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Saul Ewing LLP

1270 Avenue of the Americas
Suite 2005
New York, NY 10020 Phone: 212-980-7200

Attorney list

Rebecca Abrams Sarelson

Tax, Business/Corporate, Estate Planning & Probate

William E. Adams

Business Litigation

Stephen S. Aichele

State, Local & Municipal

Thomas C. Aikin

Estate & Trust Litigation, Estate Planning & Probate, Nonprofit Organizations

Matthew Antonelli

Construction Litigation

George P. Apostolides

Business Litigation, Bankruptcy

Steven M. Appelbaum

Business Litigation

Louis P. Archambault

Real Estate, Business/Corporate, Banking

Bruce D. Armon

Health Care

Ashley R. Bailey-Chang

Securities & Corporate Finance

Edward J. Baines

Business Litigation, Professional Liability, Construction Litigation

Matthew F. Baker

Estate & Trust Litigation

Bruce H. Balonick

Business/Corporate, Estate Planning & Probate, Real Estate

Jon S. Barooshian

Criminal Defense: White Collar, Civil Litigation, Tax

Katherine Barrett Wiik

Appellate, Business Litigation, Civil Litigation

William C. Baton

Intellectual Property Litigation, General Litigation, Insurance Coverage

Alain M. Baudry

General Litigation, Professional Liability, Insurance Coverage, Closely Held Business, Securities Litigation

Bethany Beaver

Business Litigation

Peri A. Berger

Business Litigation, Personal Injury - Products, Closely Held Business

Zachary W. Berk

Business Litigation

Roy L. Bernstein

Real Estate, Environmental

Howard M. Berrington

Closely Held Business, Mergers & Acquisitions

Gabriel L. Bevilacqua

Health Care, Business Litigation, Business/Corporate

Alexander R. Bilus

Civil Litigation

Michael Blumenfeld

Securities Litigation, Employment Litigation, Business Litigation

Andrew Bockis

Environmental, Environmental Litigation, Administrative Law

Andrew Bollinger

Business Litigation

Gregory M. Boucher

Business Litigation, Construction Litigation

Maxwell J. Bremer


Dennis J. Brennan

Business/Corporate, Closely Held Business, Mergers & Acquisitions

Eric L.J. Brossman

Bankruptcy, Business/Corporate, Mergers & Acquisitions

Joel R. Burcat

Environmental, Energy & Natural Resources

Michael S. Burg

Real Estate

Valisa A. Carney

Estate Planning & Probate

Barry A. Chatz

Bankruptcy, Creditor Debtor Rights

Daniel R. Chemers

General Litigation, Antitrust Litigation

Jeryll S. Cohen

Estate Planning & Probate, Estate & Trust Litigation

Alfred W. Coleman


Christopher J.M. Collings

Personal Injury - Products, Business Litigation, Civil Litigation

Y. Lisa Colon Heron

Construction Litigation, Government Contracts

Thomas P. Conley

Health Care, Business/Corporate, Real Estate

Harriet E. Cooperman

Employment & Labor, Employment Litigation

Penny M. Costa

Business Litigation, Intellectual Property, Intellectual Property Litigation

Andrea Cox

Civil Litigation, Appellate

Steven L. Daniels

Real Estate

Angela C. de Cespedes

Business Litigation

John D. Demmy


Stephanie L. Denker

Business Litigation, Class Action/Mass Torts, Consumer Law, Intellectual Property Litigation, Securities Litigation

Ariel Deray Deitchman


Cathleen M. Devlin

Business Litigation, Environmental Litigation, Alternative Dispute Resolution

Ryan L. Di Clemente

Business Litigation, Class Action/Mass Torts, Consumer Law, Creditor Debtor Rights

Kathryn R. Doyle

Intellectual Property

Steven L. Dube

Real Estate, Land Use/Zoning

Robin C. Dusek

Insurance Coverage, Alternative Dispute Resolution, International

Robert L. Duston

Employment & Labor, Civil Rights, Employment Litigation

Steven P. Eichel

Business/Corporate, Mergers & Acquisitions, International, Tax

Gary B. Eidelman

Employment & Labor, Employment Litigation

Mark E. Enright

Civil Litigation, Personal Injury - Products

William T. Eveland

Business Litigation, Civil Litigation, Insurance Coverage

Carl B. Everett


Dawn B. Eyerly

Business Litigation

Robert Ezra

Business Litigation, Business/Corporate, Intellectual Property Litigation

David J. Falcone

Land Use/Zoning, Real Estate

Blaine R. Feinauer

Business Litigation

Michael A. Finio

Business Litigation, Business/Corporate, Antitrust Litigation

Russell J. Fishkind

Estate & Trust Litigation, Closely Held Business, Estate Planning & Probate

Sherry H. Flax

Intellectual Property, Intellectual Property Litigation

Colleen A. Foley

Utilities, Energy & Natural Resources

Richard A. Forsten

Land Use/Zoning, Real Estate, General Litigation

Constance B. Foster

Administrative Law, Health Care

Colleen Fox


Richard T. Frazier

Business/Corporate, Health Care, Tax

Geoffrey M. Gamble

Business Litigation, Civil Litigation, Professional Liability, Securities Litigation

Richard D. Gass

Real Estate, Business/Corporate

Eugene Geekie, Jr.

Business Litigation, Bankruptcy

John Gekas

Business Litigation, Securities Litigation, General Litigation

Stephen B. Genzer

Utilities, Energy & Natural Resources

Michael L. Gesas

Bankruptcy, Business Litigation

Jeffrey C. Gilbert

Business Litigation, Real Estate, Construction Litigation, Estate Planning & Probate, Land Use/Zoning

Kathleen M. Gilligan

Real Estate

Michael A. Gold

Mergers & Acquisitions, Securities & Corporate Finance

David A. Golin

Bankruptcy, Creditor Debtor Rights

Robert D. Goodman

Business Litigation, Insurance Coverage

Casey T. Grabenstein

Business Litigation

Curtis A. Graham

Business Litigation, Business/Corporate, Real Estate

Samantha R. Gross

Health Care

Judith L. Grubner

Intellectual Property

Mark I. Gruhin

Business/Corporate, Mergers & Acquisitions

Matthew M. Haar

Business Litigation

Morgan D. Haas

Government Finance

Jeffrey Hampton


Jonathan Havens

Food and Drugs, Cannabis Law

Jonathan Havens

Cannabis Law, Administrative Law, Food and Drugs, State, Local & Municipal

Jared Hawk

Civil Litigation, Energy & Natural Resources, Personal Injury - Products

Robert Heller

Business Litigation

John J. Heurich, Jr.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Paul M. Heylman

Transportation/Maritime, Employee Benefits, Employment & Labor

Joel C. Hopkins

Insurance Coverage, Business/Corporate

Paul M. Hummer

Business Litigation

Joel M. Hurwitz

Real Estate, Estate Planning & Probate, Business/Corporate

Richard B. Ivans

Business/Corporate, Real Estate

Michael A. Jacobson

Business Litigation

Norman P. Jeddeloh

Business Litigation

Jessica M. Jones

Civil Litigation

Damon M. Juha

Real Estate

Martin I. Kalish

Health Care

Laurie Kamaiko

Insurance Coverage, Technology Transactions

Roshanne Katouzian

Estate & Trust Litigation

Barry R. Katz

Real Estate, Business/Corporate

Laura L. Katz

Health Care, Insurance Coverage

Kayleigh Toth Keilty

Civil Litigation, Business Litigation

James A. Keller

Business Litigation, Schools & Education, Employee Benefits

Charles Kelly

Business Litigation, Health Care

Steven C. Kerbaugh

Employment & Labor, Business Litigation, Employment Litigation

Amy S. Kline

Civil Litigation, General Litigation

Lisa M. Koblin

Employment & Labor, Employment Litigation

Matthew D. Kohel

Business Litigation, Intellectual Property Litigation

Daniel H. Krapf

Real Estate, Business/Corporate

Jacob Lager

Tax, Business/Corporate

Thomas Laser

Business Litigation

Clarence Y. Lee

Insurance Coverage, Intellectual Property

Maurice D. Lee, III

Estate Planning & Probate

Alyson M. Leone

Health Care, Business/Corporate

Jeffrey W. Letwin

Business/Corporate, Real Estate, Franchise/Dealership

Barry F. Levin

Real Estate, Mergers & Acquisitions, Estate Planning & Probate

Leah D. Leyendecker

Intellectual Property

Joseph D. Lipchitz

Business Litigation, Media and Advertising, Securities Litigation

Andrea A. Lipuma

Business Litigation, Class Action/Mass Torts, Environmental Litigation

Robert H. Louis

Estate Planning & Probate, Employee Benefits, Tax

Stephen M. Lowe

Estate & Trust Litigation

George T. Magnatta

Government Finance

William E. Manning

Business Litigation, Land Use/Zoning, Schools & Education

Fred J. Marcus

Estate Planning & Probate, Nonprofit Organizations

Laura Lau Marinelli

General Litigation, Business Litigation

Jason W. McElroy

Civil Litigation, Banking

Robert McKenzie

Health Care, Mergers & Acquisitions, Aviation and Aerospace, Business/Corporate

Robert E. McKenzie

Tax, Criminal Defense: White Collar

Nikhil A. Mehta

Business/Corporate, Mergers & Acquisitions, Securities & Corporate Finance, Technology Transactions

Ronald D. Menaker

Criminal Defense

Courtland C. Merrill

Intellectual Property Litigation, Business Litigation

Nathaniel Metz

Business Litigation

Howard B. Miller

Closely Held Business, Estate Planning & Probate, Business/Corporate

Mark F. Miller


Mark Minuti


Mark B. Mizrahi

Intellectual Property Litigation, Intellectual Property

David R. Moffitt

State, Local & Municipal, Business Litigation, Criminal Defense: White Collar

Charles O. Monk, II

Business Litigation, Antitrust Litigation, Securities Litigation

Daniel M. Moore

Business Litigation

Hal R. Morris

Business Litigation, Appellate, State, Local & Municipal

James A. Morsch

Antitrust Litigation, Class Action/Mass Torts, Business Litigation

Bridgitte E. Mott

Civil Litigation

Lucian B. Murley


Peter S. Murphy

Civil Litigation, Food and Drugs, Closely Held Business

Benjamin Nadell

Real Estate

Kermit J. Nash

Business/Corporate, International, Mergers & Acquisitions

Patrick F. Nugent

Schools & Education, Appellate, General Litigation

William D. Nussbaum

General Litigation, Business Litigation, Employment Litigation

Eileen D. O'Brien

Estate Planning & Probate

Joseph F. O'Dea, Jr.

Business Litigation, Civil Litigation

Eric G. Orlinsky

Business/Corporate, Securities & Corporate Finance, Mergers & Acquisitions

Andrew F. Palmieri

Real Estate, Business/Corporate

Joshua S. Pasker

Government Finance

Marshall B. Paul

Business/Corporate, Securities & Corporate Finance, Health Care

Valerie G. Pennacchio

Insurance Coverage, Intellectual Property Litigation, General Litigation, Employee Benefits

Steven J. Picco

Environmental, Energy & Natural Resources, Government Relations

Amy L. Piccola

Schools & Education, General Litigation

John P. Pierce

Real Estate

Joel Plainfield

Business/Corporate, Business Litigation, Mergers & Acquisitions, Real Estate

Henry A. Platt

Employment Litigation, Employment & Labor

Michael Pollock

Business Litigation

Thomas K. Prevas

Environmental Litigation, Real Estate, Government Relations, Appellate

George E. Rahn

Construction Litigation, Business Litigation, General Litigation

Douglas Ramler

Business/Corporate, Securities & Corporate Finance

Gregory E. Rapisarda

Land Use/Zoning, Business Litigation, Communications

Ruth A. Rauls

Civil Litigation, Employment Litigation, Business Litigation

Stephen B. Ravin

Bankruptcy, Creditor Debtor Rights

Alexander L. Reich

Employment & Labor

Steven C. Reingold

Business Litigation

Linda J. Retz

Estate Planning & Probate, Tax

Joshua W. B. Richards

Schools & Education, General Litigation, Appellate

Francis X. Riley, III

Business Litigation, Civil Litigation, Appellate

Jeffrey S. Robbins

Business Litigation, General Litigation

Theodore J. Roper

Business/Corporate, Employment & Labor, International

John L. Ropiequet

Civil Litigation

Jordan Rosenfeld

Schools & Education

Bradley D. Ross

Employment & Labor, Business Litigation

C. Michael Rowan, Jr.

Business Litigation, General Litigation, Construction Litigation, Consumer Law

Daniel P. Rowley

Land Use/Zoning

Douglas A. Sampson

Business Litigation

Sheldon S. Satisky

Estate Planning & Probate

Thomas S. Schaufelberger

Insurance Coverage, Professional Liability

Lauren F. Schoeberl

Employment Litigation

Thomas R. Sestanovich

Real Estate, Business/Corporate, Environmental

Harry D. Shapiro

Tax, Mergers & Acquisitions, Nonprofit Organizations

Jeffrey B. Shapiro

Business Litigation, Personal Injury - Products, Intellectual Property Litigation

Indira K. Sharma

Business Litigation, Estate & Trust Litigation, General Litigation

Ira M. Shepard

Employment & Labor, Employee Benefits

Mark A. Simanowith

General Litigation

Mark D. Simpson

Intellectual Property, Intellectual Property Litigation

Jonathan A. Singer

Class Action/Mass Torts, Business Litigation

Sharilee K. Smentek

Business Litigation, Personal Injury - Products, Employment Litigation

Bruce M. Smiley

Real Estate

Matthew J. Smith

Civil Litigation, Cannabis Law

Jason M. St. John

Business Litigation, Land Use/Zoning

Wendie C. Stabler

Land Use/Zoning, Real Estate, Energy & Natural Resources

Theodore B. Stolman


John F. Stoviak

Business Litigation, Environmental Litigation

Caitlin P. Strauss

General Litigation, Insurance Coverage, Securities Litigation

Emily Kelsay Strine


Frederick D. Strober

Real Estate, Schools & Education

Sarah A. Sullivan

Intellectual Property Litigation, General Litigation

Rebekah Swan

Estate & Trust Litigation

Howard J. Swibel

Business Litigation, Business/Corporate, State, Local & Municipal, Family Law

Anna Maria Tejada

Employment Litigation, Business Litigation

Jacob Tosti

Employment Litigation

Patrick S. Tracey

Business Litigation, Civil Litigation, Class Action/Mass Torts

Teresa R. Tracy

Employment Litigation, Employment & Labor

Edmond Jason Tremblay

Employment & Labor

Sarah M. Ulibarri

Estate Planning & Probate

Matthew R. Veenstra

Business Litigation

Catherine E. Walters

Employment & Labor

William W. Warren, Jr.

State, Local & Municipal, Schools & Education, Construction Litigation

Gregory J. Wartman

General Litigation, Personal Injury - Products, Construction Litigation

Gregory L. Waterworth

Business Litigation

David S. Waxman

Personal Injury - Products, Business Litigation, Personal Injury - Medical Malpractice

Abbigail E. Webb

Civil Litigation, Banking, Business Litigation

Raymond J. Werner

Real Estate, Business/Corporate

Erin E. Westbrook

Business Litigation

Erik F. Williams

Real Estate

Elizabeth U. Witmer

Land Use/Zoning, Business Litigation, Energy & Natural Resources

Geraldine A. Wyle

Estate & Trust Litigation

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