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Paul M. Hollender

Attorney Profile

Top Rated Bankruptcy Attorney in Staten Island, NY

Corash & Hollender, P.C.
1200 South Avenue, Suite 201, The Corporate Park of Staten Island
Staten Island, NY 10314
Phone: 718-442-4424
Fax: 718-273-4847
Selected to Super Lawyers: 2007 - 2011, 2013 - 2021
Licensed in New York Since: 1976
Practice Areas: Bankruptcy: Consumer (50%), Alternative Dispute Resolution (10%), Bankruptcy: Business (10%), Business/Corporate (10%), Tax: Consumer (10%), Tax: Business (10%)
Attorney Profile

Paul Hollender focuses his practice on bankruptcy, handling both consumer and business matters. The only Board Certified Bankruptcy Attorney in Staten Island, Hollender, who has practiced bankruptcy law for 43 years attracts clients from throughout the metropolitan New York City area. He has the experience to answer your bankruptcy questions.  He can explain the dangers of filing bankruptcy without a lawyer.  He can explain the difference between the Chapters, how Chapter 13 works, and why Debt Settlement can be risky. Hollender practices in both the Eastern (Brooklyn) and Southern (Manhattan) District Bankruptcy Courts.  In 2006 he was elected to the Board of Directors of American Board of Certification, which certifies bankruptcy attorneys, which position he held for six years. 

Hollender currently is assisting taxi medallion owners who are victims of a changing economy. Tools include chapter 7 bankruptcy, chapter 13 bankruptcy, loan modification negotiations, and non-bankruptcy strategic planning. see our taxi blog.

Hollender is currently assisting business owners dealing with COVID-19, and teaching the new Small Business Reorganization Act through webinars for the NYS Bar Association and other professional organization.  This law provides a simplified and less expensive version of chapter 11 reorganization that is a better fit for family-owned businesses than classic chapter 11 reorganization.

A compassionate attorney who understands that everyone is now going through financial difficulties, often caused by external factors, his goal is to assist clients place past problems behind them, and move on. The firm assists clients in restoring good credit and provides post-bankruptcy counseling and advice to its clients. Guided by the principle "WE LISTEN...WE CARE... WE HELP", the firm, whose other attorneys can service all legal needs a client will ever have, strives to build long-term client relationships, which only begin with an inquiry about bankruptcy.

Hollender has helped thousands of individuals and businesses restore their balance and move on in life after a particularly difficult event or period of time.  He will explain what assets you can keep, even though you file for bankruptcy. He recognizes that all clients seek Peace and Hope, and he strives to assist them to attain those goals.

He has also served as a Receiver, appointed by the State Courts, for businesses owned by parties to matrimonial actions.

Hollender assists business owners plan ahead to protect their personal assets in the event of a business failure or financial risk.  He has also been appointed a Mediator in bankruptcy matters.

He treats all clients in a compassionate manner, and enjoys giving clients back the "reins to their own lives."  In his career he has commonly assisted children of former clients, and often returning clients who are faced with a different financial crisis many years after the first. 

Hollender also represents businesses in financial difficulty, and individuals or companies  either have claims against an individual or company that has filed for bankruptcy, or is  being sued by a Bankruptcy Trustee.

Certificates and Credentials

About Paul M. Hollender

First Admitted: 1976, New York

Professional Webpage:

Representative Clients

  • Citrus Trading Corp (Enron Subsidiary)
  • iVillage Inc.
  • Retired taxi medallion owners who lease their medallions and have found that the monthy lease payments have decrease below their monthly note payments., 2017
  • Florida Gas Transmission Company (Enron Subsidiary)
  • Microslate Corp (computer manufacturer)
  • Thousands of consumers seeking to use chapter 13 to save their homes from foreclosure; pay a portion of their unsecured debt over 5 years and discharge the rest; eliminate 2nd mortgages and home equity loans on homes worth less than the first mortgage; or pay taxes over 5 years without interest.
  • Paolo Gucci, international fashion designer
  • American Electric Power
  • Thousands of Consumers seeking Chapter 7 relief from burdensome old debt that they would never be able to pay.
  • Current taxi medallion owners who find that they cannot make enough money to pay their monthly note, but the lenders are not offering lower monthly installments. Instead the lenders are seeking to foreclose on the medallions unless the owner provides a lien on real estate., 2017


  • Newsletter advising attorneys of bankruptcy issues which may affect their practice, Bankruptcy Notes, Professional Edition
  • The first newsletter reporting on New York bankruptcy cases and developments prior to publication of West's Bankruptcy Reporter (Editorial Board 1982-91; Editor in Chief 1989-91)., Bankruptcy Bar Bulletin
  • Newsletter discussing common questions about bankruptcy, Bankruptcy Notes, Consumer Edition

Educational Background

  • State University of New York at Buffalo (magna cum laude), 1971

Special Licenses/Certifications

  • Board Certified in Consumer Bankruptcy Law.Board Certified in Business Bankruptcy Law.American Board of Certification. You expect certification from your doctor - expect it from your lawyer too. Board Certification means that the certified attorney has met rigorous, objective standards and has demonstrated knowledge in bankruptcy and/or creditors' rights law. Hiring an attorney with expertise in any specialized field of law can be a bewildering experience. As a client, you want to make sure your counsel is experienced in the particular field. Unfortunately, prospective clients usually have little objective criteria on which to rely. The American Board of Certification's (ABC) programs are designed to identify and recognize those attorneys in consumer or business bankruptcy who have met or exceeded rigorous certification standards relating to experience, continuing legal education, integrity, and peer review; in addition to demonstrating a sophisticated understanding of the law in their specialty area. The goal of ABC is to provide meaningful information to those seeking legal services to enable them to make informed decisions in selecting experienced counsel. To become certified as a bankruptcy specialist by ABC, an applicant must successfully complete a comprehensive day-long written examination covering (1) general bankruptcy/creditors' rights law (2) legal ethics, and (3) substantive questions in the specialty area. In addition, each applicant must show significant experience in legal matters and a substantial dedication of their practice to such matters, as well as providing professional references and participating in at least 60 hours of continuing legal education over a three-year period., 1993
  • Member, Mediation Panel, U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Eastern District of New York
  • Member, Mediation Panel, U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Southern District of New York

Bar/Professional Activity

  • American Bankruptcy Institute, 1999
  • Bankruptcy Lawyers Bar Association (Board of Governors 5 years)
  • American Board of Certification: Member, Board of Directors; Member Standards Committee responsible for reviewing and passing on applications by attorneys throughout the U.S. seeking Board Certification in Consumer Bankruptcy, Business Bankruptcy, or Creditors' Rights., 2006
  • Brooklyn Bar Association Bankrupty Committee
  • NYS Bar Association
  • National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys
  • Richmond County Bar Association (Director -  six years)(Fee Arbitration Committee - former chairman,- four years- and current member)(Judiciary Committee - former member)
  • Network of Bar Leaders (five years)



  • Retained by plaintiff/wife in Divorce Action when defendant/husband closed his multi-million dollar business, claimed he was working elseware for $1,000 per week, and filed chapter 7 bankruptcy in attempt to avoid paying maintenance and child support. Successfully negotiated with Trustee and husband's bankruptcy attorney to enable wife to receive (i) bulk of sale proceeds of matrimonial residence (ii) ongoing child support and (iii)  payment of all arrears., 2020
  • A commercial building contractor undertook a $2.6 Million construction job. A potential business partner obtained access to his private office and stole a check for $700,000. The thief opened a new bank account in the company's name, claiming himself as the president. Deposited the check, and the disappeared with the money.   Civil litigation against the crook had become a waste of money and time. Although a default judgment was obtained, there was no way to recover the money. And   criminal prosecution was likewise impossible with the criminal nowhere to be found.   Meanwhile, the contractor was unable to complete the job and was left with over $1 million in claims against the job, most of which he was personally liable for.  He turned the job over to the bonding company. His litigation attorney referred him to our office for consideration of a personal bankruptcy.  Over time, I was able to qualify him for a chapter 7 bankruptcy, he received a discharge, and was able to live a normal life again, as an employee of another company, where he makes a good living, with no stress. , 2000
  • A self-employed stock broker was referred to me by another stockbroker whom I had represented. He received “1099 income” as an independent contractor, rather than a salary subject to withholding taxes.  Each year he fell deeper into the rut caused by lack of discipline to set aside money each week and  pay “Quarterly Estimated Taxes.”  He always assumed “the big fee” would come before he needed to file his tax returns.  My review of his tax records revealed that, although he did not make payments, at least he filed his tax returns. More than 3 years had passed since most of the due dates. More than two years had passed since he hadfiled most of the  the returns. These time periods had not been extended by an “offer in compromise” or a prior bankruptcy filing. Furthermore, since he did not own any real estate, the government was not protected by a tax lien. His current income was below the “median” for New York.  Accordingly,  I was able to qualify him to file a chapter 7 bankruptcy case and discharge $450,000 in federal and state income taxes. He remains liable for the most recent years, and was able to work out arrangements to pay those taxes on an installment basis. A burden was lifted from his shoulders and he now feels in control of his life again. , 2020
  • Renegotiated $15 million taxi medallion loan by obtaining $4 million principal reduction, and restructure of loan to meet client's cash-flow abilitiy, 2019
  • One of New York's most respected Elder Law Attorneys referred her to me.  In her late 80's she was no longer able to carry on her well-respected business in Manhattan. She concluded that the business was not saleable and decided to close it down. But she was left with substantial business debt in the form of bank loans and credit cards. It was recommended that she consult with me to file bankrutpcy BUT I FOUND A BIG HIDDEN RISK. Instead, I developed an non-bankruptcy strategy that provided her security with no risk. , 2019
  • The foreclosure sale was in a few days. She was about to lose her home because her boyfriend disappeared and she fell behind on the mortgage payments. There was plenty of equity in the house,but the bank would not talk to her. I filed a chapter 7 bankruptcy case for her. That stopped the sale. Then I convinced the Bankruptcy Trustee to sell the house. The Trustee received fair market value for the house rather than a foreclosure price. He paid off the mortgage and her other creditors, and gave her the balance, which would not have been possible if we had not filed the bankruptcy case. , 2019
  • Settled two pending FINRA mediations alleging $500,000 in damages  for less than 10% by preparing proposed bankruptcy petition and schedules, without the need for actual bankruptcy filing. , 2019
  • Settled IRS debt by bankruptcy sale of house.   A stockbroker owed back taxes for years, because he never disciplined himself to save money to pay his income taxes. In collaboration with the bankruptcy trustee we worked out a resolution with the IRS to resolve the tax liens for a portion of the net sale proceeds, allowing the client to retain a portion of the money, and the bankruptcy trustee  to receive money which was distributed to priority child support arrears and non-dischargeable taxes. , 2019
  • Extricated client from "unauthorized" bankurptcy filing. A bankruptcy case was filed by an attorney whose client wanted to purchase property scheduled for a foreclosure acution. Apperently his plan was to obtain a bankruptcy "stay" of the foreclosure sale. Ultimately, however, the prospective purchaser disappered. But when a bankruptcy case is filed, it becomes like quicksand, if not properly managed.  In the meantime, the bankruptcy trustee contacted the property owner, regarding a pending "Build-it-Back contract with the City of  New York  on a Hurricane Sandy property.  Unaware that someone had forged his name on bankruptcy petition, the property owner  contacted me to "get the bankruptcy dismissed"  so he could proceed with the "Buildiit-Back "contract.  Unfortunately, the property owner was also the title-holder to his father's expensive home with no mortgage, based dad's estate-planning.  After a year's work I was ultimately able to extricate the client from bankruptcy, while still owning the valuable hurricane Sandy property, and leaving dad's house intact., 2019
  • Using Chapter 13 to cancel junior mortgage.  She had filed chapter 13 to save her house after her husband left her. She made monthly payments under a plan filed by a Long Island attorney, but fell behind on post-bankruptcy mortgage payments. She came to me at that time, but I told her to stay with her original attorney and complete her plan. The Plan called for cancelling her Home Equity Loan after 5 years of small payments by the Bankruptcy Trustee, because the house was worth less than the first mortgage (i.e. the HELOC was completely "under water").  After completing all payments to the trustee under the plan (including payments for post-bankruptcy mortgage arrears), the bank filed objections to discharge, claiming that at the time of completion of her 5 year plan, had had again fallen substantially behind on her mortgage!  Her original bankruptcy lawyer was unable to prove the bank was wrong. She was denied a Discharge, the case was closed, and she lost the opportunity to cancel the HELOC.Then she came back to me. In reviewing all the bank documents, I discovered that they had actually substantially overbilled her by $100,000. Accordingly, contrary to the bank's statement at the conclusion of the 5 years, she had no mortgage arrears at that time.  Thus, she was  entitled to a Discharge and a Certificate of Completion of Plan. I made a motion to reopen her bankruptcy case,  obtained those certificates from the bankruptcy Court, as well as an Order Cancelling the Home Equity Loan. I filed that Order with the County Clerk and her $170,000 HELOC mortgage has been cancelled.  Now she is able to comfortably make her regular mortgage payments; no longer has to pay the Trustee; and has completely eliminated her Home Equity Loan. , 2018
  • Hundreds of clients to whom I recommended NOT FILING BANKRUPTCY.  Sometimes because it was not necessary.  Sometimes because they were not eligible. Mostly, because I saw risk.  The decision to file a bankruptcy case must be based upon whether or not there are hidden traps that may not be visible to the untrained eye.  I look for issues that a bankruptcy trustee might pick up on, leading the Trustee to take steps to recover assets that could be liquidated and paid to creditosrs. This includes bringing suit against family members for money or property given to them, selling a home or investment property, demanding  payment for the value of a business or requiring that the person filing for bankruptcy  turn over money or property  to the trustee.  If bankruptcy is not the best tool in my toolbox, I find an alternative solution. , 2018
  • More than 100 successful chapter 7 and chapter 13 cases, eliminating or reducing debt for ordinary individuals., 2018
  • Successfully protect wife against business creditor and US government while husband is completing criminal sentence. Arranged for sale of luxury home and avoidance of judgment liens to enable wife to preserve her share of home equity, re-establish more modest living arrangements, and commence new business opportunities. Prior to my involvement there was a stalement with judgment creditors preventing sale of house, and precipitating foreclosure. , 2018
  • Successfully protect landlord's rights when nationwide shoe company files chapter 11 case., 2018
  • Saved retail business and owner's luxury home from foreclosure.  When secured lender threatened to close business due to arrears on business loans, I negotiated loan restructure consistent with business cash flow,with carve-out to provide client a portion of sale proceeds if personal residence securing loan were voluntarily sold in future., 2018
  • Save $1.7M Luxury home from foreclosure; preserve husband's interest in home in divorce; and obtain IRS subordination agreement to allow loan restructure. , 2018
  • Extricate client from non-dischargeable debt: Provide hope for the future.  A state court found him liable for $865,000 in a fraud suit.His former attorney foolishly filed a chapter 7 case for him, promising to save his house and discharge that debt. After the bankruptcy trustee started the process of selling his house, and aftger seeing three other lawyers,  he came to me for help.  We negotiated a complex settlement. First, we arranged for him to keep his house. When it became apparent that he could not afford to do so, I modified the agreement calling for a bankruptcy auction of the upscale home, with a sharing of the proceeds. Part went to the judgment creditor, part to the Trustee to pay creditors, and part to the client.  We settled the non-dischargeable debt for less than half, applied some of the house proceeds in reduction, and obtaind a $1,000/month payment agreement, allowing the client to reclaim his life, and obtain a fresh start for himself and his young daughter. He is now walking a straight path and has hope for the future. , 2018
  • Obtained recovery for investors in Speculative Dubai investment. They had invested hundreds of thousands of dollars with a real estate developer who projected lucrative returns on a project in Dubai. When the developer filed chapter 11, they came to me for help. At that point, there was a stalemate between the Developer's bankruptcy lawyer, and the attorney for the developer's nephew and business partner. The chapter 11 reorganization was about to either be dismissed or converted to liquidation. Applying my mediation skills over a one-year period, I was able to collaborate and facilitate a consensual chapter 11 Plan of Reorganization, which was approved by the bankruptcy court, and eventually netted the clients a recovery of approximately 25% of their investments. Had the case been converted to chapter 7 or dismissed, it was likely there would be no recovery at all. , 2018
  • Cancelled judgment liens to allow sale of house.  He wanted to sell his house, but could not because of six judgment liens which would have to be paid at closing. Moreover, the total of these judgment liens exceeded the equity in the house over the mortgage amount. We filed a chapter 7 bankruptcy for him and obtained a Court Order cancelling the judgment liens. Now he can sell the house and keep the proceeds. , 2018
  • Saved Butcher Shop from Marshal's Sale.  Facing an execution sale for a $40,000 judgment, the client retained us for a chapter 11 reorganiztion. It took a year, but we were highly successful, obtaining court-approval of a 5-year 20% plan to general unsecured creditors. We crafted a settlement with the landlord for back rent, and a favorable payment plan with the merchant capital lender who was strangling cash flow. , 2018
  • Enabled Taxi Medallion owner to save his home and extinguish $600,000 in debt on medallion.  Filing chapter 7 bankruptcy would cause the bankruptcy trustee to sell his home because his equity was greater than the allowable homestead exemption. Instead, we filed a chapter 13 case to pay the non-exemption equity in the house to the bankrutpcy trustee over 5 years. He has surrendered his medallion, and is now driving another vehicle. His monthly payment to the Trustee is only a fraction of what his loan payment was on the taxi loan. , 2018
  • Enabled Taxi Medallion owners to retain $340,000 from bankruptcy trustee's sale of their home, while extinguishing $1.3 million in debt on medallions., 2018
  • Taxi Medallion owner saves house, stops paying $3000/month note on Medallion. and switches career. Since the household income was under the Median for NYS, and his jointly-owned house had less than $340,000 in equity. we qualified him for a chaper 7 bankruptcy. He took six months off to restore his spirit (his wife had a job).  Then he started a new career. He is happy, and has referred many other taxi drivers to us. , 2017
  • He did not know that the New Jersey Lawyer that recommended he file a personal chapter 11 in New York was a drug addict and did not know as much about bankruptcy as she had represented. He was stuck in terrible bankruptcy case intended to save his Staten Island home and his Jersey Shore home as the result of a failed business and an SBA mortgage on both properties. The judge had lost her patience. The bank's lawyer was smart and aggressive. I took over the case, got the bankruptcy dismissed and negotiated a resolution which preserved both homes., 2016
  • He thought the Bagel Cafe franchise would be his ticket to riches. But the franchisor provided no support, the business closed and he was left with store fixtures and a $350,000 SBA mortgage on his home (which had increased due to interest and charges to $450,000, and and a third mortgage with the same bank for $50,000. Although he was able to pay his regular mortgage, he had no ability to pay the two business loans since the business had failed. I filed a chapter 7 bankruptcy for him, discharging his liabilities, arranged for an auction of the store fixtures, and negotiated a $75,000 settlement with the Bank,  which saved his home., 2016


  • Once Again, receives top rating from AVVO Lawyer Directory, AVVO 5-Star, 10 out of 10 Rating,, 2020
  • , One of five Consumer Bankruptcy attorneys to be selected for Super Lawyers directory New York Metro, Super Lawyers Directory, 2020
  • Again selected for annual award , Selection to be included in SuperLawyers NYC Metro edition, 2019
  • Our clients give their feedback, 4.9 Google Star Rating, 2019
  • Again Selected, AVVO rating 10.0 Superb, 2019
  • Again, selected , AVVO Customer's Choice, Chapter 7, 2014
  • Hollender has received the coveted Martindale-Hubbell "AV" rating. This peer-rating is the highest such rating available to any individual lawyer. The "AV" rating shows that a lawyer has reached the height of professional excellence. He or she has usually practiced law for many years, and is recognized for the highest levels of skill and integrity., Martindale-Hubble AV Preeminent rating
  • Hollender has received the highest AVVO rating of 10.0 out of 10.0 for Experience, Industry Recognition and Professional Conduct., AVVO, 2012

Scholarly Lectures/Writings

  • Presented Continuing Professional  Education Webiner for Accountants and Business Owners regarding SubChapter V of Chapter 11, for Small Businesses, and personal bankruptcy options for business owners. Explained options for reorganization and for liquidation. , Presenter, Business and Bankruptcy in a Post-COVID World. Avoiding the Risks, Capitalizing on the Opportunities , Independent Association of Accountants; SCORE, Accounting, 2020
  • Presented Continuing Legal Education Webiner for Attorneys regarding SubChapter V of Chapter 11, for Small Businesses, and personal bankruptcy options for business owners. Explained options for reorganization and for liquidation. , Presenter, Post Covid Bankruptcy and Mortgage issues, New York State Bar Association, Small Business Section, 2020
  • Presentation on the impact of the new bankruptcy amendments one year after enactment, Panelist , New York County Lawyers Association, 2007
  • Analysis of the new bankruptcy amendments and their implementation, Panelist, New York County Lawyers Association, 2006
  • Two-part article discussing procudures and issues for professionals in getting retained and paid in bankruptcy cases, New York Law Journal October 15 and 18, 1999
  • Article alerting practitioners to potential criminal issues involved in bankruptcy cases, New York Law Journal, June 2, 1998
  • Aritcle for matrimonial attorneys about bankruptcy law, A Bankruptcy Primer for Matrimonial Attorneys , Richmond County Bar Bulletin
  • Presentation to attorneys of ethical issues arising in the practice of bankruptcy law, Ethical Issues for Bankruptcy Lawyers, New York County Lawyers Association
  • Continuing education presentation to accountants, Tax Issues in Bankruptcy, NYS Society of CPA's
  • Practical advice for dealing with bankruptcy aspects of matrimonial law, The Intersection of Bankruptcy and Matrimonial Law, Richmond County Bar Association
  • Continuing Legal Education presentation to attorneys discussing the impact of bankruptcy upon the foreclosure process, Bankruptcy and Foreclosure, Richmond County Bar Association

Industry Groups

  • Construction
  • Family-Owned Businesses
  • Taxi
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