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Attorney list

Eliot C. Abbott

Business/Corporate, Real Estate

Kelechi Linda Ajoku

Employment & Labor

Heather LaSalle Alexis

Creditor Debtor Rights, Bankruptcy

David J. Alfini

Personal Injury - General, Business Litigation

Anthony E. Antognoli

Employee Benefits, Tax

Mark T. Berhow

Business Litigation, Real Estate, Employment & Labor

Samuel C. Bodurtha

Consumer Law

Dan L. Boho

Personal Injury - General, Personal Injury - Products, Business Litigation

Roy M. Bossen

Health Care

Taylor R. Bowman

Insurance Coverage

Eugene Brown, Jr.

Civil Litigation

Lisa M. Burman

Employee Benefits

Lauren E. Campisi

Banking, Business Litigation

Kelly Canfield Demmery

Civil Litigation

Mark A. Carter

Business/Corporate, Bankruptcy, Mergers & Acquisitions, Securities & Corporate Finance

Mitchel C. Chargo

Cannabis Law, Business/Corporate, Real Estate

Geoffrey M. Coan

Personal Injury - Products, Class Action/Mass Torts, Environmental Litigation

Kevin Coan

Business Litigation, Employment Litigation, Employment & Labor

Ralph W. Confreda, Jr.

Business Litigation, Civil Litigation, General Litigation, Banking, Consumer Law

Daniel Conte

Insurance Coverage, Professional Liability, Securities Litigation

David R. Creagh

Class Action/Mass Torts

Samuel T. Crowley

Civil Litigation

David Ian Dalby

Civil Litigation, Employment & Labor, Professional Liability

Bessie Daschbach

Environmental, International

Aimee E. Delaney

Employment & Labor

John E. DeLascio

Insurance Coverage, Professional Liability

Marissa I. Delinks

Professional Liability, Appellate

Joseph V. Diestel

Civil Litigation

Edward F. Donohue, III

Securities Litigation, Banking, Insurance Coverage

Michael A. Dowell

Health Care, Mergers & Acquisitions, Business/Corporate

John W. Dubbs, III

Mergers & Acquisitions, Tax, Health Care

Matthew C. Ferlazzo

Insurance Coverage, Professional Liability, Consumer Law, Business Litigation

Robert J. Finley

Civil Litigation, General Litigation, Workers' Compensation

Carlton D. Fisher

Transportation/Maritime, Civil Litigation, Personal Injury - Products

Lyndon Michael Flosi

Environmental Litigation

Meaghan A. Fontein

Aviation and Aerospace

Aaron Fredericks

Creditor Debtor Rights, Insurance Coverage, Business Litigation, Civil Litigation, General Litigation

Jill Mendelsohn Friedman

Civil Litigation, Professional Liability, Insurance Coverage

Paris B. Glazer

Insurance Coverage, Business Litigation

Andrew M. Gordon

Employment & Labor, Business Litigation

Lawrence S. Gosewisch

Civil Litigation

Sarah J. Greenberg

General Litigation

David A. Grossbaum

Professional Liability, Insurance Coverage

David J. Hanus

Business Litigation, Employment Litigation, Construction Litigation

James Harbert

Employee Benefits, Tax

Catherine Hedglon

Personal Injury - General

David E. Heiss

Insurance Coverage, Construction Litigation

Charles F. Helsten


Matthew R. Henderson

Business Litigation, Professional Liability

Michael F. Henrick

Personal Injury - Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury - General

Pedro E. Hernandez

Insurance Coverage, Business Litigation, Construction Litigation

Desmond J. Hinds, Jr.

Professional Liability, Business Litigation

Lexi T. Holinga

Class Action/Mass Torts, Personal Injury - General, Personal Injury - Products

Jeffrey R. Hoskins

General Litigation, Environmental Litigation

Madeline F. Huerta

Personal Injury - General

Colleen Carr Jarrott

Energy & Natural Resources, Legislative & Governmental Affairs, General Litigation

Rory Eric Jurman

Insurance Coverage, General Litigation, Professional Liability

Ronald L. Kammer

Insurance Coverage, Business Litigation, Professional Liability

Peter E. Kanaris

Insurance Coverage, Business Litigation, Construction Litigation

Min K. Kang

Insurance Coverage, Civil Litigation, Business Litigation, Aviation and Aerospace

James W. Keeling

Business/Corporate, Estate Planning & Probate, Real Estate

Gary I. Khutorsky

Insurance Coverage

Adair L. Kingsmill

Banking, Business/Corporate

Amy L. DuMond Kottke

Real Estate

Mitchell S. Kurtz

Business Litigation, Civil Litigation, Personal Injury - Products

Tomislav Z. Kuzmanovic

Business Litigation, General Litigation, International

Jenelle La Chuisa

Insurance Coverage, Business Litigation, Alternative Dispute Resolution, International

Hale Yazicioglu Lake

Business Litigation, Real Estate, Bankruptcy

Brett B. Larsen

Personal Injury - Products, Insurance Coverage, Business Litigation

Steven D. Lehner

Employee Benefits

David H. Levitt

Intellectual Property, Intellectual Property Litigation, Insurance Coverage

Robert G. Levy

Insurance Coverage

Craig T. Liljestrand

Class Action/Mass Torts, Personal Injury - Products, Civil Litigation

R. Wardell Loveland

Civil Litigation, Class Action/Mass Torts, Insurance Coverage, Administrative Law, Appellate

Tom H. Luetkemeyer

Employment & Labor, Health Care

Barry F. MacEntee

Professional Liability, Business Litigation

Stephen H. Malato

Real Estate, Land Use/Zoning, Environmental

Stephen T. Masley

Bankruptcy, Civil Litigation

Megan Mathias

Business/Corporate, Business Litigation, Employment Litigation, Family Law

Connie M. Mayer


Kellie L. Mazzarella

Personal Injury - Medical Malpractice, Health Care

Daniel W. McGrath

Business Litigation, Class Action/Mass Torts, Personal Injury - Products

Walter McInnis

Consumer Law

Michael G. McQuillen

Aviation and Aerospace

Amee A. Mikacich

Civil Litigation, Personal Injury - Products, Employment Litigation

Samantha R. Millar

Business Litigation, Consumer Law

Stephen T. Moore

Health Care, Business/Corporate

Jonathan Morhaim

Personal Injury - General, Civil Litigation, Personal Injury - Products

Donald L. Mrozek

Business Litigation, Insurance Coverage

Marcia L. Mueller

Estate Planning & Probate, Employee Benefits, Tax

Jill M. Munson

Personal Injury - Medical Malpractice, Civil Litigation

Ashley Newman

Consumer Law, Real Estate

Jason C. Novak

Personal Injury - Products, Personal Injury - General, Business Litigation

Yvonne C. Ocrant

General Litigation, Employment & Labor

Dean E. Parker

Real Estate, Banking

Olivia Paxinos

Civil Litigation

Clinton S. Payne

Civil Litigation, Construction Litigation, Professional Liability

Vanessa V. Pisano

Business Litigation

Russell S. Ponessa

Personal Injury - Products, Business Litigation, General Litigation

Steven M. Puiszis

Constitutional Law, Class Action/Mass Torts, Civil Litigation

Patrick Pumphrey

Insurance Coverage, Business Litigation, Personal Injury - General

Daniel M. Purdom

Criminal Defense: White Collar, Civil Litigation

Maria S. Quintero

Insurance Coverage

Ben Z. Raindorf

Creditor Debtor Rights, Business Litigation, Consumer Law

Christopher J. Raistrick

Aviation and Aerospace, Professional Liability

Laurie S. Randolph

Professional Liability, Construction Litigation

Marcos Reilly

Intellectual Property Litigation

Brent Reitter

Civil Litigation

Jessica A. Riley

Banking, Consumer Law, Business Litigation

Vincent Rizzo

Employment Litigation, Civil Rights, Personal Injury - General

J. William Roberts

Criminal Defense: White Collar, Business Litigation, Government Relations

Lisa Roccanova

General Litigation, Insurance Coverage

Neil S. Rollnick

Real Estate, Business/Corporate

Robert J. Romero

Insurance Coverage, Professional Liability

Lewis J. Rotman

Real Estate, Business/Corporate

M. Annie Santos

Business Litigation, Employee Benefits, Employment & Labor

Todd M. Saranecki

Aviation and Aerospace

William B. Schiller


Jane C. Schlicht

Business Litigation, Intellectual Property Litigation

Charles Robert Schmadeke

Business Litigation, Administrative Law, State, Local & Municipal

Thomas R. Schrimpf

Insurance Coverage, Environmental Litigation, Employment & Labor

David M. Schultz

Class Action/Mass Torts, Consumer Law, Professional Liability

Scott M. Seaman

Insurance Coverage, Business Litigation, General Litigation

Andre Sesler

Civil Litigation, Personal Injury - General, General Litigation

Carly Elizabeth Shannon

Civil Litigation

Harvey M. Sheldon

Environmental, Environmental Litigation, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Appellate

Eric J. Simonson

Business Litigation, Class Action/Mass Torts

Karena Straub

Business Litigation, Appellate, Business/Corporate, Creditor Debtor Rights

Stephen P. Strohschein

Bankruptcy, Banking

Peter D. Sullivan

Professional Liability, Business Litigation, Civil Litigation

Timothy M. Sullivan

Mergers & Acquisitions, Banking

Anju Suresh

Business Litigation

Corey Swinick

Employment Litigation

Amanda Teske

Employment & Labor, Employment Litigation, Business/Corporate

April K. Toy

Civil Litigation, Insurance Coverage, Construction Litigation

Andrew P. Trevino

Professional Liability

Frederick J. Ufkes

Civil Litigation, Environmental, Class Action/Mass Torts

Abby Van Grinsven

Insurance Coverage

Joshua G. Vincent

Appellate, Business Litigation

Ian D. Wagreich


Peter A. Walsh

Personal Injury - Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury - General, Professional Liability

John K. Weedon

Personal Injury - General, Personal Injury - Medical Malpractice, Construction Litigation

Hillary L. Weigle

Personal Injury - General, Construction Litigation, General Litigation

Catherine Basque Weiler

Appellate, General Litigation

Brian S. Whittemore

Insurance Coverage, Banking

Joel T. Wiegert

Insurance Coverage

Todd M. Young

Mergers & Acquisitions, Business/Corporate, Securities & Corporate Finance

Anthony J. Zeoli

Securities & Corporate Finance, Real Estate, Business/Corporate

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New York, NY 10022

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