Thompson Coburn LLP

Thompson Coburn LLP

488 Madison Avenue
15th floor
New York, NY 10022 Phone: 212-478-7200

Attorney list

Hope K. Abramov

Employment & Labor

Joshua E. Adrian

Energy & Natural Resources

Gordon L. Ankney

Business Litigation, Criminal Defense: White Collar

Robyn H. Ast-Gmoser

Intellectual Property Litigation

John P. Atkins

Business Litigation

Thomas L. Azar, Jr.

Business Litigation, Securities Litigation

Daniel D. Batterman

Banking, Business/Corporate

William R. Bay

Business Litigation, General Litigation, Insurance Coverage

Jonathan Benner

Transportation/Maritime, Appellate, State, Local & Municipal

Talar Berberian

Land Use/Zoning

Christina M. Berish

Business Litigation

Scott Bieber

Estate Planning & Probate, Closely Held Business

Bonnie S. Blair


Anthony F. Blum

Intellectual Property Litigation, Intellectual Property

Matthew S. Bober

Business Litigation

Cherie Stephens Bock

Banking, Business/Corporate, Mergers & Acquisitions

Mary M. Bonacorsi

Civil Litigation, Construction Litigation, Employment & Labor

Ninette S. Bordoff

Estate Planning & Probate, Estate & Trust Litigation

Mark V. Bossi

Bankruptcy, Business Litigation

Kimberly M. Bousquet

Business Litigation, Environmental Litigation

Eric E. Boyd


Matthew A. Braunel

Intellectual Property

Shaun Broeker

Business Litigation

Jeffrey N. Brown

Real Estate, Business Litigation, Personal Injury - Products

Sara Ann Brown

Business Litigation

Francis X. Buckley, Jr.

Bankruptcy, Business Litigation, Creditor Debtor Rights

Matthew R. Buesching

Real Estate

Sarah J. Chang

Estate Planning & Probate

Bernard I. Citron

Land Use/Zoning, Real Estate

Adrienne E. Clair

Energy & Natural Resources

Katharine Battaia Clark

Bankruptcy, Creditor Debtor Rights, General Litigation

Edward A. Cohen

Environmental Litigation, Business Litigation, Civil Litigation

Katie Colvin

Intellectual Property Litigation, Intellectual Property, Personal Injury - Products

Thomas R. Corbett

Closely Held Business, Estate Planning & Probate, Estate & Trust Litigation

John J. Cullerton

Government Relations, Real Estate

Patrick J. Cullerton

Real Estate

Walter D. Cupkovic

Real Estate

Stephen E. Cupples

Estate Planning & Probate, Closely Held Business, Business/Corporate, Estate & Trust Litigation

Stephen A. D'Aunoy

Class Action/Mass Torts

Warren L. Dean, Jr.


Georgia Loukas Demeros

Estate Planning & Probate, Business/Corporate, Tax

Victor A. Des Laurier

Banking, Business/Corporate

David A. Dick

Business Litigation, Personal Injury - General

Donald B. Dorwart

Transportation/Maritime, Business/Corporate

Michael W. Duffee

Employment & Labor

Jennifer Rudenick Ecklund

General Litigation, Health Care, Criminal Defense: White Collar

Misty Edwards

Transportation/Maritime, Personal Injury - Products

Daniel T. Engle

Real Estate

David D. Farrell


Charles H. Fendell

Technology Transactions, Intellectual Property, Business/Corporate

Jose A. Fernandez

Business Litigation

Barry L. Fischer

Business/Corporate, Closely Held Business, Mergers & Acquisitions, Securities & Corporate Finance, Technology Transactions

Susan Fisher


James L. Fogle

Health Care, Closely Held Business, Estate Planning & Probate

Daniel M. Ford

Banking, Business/Corporate

Dean L. Franklin

Intellectual Property Litigation, Business Litigation

Lawrence C. Friedman

Business Litigation, Appellate

John E. Galvin

Class Action/Mass Torts, Civil Litigation, Environmental Litigation, Alternative Dispute Resolution

Steven E. Garlock

Intellectual Property Litigation, Business Litigation, Personal Injury - Products

Ryan Gehbauer

Employment & Labor

Kenneth Giacobbe

Personal Injury - General, Class Action/Mass Torts, Personal Injury - Products

Clifford A. Godiner

Employment & Labor

Evan R. Goldfarb

Health Care

A. Jay Goldstein

Business/Corporate, Mergers & Acquisitions, Health Care

Steven B. Gorin

Estate Planning & Probate, Closely Held Business, Tax

Milada R. Goturi

Health Care

Stephen J. Grable

Business Litigation, Estate & Trust Litigation

Matthew D. Guletz

Business Litigation

Ronald E. Haglof

Mergers & Acquisitions, Business/Corporate

Jesse Halpern

Energy & Natural Resources, Utilities

Ruthanne C. Hammett

Banking, Business/Corporate, Mergers & Acquisitions

Clinton P. Hansen

Securities & Corporate Finance

Ben Harner

Personal Injury - Products

Edwin G. Harvey

Antitrust Litigation, Business Litigation, Franchise/Dealership

Viviana Boero Hedrick

Business Litigation, General Litigation

Gary S. Heifetz

Surety, Real Estate, Business/Corporate

Amanda J. Hettinger

Business Litigation, Class Action/Mass Torts

Brian W. Hockett


Christopher M. Hohn

Business Litigation, Class Action/Mass Torts

William A. Holtz

Intellectual Property

Benjamin H. Hulsey

Business/Corporate, Intellectual Property, Tax

Mark S. Indelicato


David B. Jinkins

Intellectual Property Litigation, Intellectual Property, Business Litigation

Lori W. Jones

Employee Benefits, Tax

Laura M. Jordan

Employment & Labor, Immigration

Jonathan A. Karp

Closely Held Business, Estate Planning & Probate, Mergers & Acquisitions, Business/Corporate

Lawrence P. Katzenstein

Estate Planning & Probate, Nonprofit Organizations, Tax

David J. Kaufman

Mergers & Acquisitions, Securities & Corporate Finance

Joseph M. Kellmeyer

Environmental Litigation, Environmental, Personal Injury - General

Cheryl A. Kelly

Banking, Real Estate, Bankruptcy, Business Litigation, Business/Corporate, Creditor Debtor Rights

Ryan Russell Kemper

Environmental, Environmental Litigation, Energy & Natural Resources

Crystal Marie Kennedy


Kevin Max Kercher

Intellectual Property

John S. Kingston

Business Litigation, Civil Litigation, Class Action/Mass Torts, Closely Held Business

April Kirkley

Health Care

Sara E. Kotthoff

Government Finance, Real Estate, Securities & Corporate Finance

Daniel J. Krauss

Banking, Business/Corporate

Marjorie F. Krumholz


Nicholas J. Lamb

Civil Litigation, Business Litigation

Brian Lamping

Business Litigation, General Litigation, Class Action/Mass Torts

Matthew J. Landwehr

Business Litigation, Banking, Appellate

Michael D. Lane

Employee Benefits

Scott F. Lane

Government Contracts, Business Litigation

Robert H. Lang

Business Litigation, Energy & Natural Resources, Real Estate

Michael F. Lause

Government Finance, Business/Corporate, Nonprofit Organizations

Richard L. Lawton

Tax, Nonprofit Organizations

Erik Lewis

Civil Litigation

Thomas A. Litz

Securities & Corporate Finance, Mergers & Acquisitions, Business/Corporate

Susan M. Lorenc

Employment & Labor, Employment Litigation

Paul M. Macon

Real Estate, Banking

Steven J. Mandelsberg

Business Litigation, General Litigation

Dave M. Mangian

Business Litigation

Kevin C. McGinley

Civil Litigation

Andrew McKeon

Business Litigation

Margaret E. McNaul


Greg Mennerick

Mergers & Acquisitions, Business/Corporate

Audrey Mense

Business Litigation

Jeffrey Merar

Real Estate

Gayle L. Mercier

Real Estate

Jan Paul Miller

Business Litigation, Criminal Defense: White Collar

Thomas J. Minogue

Business/Corporate, Mergers & Acquisitions, Securities & Corporate Finance

Michael B. Minton

Civil Litigation

Matthew Misichko

Mergers & Acquisitions, Health Care

Steven B. Mitchell

Government Finance, Health Care, Nonprofit Organizations

Dremain Moore

Business Litigation, Civil Litigation, General Litigation

Patrick Morales-Doyle

Business Litigation

Scott H. Morgan

Class Action/Mass Torts

Sartouk Moussavi

Intellectual Property

Richard A. Mueller

Civil Litigation, Personal Injury - Products, Business Litigation

Justin Mulligan

Intellectual Property

Meghan Murphy

Real Estate

John R. Musgrave

Civil Litigation, Intellectual Property Litigation, Class Action/Mass Torts

Elizabeth Myers

General Litigation, Securities Litigation, Environmental Litigation

Conor Neusel

Employment Litigation, Employment & Labor, General Litigation

Zachary G. Newman

Business Litigation, Estate & Trust Litigation, General Litigation

Alan H. Norman

Intellectual Property

Daniel North

Real Estate

Michael D. O'Keefe

Business Litigation, Civil Litigation, General Litigation

Joseph Orbach


Michael A. Parks

Intellectual Property

Jack L. Parrino

Real Estate

Gregory A. Patterson

Banking, Securities & Corporate Finance, Mergers & Acquisitions

Richard J. Pautler

Employee Benefits, Insurance Coverage

Emily L. Peel

Business Litigation

Raymond C. Perkins

Intellectual Property Litigation, Business Litigation, Intellectual Property

Leonard Lee Podair

Banking, Business/Corporate, Securities & Corporate Finance

Thomas A. Polcyn

Intellectual Property

Charles M. Poplstein

Employment & Labor

Mark Power

Bankruptcy, Business Litigation, Mergers & Acquisitions

Joyce M. Pratt

Employment & Labor

Caroline Pritikin

Business Litigation

Erica Rancilio

Energy & Natural Resources

Thomas E. Reddin

Employment & Labor, Employment Litigation

Richard T. Reibman

Securities & Corporate Finance, Securities Litigation, Bankruptcy

Christopher B. Reid

Securities & Corporate Finance

Richard G. Reinis


Kurt E. Reitz

Personal Injury - General

Kacey Riccomini

Business Litigation

Frederick F. Richards, III

Real Estate, General Litigation

Diona Rogers

Banking, Securities & Corporate Finance

Sharon B. Rosenberg

Class Action/Mass Torts, Business Litigation, Antitrust Litigation

Carl L. Rowley

Personal Injury - Products, Business Litigation, Civil Litigation

Matthew R. Rudolphi

Utilities, Energy & Natural Resources

Deborah K. Rush

Government Finance, State, Local & Municipal

Mark Sableman

Media and Advertising, Intellectual Property Litigation, Intellectual Property

Timothy J. Sarsfield

Employment & Labor

Jeffrey L. Schwartz


Lacey R. Searfoss

Estate Planning & Probate

Steven J. Seif

Banking, Securities & Corporate Finance

Robert A. Shapiro


Booker T. Shaw

Business Litigation

Shannon Sheehan

Real Estate

Rebecca L. Shelton

Energy & Natural Resources

Kayla M. Siam

Business/Corporate, Schools & Education

Jeanne Ferris Siegel

Banking, Creditor Debtor Rights

Arthur F. Silbergeld

Employment Litigation, Class Action/Mass Torts, Employment & Labor

Kelly E. Simon


Paul T. Sonderegger

Environmental, Construction Litigation

Lukas (Luke) Sosnicki

Business Litigation

Zoe S. Spector

Employment Litigation

Mitchell B. Stein

Business Litigation, Real Estate, Intellectual Property Litigation

Sherri Cranmore Strand

Business Litigation, Securities Litigation, Alternative Dispute Resolution

Frederick Ryder Strasheim

Mergers & Acquisitions, Business/Corporate

Peter S. Strassner

Environmental Litigation, Environmental

Ariele T. Strauss

Securities & Corporate Finance

Thomas Thanasouras

Real Estate

Rhonda C. Thomas

Securities & Corporate Finance, State, Local & Municipal, Real Estate

Nathan O. Viehl

Mergers & Acquisitions

John Viola

Employment Litigation, Insurance Coverage, Business Litigation

Jennifer A. Visintine

Intellectual Property

Michael Vogel

Civil Litigation

Dudley W. Von Holt

Business Litigation, Personal Injury - Products

Sarah A. Wade

Banking, Business/Corporate

Robert J. Wagner

Class Action/Mass Torts, Business Litigation

Mackenzie S. Wallace

Business Litigation, Health Care

David A. Warfield

Bankruptcy, Creditor Debtor Rights

Barry M. Weisz

Closely Held Business, Mergers & Acquisitions, Real Estate

Jason A. Wheeler

Personal Injury - General, Business Litigation

Nicole L. Williams

Antitrust Litigation, Media and Advertising, Business Litigation, Food and Drugs

Patricia A. Winchell

Employee Benefits, Securities & Corporate Finance

Jordan P. Woody

General Litigation

Dawn M. Wright

Class Action/Mass Torts, General Litigation

Roman P. Wuller

Class Action/Mass Torts, Business Litigation, Alternative Dispute Resolution

Jasmine S. Wynton

Business Litigation, Employment Litigation, Criminal Defense: White Collar

Maria G. Zschoche

Business Litigation, Banking, Estate & Trust Litigation

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488 Madison Avenue
15th floor
New York, NY 10022

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