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Practice Areas: Business & corporate, Nonprofit organizations, Estate planning & probate; view more

Licensed in New York since: 2011

Education: University at Buffalo Law School - SUNY

Selected to Rising Stars: 2014 - 2022

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Todd Kulkin is a partner and the lead attorney of the transactional department of the Warren Law Group in New York. He concentrates his practice on assisting accredited and institutional investors and companies in the areas of private equity, banking, and mergers and acquisitions involving regulatory bodies such as the FINRA, the SEC, the IRS, the U.S. Office of Foreign Assets Control and the Federal Reserve System in matters related to:

  • Business and commercial law
  • Corporate law and financial transactions
  • Corporate governance and regulatory compliance
  • Blockchain offerings
  • Cryptocurrency defense and investigations
  • Legal issues facing nonprofits
  • Intellectual property law
  • Estate and tax planning

Trustworthy, reliable and accessible, Mr. Kulkin considers all the aspects of an issue before moving forward with a sense of fairness and ethics. A strategy-focused attorney, he develops highly cost-effective and creative solutions, aiming to significantly reduce the potential tax, civil and criminal liability of his clients without compromising on their objectives. An accomplished educator, he equips his clients with the knowledge needed to accelerate growth and mitigate risks.

A 2007 graduate of Brandeis University, Mr. Kulkin obtained his B.A. with honors majoring in classical studies, archaeology/ancient history and philosophy. He wrote a thesis on a comparative study between 5th Century Athenian Law and American Jurisprudence. In 2010, he earned his J.D. from the University at Buffalo. He served as the Buffalo Intellectual Property Law Journal editor and was a guest speaker at the 2010 Stanford Law School Food Law & Policy Symposium.

A member of the New York Bar and the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, Mr. Kulkin operated his own practice serving the needs of the business community before joining the current firm. He has been honored with a “Good” rating on Avvo. He greatly enjoys teaching and advising other attorneys about corporate, securities, anti-money laundering and not-for-profit legal issues.

Practice areas

Business/corporate, Nonprofit organizations, Estate planning & probate, Government contracts, Intellectual property, Tax: consumer

Focus areas

Business formation and planning, Limited liability companies, Partnership, Sub-chapter s corporations, Contracts, Business organizations, Non-profit & tax-exempt organizations, Estate planning, Intellectual property law, Tax law

  • 40% Business/corporate
  • 20% Nonprofit organizations
  • 10% Estate planning & probate
  • 10% Government contracts
  • 10% Intellectual property
  • 10% Tax: consumer

First Admitted: 2011, New York

Professional Webpage:

Bar/Professional Activity:
  • State of New York
  • Southern District of New York
Scholarly Lectures/Writings:
  • Editor, Buffalo Intellectual Property Law Journal, University at Buffalo
  • Partnerships are the backbone of success in the start-up world. They allow an entrepreneur with a strong concept to obtain the skills they require to realize it, and to increase their chances of profitability and growth. Choosing the perfect partner is your client’s job; it’s your job to protect your client. In this course, attorney Todd Kulkin provides a top-to-bottom understanding of partnerships and how to counsel partners through formation, the (hopeful) ascension of their business, and (hopefully not) their collapse, 2016, Lecturer, Identifying Partnership Issues for New Businesses, Lawline
  • Contracts are at the very core of how businesses manage their relationships, both internally and externally. From the people that do the work of your business to the people who employ that business, tight contracts ensure that the business in question runs the way you expect, and that you are protected when it doesn’t. For many modern businesses, Intellectual Property is the backbone of their model and the source of most of their value. Proper registration and management of your IP is an important aspect of your business’ contractual relationships, directly and indirectly. In this course, Todd Kulkin examines contracts and discusses how IP is managed and protected for new businesses, 2016, Lecturer, Contractual Obligations and IP Protection for New Businesses, Lawline
  • Business attorneys, when they do things right, fill many roles for their clients. As their relationship deepens, a business’ attorney becomes like a partner without equity. To add the most value to a client’s efforts, a savvy business attorney must master some less-tangible knowledge and less obvious techniques. This program, led by attorney Todd Kulkin, is meant to give an introductory understanding of some of those “soft skills” that law school never taught, and the knowledge law school never thought you’d need. Mr. Kulkin is joined by friend and client Adrian Miller, 2016, Co-Lecturer, The Intangibles - Skills Every Business Lawyer Should Understand, Lawline
  • It is common knowledge that a business needs capital to survive, grow, and thrive. Savvy business attorneys have many tools at their disposal to help clients obtain and maintain the capital they need. In this course, attorney Todd Kulkin provides a primer on many of those tools, preparing you to determine which ones are best for your clients and how to employ them for the maximum benefit, 2016, Lecturer, Legal Issues in Fundraising for New Businesses, Lawline
  • In the wake of the now-famous Citizens United case, many corporations and labor unions have increasingly turned to 501(c)(4) & 501(c)(6) organizations in order to influence elections in a new way: anonymously, and without tax liability. Popular satirical TV shows such as The Daily Show and The Colbert Report have on many occasions showed their audiences how these structures can be used to a wealthy donor’s advantage. In this course, attorney Todd Kulkin will show you how these structures are designed to work, and he will give you the tools you need to understand how to navigate and utilize these entity types, and to advise your clients accordingly, 2016, Lecturer, Campaign Finance the "Nonprofit" Way, Lawline
  • Yin and yang, chocolate and vanilla, Nonprofit and For Profit. A partnership of contrasting forces can bring out the best of both sides. Of course, if you go about mixing opposites incautiously, you can end up like baking soda and vinegar (which is only good for science experiments). A savvy attorney knows how to strike a balance for the client’s benefit. This course, taught by attorney Todd Kulkin, is meant to educate you on and guide you through the varieties of legal structures behind partnerships between for-profit entities and 501(c)(3) tax-exempt entities. You’ll learn how to counsel each side while protecting tax exempt status, the different structures that you can use to obtain these ends, and how to work towards mutually desirable goals without risking economic or legal penalties for mixing non- and for-profit approaches, 2016, Lecturer, Corporate and 501(c)(3) Partnerships: A Synergy of Contrasts, Lawline
  • Almost every start-up needs to raise capital (unless you have a generous and wealthy uncle). Since only a tiny amount of companies are publicly traded, and an even smaller number of start-ups have an Initial Public Offering at their inception, private placement is an essential tool in the start-up lawyer’s repertoire. Attorney and Start-up Specialist Todd Kulkin is here to give you the basics of understanding and managing private placement, so that you can begin to raise capital for your clients, 2016, Lecturer, The Basics of Raising Capital: Private Placements 101, Lawline
  • The world of start-up companies is still a very exciting arena in which to practice. Any of your clients could be the next Mark Zuckerberg (although they probably won’t be). In this specialized field where connections are everything, it can be difficult to discern which opportunities are ethically safe and which ones can land you in trouble. This course, presented by Todd Kulkin, is designed to equip start-up attorneys, and those looking to enter the start-up world, with the tools needed to safely navigate the myriad of ethical quandaries inherent to this type of practice, and give your next start-up client their greatest opportunity for success, 2020, Lecturer, An Attorney's Guide to Ethically Advising Start-ups: 2020 Update, Lawline
  • Phantom Equity can be a powerful tool in the start-up attorney’s arsenal, to help their clients grow on (and eventually, off) the proverbial shoestring. While it is often employed to great effect in the business world, it can be treacherous in its application depending on the context and the caution you take in its structuring. Join start-up attorney Todd Kulkin for a crash course on phantom equity: when to use it (and not), how to use it, and identifying some of the pitfalls that come along with this powerful technique, 2016, Lecturer, Phantom Equity: Giving Shape to an Intangible Promise, Lawline
  • Law schools make it a point to teach legal doctrine, but generally do not equip new lawyers with the knowledge and skills they need to successfully support business clients. These skills involve applying legal knowledge in a tangible way.   This course, led by attorney Todd Kulkin, is designed to be an introduction to the philosophical base from which successful business lawyers can effectively counsel their business clients to protect themselves and grow without breaking, 2016, Lecturer, Philosophy of a Business Legal Counselor (or, what I wish I learned in law school), Lawline
  • Non-Profit organizations are corporate entities given different tax treatment than their for-profit counterparts, to suit their special purposes. As such, they can be subject to a litany of issues; if a corporate attorney is not careful in making their recommendations, they can cause their clients significant problems down the line. If an attorney takes the time to learn the field, however, there are tools and tricks to significantly benefit their clients. Join non-profit corporate attorney Todd Kulkin as he provides a top-line view into a selection of these issues. This discussion will enable you to spot problems as they arise, help your clients avoid common pitfalls many non-profits fall into without even realizing, and provide you with some new tools to benefit your non-profit clients, 2018, Lecturer, Advanced Issues in Non-Profit Law, Lawline
  • Contract “draftsmanship” is something of a lost art in a world where legal forms have become ubiquitous in the marketplace. Despite that, it is as important as ever for attorneys, especially in-house counsel, to adeptly navigate various contractual structures and help their clients avoid the many pitfalls associated with using boilerplate forms. This program, presented by Todd Kulkin, will provide practical advice to attorneys as to how to structure their agreements to hit the right deal points, mitigate risk for their clients, and set up their transactions for success, 2020, Lecturer, The Craft of Contract Drafting: How to Write Great Agreements, Lawline
  • Insurance is often overlooked by business owners, relegating it to a budgetary line item unworthy of much attention. But insurance policies and provisions can be a powerful tool, with the ability to provide a boost to an already strong opportunity, or ease the blow of a catastrophic disaster and keep the company alive following an unsuccessful venture.  This program, presented by Todd Kulkin, will provide in-house attorneys and other corporate counsel with an in-depth understanding of how to leverage insurance to find opportunities, mitigate risk, and defend their client’s bottom line, 2020, Lecturer, In House Counsel's Guide to Insurance: A Powerful Tool, Lawline
  • Super Lawyers as a “Rising Star”, 2014 to the present
Educational Background:
  • Brandeis University with a triple major in Classical Studies, Archaeology/Ancient History, and Philosophy, 2007

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9 Years Rising Stars
  • Rising Stars: 2014 - 2022

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