

Government Finance

Teresa M. Bennett

Business Litigation, Bankruptcy, Banking

Beth Ann Bivona

Bankruptcy, Creditor Debtor Rights, Business Litigation

Daniel J. Blake

Employment & Labor, Business Litigation

Eric A. Bloom

Construction Litigation, Business/Corporate

Richard W. Bowerman

Business Litigation, Personal Injury - Products

Brienna Braman

Employment & Labor

David G. Burch

Business Litigation, Criminal Defense: White Collar, Administrative Law

Richard R. Capozza

Environmental, Energy & Natural Resources, Mergers & Acquisitions

Danielle M. Cardamone

Personal Injury - Products, Personal Injury - General

Christopher A. Cardillo

Business Litigation, Construction Litigation, Family Law

Andrew Carroll

Civil Litigation

Benjamin J. Carroll

Civil Litigation

James E. Carroll

Civil Litigation, Personal Injury - Products, Insurance Coverage, Personal Injury - General

Michael J. Case

Insurance Coverage, Environmental Litigation

John R. Casey

Insurance Coverage, Personal Injury - Products

Timothy C. Cashmore

Business/Corporate, Securities & Corporate Finance, Banking

Linda J. Clark

Health Care, Business Litigation, Class Action/Mass Torts, Appellate, Civil Litigation

Kimberly A. Colaiacovo

Business Litigation

Daniel Coleman

Eminent Domain, Energy & Natural Resources, Civil Litigation

John D. Cook

Intellectual Property Litigation, Business Litigation

David M. Cost

Civil Litigation, Business Litigation, Class Action/Mass Torts, Personal Injury - Products, Employment Litigation

Keith Costa

Bankruptcy, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Business Litigation, Health Care, International

Thomas B. Cronmiller

Personal Injury - Products, Professional Liability, Business Litigation

Emanuela D'ambrogio

Energy & Natural Resources, Eminent Domain, Utilities

Victoria L. D'Angelo

Estate Planning & Probate

Dena DeFazio

Health Care

Marcy Robinson Dembs

Estate Planning & Probate

Sanjeev Devabhakthuni

Appellate, Insurance Coverage

Jon P. Devendorf

Business Litigation

James P. Domagalski

Business Litigation, Construction Litigation

Brian J. Donnell

Construction Litigation, Business Litigation, Business/Corporate

Sara M. Dorchak

Intellectual Property

Jeffrey A. Dove


E. Meghan Dwyer

Personal Injury - Products, Class Action/Mass Torts

Matthew Eaves

Estate Planning & Probate

Daniel P. Elliott

Employment Litigation, Business Litigation

Charles J. Englert, III

Insurance Coverage, General Litigation

Anne C. Evans

Real Estate

Michael E. Ferdman

Business Litigation, Construction Litigation, Creditor Debtor Rights

Niclas A. Ferland

Bankruptcy, Real Estate, Securities & Corporate Finance

Gabrielle Figueroa

Energy & Natural Resources, Utilities, Administrative Law, Cannabis Law, Environmental Litigation, General Litigation

Amanda M. Fitzgerald

Government Finance

Jennifer G. Flannery

Estate & Trust Litigation, Estate Planning & Probate

Scott Fleischer

Bankruptcy, Business Litigation, Creditor Debtor Rights

Zachary Forward


William C. Foster

Personal Injury - Products, Insurance Coverage

Laura Fraher

Construction Litigation

William J. Gilberti, Jr.

Environmental, Mergers & Acquisitions, Appellate

Herbert J. Glose

Health Care

Ari Goldberg

Land Use/Zoning

Christopher T. Greene

Health Care, Business/Corporate

Ross M. Greenky

Employment Litigation, Employment & Labor

Jessie Gregorio

Health Care

James S. Grossman

Health Care, Nonprofit Organizations, Real Estate

Janice B. Grubin

Bankruptcy, Nonprofit Organizations, General Litigation, Health Care

Christopher J. Harrigan

Employment Litigation, Employment & Labor

Robert P. Heary

Employment & Labor

Frank Heller

Business Litigation, Creditor Debtor Rights

Maureen O. Helmer

Energy & Natural Resources

Yvonne E. Hennessey

Environmental Litigation, Energy & Natural Resources, Environmental

Thomas Hoehner

Intellectual Property Litigation, Intellectual Property

Jamie D. Hogenkamp

Health Care

Lee Jacobs

Employment Litigation, Business Litigation

Naresh Kannan

Intellectual Property Litigation

Danielle Katz


Arianna Kwiatkowski

Employment & Labor, General Litigation, Personal Injury - Products

Susan Schultz Laluk

Business/Corporate, Employment & Labor, Intellectual Property

Michael J. Lane

Business Litigation, Employment & Labor

John P. Langan

Business Litigation, Energy & Natural Resources

Matthew J. Larkin

Personal Injury - Products, Business Litigation, Civil Litigation, Professional Liability, Personal Injury - General

Brittany E. Lawrence

Business Litigation, Criminal Defense: White Collar

Jennifer L. Leonardi

Civil Litigation

Naomi Levin

Estate Planning & Probate, Estate & Trust Litigation, Elder Law

Heather M. Levine-Levy

Estate Planning & Probate

David B. Liddell

Estate Planning & Probate

Judah Lifschitz

Construction Litigation, General Litigation, Government Contracts, Alternative Dispute Resolution

Ilan Markus

Bankruptcy, Business Litigation, Real Estate

Peter S. Marlette

Personal Injury - Products, Personal Injury - General, Business Litigation

Arthur A. Marrapese, III

Employee Benefits

Margaret Penny Mason

General Litigation, Employment & Labor

Donald M. Mawhinney, Jr.

Estate Planning & Probate, International, Business/Corporate

Raymond N. McCabe

Tax, Government Finance

Mark R. McNamara

Eminent Domain, Energy & Natural Resources, Tax

Edward G. Melvin

Employment & Labor, Employment Litigation

Mindy Menke

Elder Law, Estate Planning & Probate

Amanda J. Miller

Personal Injury - Products, Professional Liability

Vincent J. Moore

Real Estate, Banking, Land Use/Zoning

Timothy C. Muck

Estate Planning & Probate, Business/Corporate, Tax

Meaghan E. Murphy

Estate Planning & Probate, Business/Corporate

Michael J. Murphy

Employment Litigation, Civil Rights, State, Local & Municipal

Charles J. Nerko

General Litigation, Intellectual Property Litigation, Technology Transactions

Kevin M. Newman

Bankruptcy, Real Estate

John M. Nichols

Administrative Law, Business Litigation, Creditor Debtor Rights

Gabriel M. Nugent

Criminal Defense: White Collar

Rachelle H. Nuhfer

Estate Planning & Probate, Business/Corporate

Sarah A. O'Brien

Business Litigation

Thomas J. O'Connor

Insurance Coverage, Business Litigation, Personal Injury - General

Stephen H. Oleskey

General Litigation, Business Litigation, Civil Litigation

Randolph C. Oppenheimer

Employment & Labor, Employment Litigation

Michael A. Oropallo

Intellectual Property Litigation, Environmental Litigation

Alan R. Peterman

Employment & Labor, Personal Injury - Products, Construction Litigation

Anthony J. Piazza

Insurance Coverage, Business Litigation, Appellate

Adrien C. Pickard

Construction Litigation

Robert J. Portin

Health Care, Business/Corporate

Gust P. Pullman

Intellectual Property Litigation, Business/Corporate

Brian D. Rich

Business Litigation, General Litigation, Civil Litigation

Kevin G. Roe

Eminent Domain, Administrative Law, Appellate, Environmental Litigation, Land Use/Zoning

Heidi Brauer Ruchala

Class Action/Mass Torts, Personal Injury - Products, Insurance Coverage, Personal Injury - General

Colm P. Ryan

Business Litigation, Health Care, Construction Litigation

Vincent G. Saccomando

Civil Litigation, Insurance Coverage

Karen Schaefer

Estate Planning & Probate, Closely Held Business, Elder Law

Steven H. Schram

Business/Corporate, Real Estate, Mergers & Acquisitions

Michael J. Sciotti

Employment & Labor, Health Care

Michael P. Scott-Kristansen

Health Care, Business Litigation

Ronald S. Shapiro

Real Estate, Business/Corporate

John P. Sindoni

Real Estate

Carol G. Snider

Environmental Litigation, Personal Injury - Products

Gerald F. Stack

Tax, Business/Corporate, Estate Planning & Probate

Joseph L. Stanganelli

Business Litigation, Intellectual Property Litigation

Bridget C. Steele

Health Care

Earl Storrs

Insurance Coverage, Civil Litigation

Denis J. Sullivan

Intellectual Property Litigation, Intellectual Property

Heather L. Sunser

Real Estate, Land Use/Zoning, Business/Corporate

Kevin D. Szczepanski

Insurance Coverage, Business Litigation

Robert J. Thorpe

Employment & Labor

Steven J. Tranelli

Real Estate, Land Use/Zoning, Business/Corporate

Nancy Valentino

Employment & Labor, Personal Injury - General

Lauren J. Wachtler

Business Litigation, General Litigation, Construction Litigation

Thomas F. Walsh

Environmental, Land Use/Zoning, Environmental Litigation

John R. Weider

Bankruptcy, Business Litigation

Catherine T. Wettlaufer

Estate Planning & Probate

Brian E. Whiteley

Business Litigation, Employment & Labor

Gillian A. Woolf

Civil Litigation, Insurance Coverage, Personal Injury - Products

Benjamin Zakarin

Business Litigation

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Suite 501
New York, NY 10020

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