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Attorney list

Marcia D. Alazraki

Insurance Coverage, Government Relations, Mergers & Acquisitions

Keith M. Allen-Niesen

Real Estate, Land Use/Zoning, Energy & Natural Resources

Keith R. Anderson

Health Care, Mergers & Acquisitions, Nonprofit Organizations

W. Joseph Anderson

Entertainment & Sports, Intellectual Property

Deborah Bachrach

Health Care

Christian E. Baker

Civil Litigation

Kathryn Barry Bartow

Intellectual Property Litigation

Sharon B. Bauman

Employment & Labor, Employment Litigation

Gordon M. Bava

Mergers & Acquisitions, Securities & Corporate Finance, Banking

Robert D. Becker

Intellectual Property Litigation, Intellectual Property

Robert Belfort

Health Care

Becky J. Belke

Business Litigation, Insurance Coverage, Employee Benefits

Michael M. Berger

Appellate, Land Use/Zoning, Eminent Domain

Axel A. Bernabe

Antitrust Litigation, Health Care

William S. Bernstein

Health Care, State, Local & Municipal

Sandra N. Bignone

Entertainment & Sports, Business/Corporate, Intellectual Property, Media and Advertising

Yoanna Binder

Business Litigation

Ronald G. Blum

Criminal Defense: White Collar

Jesse M. Brody

Media and Advertising, Technology Transactions, Intellectual Property

Alan M. Brunswick

Employment & Labor, Entertainment & Sports

Edward G. Burg

Eminent Domain, General Litigation

Lynn K. Cadwalader

Real Estate

Aydin S. Caginalp

Business/Corporate, Entertainment & Sports

Michael C. Camuñez

Business Litigation, Criminal Defense: White Collar

Christopher Chatham

Entertainment & Sports, Business Litigation, Business/Corporate

George A. Cooke

Entertainment & Sports, Business/Corporate, Media and Advertising

Christopher M. Dayans

Business/Corporate, Mergers & Acquisitions

Victor De la Cruz

Land Use/Zoning, Government Contracts

Craig J. de Recat

General Litigation, Environmental, Business Litigation

Stephanie Denkowicz

Business/Corporate, Mergers & Acquisitions, International

Blase P. Dillingham

Securities & Corporate Finance, Mergers & Acquisitions

Jill S. Dodd

Estate Planning & Probate, Nonprofit Organizations, Tax, Estate & Trust Litigation

Irah H. Donner

Intellectual Property, Technology Transactions, Intellectual Property Litigation

Peter R. Duchesneau

Environmental, Environmental Litigation, Energy & Natural Resources

James F. Eastman

Real Estate

Jeffrey S. Edelstein

Business/Corporate, Business Litigation, Alternative Dispute Resolution

Steven L. Edwards

Real Estate

Gene R. Elerding

Banking, Administrative Law, Business/Corporate

Robert M. Eller

Real Estate, Business/Corporate, Land Use/Zoning

David Elson

Business Litigation

C. Ryan Fisher

Civil Litigation

John T. Fogarty

Business Litigation, Health Care

Paul A. Gangsei

Real Estate, Nonprofit Organizations

Clayton B. Gantz

Real Estate, Banking

Gary L. Gilbert

Entertainment & Sports, Intellectual Property

Randy S. Grossman

Criminal Defense: White Collar, Civil Litigation

Timi Anyon Hallem

Real Estate

Shawn Hansen

Intellectual Property Litigation, Intellectual Property

David W. Herbst

Employee Benefits, Mergers & Acquisitions, Securities & Corporate Finance

Susan K. Hori

Land Use/Zoning

David L. Huard

Energy & Natural Resources, State, Local & Municipal

Esra Acikalin Hudson

Employment & Labor, Employment Litigation

Robert A. Jacobs

Entertainment & Sports, Intellectual Property Litigation

Mark D. Johnson

Business Litigation, Environmental

Ivan L. Kallick

Bankruptcy, Business Litigation

Arnold D. Kassoy

Estate Planning & Probate, Entertainment & Sports

Ronald S. Katz

Business Litigation, Intellectual Property Litigation, Antitrust Litigation

Samantha J. Katze

Business Litigation, Intellectual Property Litigation

Kenneth M. Kaufman

Entertainment & Sports, Intellectual Property, Intellectual Property Litigation

Randall W. Keen

Government Contracts, State, Local & Municipal, Government Relations

Deborah P. Kelly

Employment & Labor, Employment Litigation

George David Kieffer

Government Relations, State, Local & Municipal, Government Contracts, Land Use/Zoning

Sandra Ruth King

Employment & Labor

Alexandra N. Krasovec

Class Action/Mass Torts

Barry S. Landsberg

Health Care, Civil Litigation

Joseph E. Laska

Health Care, Class Action/Mass Torts

Barry W. Lee

Business Litigation

Diana J. Lee

Real Estate, Nonprofit Organizations

Monte M. Lemann, II

Banking, Mergers & Acquisitions

Alvin T. Levitt

Tax, Closely Held Business, Estate Planning & Probate

Margaret Levy

Civil Litigation, Insurance Coverage, Employee Benefits

Stanley W. Levy

Employment & Labor, Business Litigation, Intellectual Property Litigation

John F. Libby

Criminal Defense: White Collar, General Litigation

Stephen D. Libowsky

Antitrust Litigation, Business Litigation, Professional Liability

Marc D. Luesebrink

Energy & Natural Resources, Environmental, Land Use/Zoning

Joan A. Lukey

Business Litigation, Appellate

Richard J. Maire, Jr.

Mergers & Acquisitions, Securities & Corporate Finance, Business/Corporate

Jeffrey A. Mannisto

Tax, Closely Held Business, Mergers & Acquisitions

Bernard A. Mantel

Entertainment & Sports

Adrianne Marshack

Business Litigation, Employment Litigation

Ellen R. Marshall

Banking, Business/Corporate, Employee Benefits

Mandana Massoumi

Employment Litigation, Employment & Labor

Jeffrey J. Maurer

Business Litigation, Health Care

Stephen S. Mayne

Business Litigation

Joanna S. McCallum

Appellate, Business Litigation

Richard G.J. McDerby

Mergers & Acquisitions, Securities & Corporate Finance, Business/Corporate, Technology Transactions

David L. McGrath

Environmental, Energy & Natural Resources

Thomas R. McMorrow

State, Local & Municipal, Legislative & Governmental Affairs, Administrative Law

Donald W. Meaders

Employee Benefits

David T. Moran

Business Litigation

Andrew L. Morrison

Business Litigation, Securities Litigation, Closely Held Business

Sarah E. Moses

Entertainment & Sports, Business Litigation, Criminal Defense: White Collar

Craig A. Moyer

Environmental, Energy & Natural Resources

Tom Muller

Real Estate, Land Use/Zoning

Martin F. Murphy

Criminal Defense: White Collar, Criminal Defense, Business Litigation

Kevin O'Connell

Antitrust Litigation, Business Litigation

Peter F. Olberg

Securities & Corporate Finance

Ryan P. Patterson

Employment & Labor

Marvin B. Pearlstein

Real Estate

Scott M. Pearson

Class Action/Mass Torts, Banking, Business Litigation, Consumer Law, Entertainment & Sports, Real Estate

Emil Petrossian

Business Litigation

Thomas D. Phelps

Banking, Securities & Corporate Finance

L. Lee Phillips

Entertainment & Sports, Intellectual Property

Gregory N. Pimstone

Civil Litigation, Health Care

Robert H. Platt

Civil Litigation, Employment & Labor, Business Litigation

Steven M. Polan

Legislative & Governmental Affairs, Construction Litigation, Transportation/Maritime

Julian Polaris

Health Care, Administrative Law, Appellate

Thomas J. Poletti

Securities & Corporate Finance, Business/Corporate

Gregory D. Pratt

Government Relations

William T. Quicksilver

Banking, Mergers & Acquisitions, Securities & Corporate Finance

Arthur F. Radke

Business Litigation

Vivian Redsar

Estate Planning & Probate, Nonprofit Organizations, Tax

David Reichenberg

Antitrust Litigation, Intellectual Property Litigation, Business Litigation

Harold P. Reichwald

Banking, Business/Corporate, Securities & Corporate Finance

Brandon P. Reilly

Consumer Law, Technology Transactions, Business Litigation, Class Action/Mass Torts

Christine M. Reilly

Class Action/Mass Torts, Consumer Law

Vicente P. Reyes

Real Estate, Business/Corporate, International

Naeun Rim

Criminal Defense: White Collar, Business Litigation, General Litigation

Craig S. Rutenberg

Health Care, Real Estate, Business Litigation

Ehab Samuel

Intellectual Property

Susan Schmidt

International, Government Relations, Immigration

Andrew E. Schultz

Real Estate

James R. Schwartz

Health Care, Nonprofit Organizations, State, Local & Municipal

Brad W. Seiling

Class Action/Mass Torts, Business Litigation

Benjamin G. Shatz


Jessica J. Slusser

Business Litigation, Intellectual Property, Health Care

George M. Soneff

Eminent Domain, Business Litigation, Land Use/Zoning

Lisa Specht

Land Use/Zoning, State, Local & Municipal

Martin E. Steere

Real Estate

Bezalel A. Stern

Business Litigation, Media and Advertising

Benjamin E. Strauss

Business Litigation, Appellate, Civil Litigation, Class Action/Mass Torts, Intellectual Property Litigation

Neil Swartzberg

Business Litigation, Antitrust Litigation, Class Action/Mass Torts

Amar L. Thakur

Intellectual Property Litigation

Ronald B. Turovsky

Business Litigation, State, Local & Municipal, Legislative & Governmental Affairs

Cristián L. Vallejo

International, Business/Corporate

Charles E. Washburn, Jr.

Banking, Business/Corporate, Consumer Law

Lenard G. Weiss

Business Litigation, Utilities, Administrative Law

S. Nancy Whang

State, Local & Municipal, Environmental, Utilities

Alison S. White

Employment & Labor, Employment Litigation

Susan Page White

Insurance Coverage, Business Litigation

Grace Winters

Real Estate

Sheldon H. Wolfe

Estate Planning & Probate, Estate & Trust Litigation

Jacqueline C. Wolff

Criminal Defense: White Collar, Health Care

Jessica Wood

Intellectual Property, Intellectual Property Litigation

Thomas R. Worger

Business Litigation

Kyla Wyatt

Business Litigation

Sophia K. Yen

Entertainment & Sports, Banking

Brandon D. Young

Government Contracts, Construction Litigation, Government Relations, Legislative & Governmental Affairs, State, Local & Municipal

Fatema Zanzi

Health Care

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