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Practice Areas: Media & Advertising, Business Litigation, Civil Litigation; view more

Licensed in Ohio since: 2010

Education: Case Western Reserve University School of Law

Selected to Rising Stars: 2014 - 2023
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Aaron M. Minc has developed a nationwide reputation as a leading lawyer in the field of internet defamation. The founder of Cleveland, Ohio-based law firm, Minc LLC, he provides representation to individuals, businesses, nonprofit organizations and government institutions in matters involving internet extortion, competitor defamation, content removal, cyber-bullying, online harassment, revenge porn, and similar issues.

Mr. Minc has litigated hundreds of these types of cases throughout the U.S. and abroad, and he has been able to obtain favorable verdicts as well as temporary and permanent injunctions. In one representative matter, he obtained a permanent injunction that resulted in the removal of a website started by a woman trying to extort a high-profile chief executive officer. In another, Mr. Minc obtained a sizable settlement on behalf of a physician who was being defamed by a competitor on patient review websites.

As an undergraduate, Mr. Minc attended Miami University, where he majored in finance and received a Bachelor of Science in 2007. He pursued his legal education at Case Western Reserve University School of Law and was the president of the school's Sports & Entertainment Law Society before being awarded his Juris Doctor cum laude in 2010. He was a partner at an area law firm before founding his current firm in 2017. Admitted to practice before all Ohio state courts, Mr. Minc is also admitted to practice before the U.S. District Courts for the Northern and Southern Districts of Ohio and the Supreme Court of the United States.

Mr. Minc is frequently asked to deliver presentations on topics related to his practice area. In 2017, he spoke at the annual convention of the American Psychological Association dealing with online client complaints and grievances. He is a member of the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association.

Practice areas

Media and Advertising, Business Litigation, Civil Litigation: Plaintiff

Focus areas

Defamation, Libel, Slander

First Admitted: 2010, Ohio

Professional Webpage: https://www.minclaw.com/bio/aaron-minc/

Educational Background:
  • Case Western Reserve School of Law (J.D., cum laude) Litigation Concentration, with Honors.President and Founder of the Sports & Entertainment Law Society.
  • Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, B.S., Major: Finance; Minor: Entrepreneurship; Honors: Miami University European Center in Luxembourg, Study Abroad Program, 2007
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  • Ohio is home to countless key landmark decisions and precedents that have helped shape the fabric of defamation laws across the United States. Ohio defines defamation of character as “a false statement that causes harm to a person’s reputation, exposes him to public hatred, contempt, ridicule, shame, or disgrace, or affects him adversely in his trade or business.”, Your Complete Guide to Defamation of Character in Ohio
  • California defamation law defines defamation of character as the publishing of a false statement to a third party that results in harm to another person’s reputation and good standing. The heart of a valid California defamation claim hinges on whether the published statement caused damage to another’s reputation., The Complete Guide to California Defamation Law
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  • If someone is using your creative work – whether it be a blog post, song, podcast, or article – without your authorization, they are infringing on your copyright. To get them to stop and remove the infringing work and/or material, you may consider sending a DMCA takedown notice., How to Send an Effective DMCA Takedown Notice, Defamation, Libel And Slander, 2021
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  • In today’s economy, online reviews can make or break a business. If your business receives a bad review and you are wondering if you can sue the reviewer, the answer is yes. Yet, to sue someone for a bad review, the review must: Be defamatory or legally actionable;Violate an online review platform’s Terms of Service (ToS); orAttempt to extort or harass your business. To read this post in its entirety, read the article at our legal resource center by clicking the following link: https://www.minclaw.com/can-business-sue-for-bad-review/, Can You Sue For a Bad Review?, 2020
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  • Fortunately, there are regulations in place designed to shield children from being taken advantage of by website operators. One such set of rules is called the Children’s Online Privacy Act (“COPPA”)., Understanding the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), 2020
  • Digital Risk Protection is a service provided by Minc Law that will allow professionals and businesses to put their minds at ease, knowing that their online reputation security system is working 24/7 to eliminate malicious cyberattacks. , What is Digital Risk Protection (DRP)? DRP Benefits & Features Explained
  • Domain names can be a big deal, defining a brand or entire company. Yet someone can register your name as a domain name for as little as $8 to $15 on a “first-come, first-served” basis. If someone registered you or your business’s name as a domain name, you have three primary options available to acquire the domain., Someone Registered My Name as a Domain Name: What Are My Options?, 2020
  • If you or your business are the targets of defamatory attacks, fake online reviews, allegations of infidelity, or other defamation, you more than likely have numerous questions about defamation lawsuits and how you should proceed. When prospective defamation clients call us, their first questions are often, “Do I have a case?,” “Who can I sue?,” and “Do I have to sue, Defamation Litigation Alternatives: What Options do I Have?, 2020
  • At Minc Law, we focus specifically on online defamation: a legal issue that has proliferated since social media and smartphones became commonplace in the early 2000s. We have litigated thousands of defamation cases across the globe and removed tens of thousands of pieces of defamatory content from the internet, so we know the most pressing questions defamation clients have about defamation lawsuits. This article goes over five of our most commonly asked questions. , 5 Frequently Asked Questions About Internet Defamation Lawsuits, 2020
  • The news world is fast-paced, and it can be challenging to speak to a journalist if you have never done it before. While the press provides a public service and strives for fairness and accuracy in their reporting, a person in direct contact with the media should be as prepared as possible., 10 Tips on How to Speak to the Media, 2020
  • Are you a photographer and someone has used one of your photographs on their website without your permission? Or, maybe you are a writer and a popular online blog has published your short story claiming they wrote it. Or, perhaps, someone has lifted a selfie you posted on a social media account and is now using it to harass you online., How Much Does It Cost to Have an Attorney Send a DMCA Takedown Notice?, 2020
  • Have you been the victim of defamation and want to know the deadline to file a lawsuit? The statute of limitations is a major deadline that affects your ability to file a defamation lawsuit and is critical to keep in mind when considering all of your options in responding to defamation., What is the Statute of Limitations For My Defamation Claim?, 2020
  • In this digital age, purchasing decisions are increasingly driven by online reviews and ratings. Each year, more and more people are turning to the Internet as the very first step in deciding what to buy and who to hire, inevitably finding – or even specifically in search of – feedback from other customers., One Star Reviews: What Can I Do & Who Can I Sue?, 2020
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  • There are steps you can take to have your intimate photos removed from the internet. Litigation is a possible route, but there are other options that do not involve the court system. , What to Do If Someone is Distributing Your Intimate Images Without Consent
  • If you are the target of an internet attack, such as internet defamation, online extortion or sextortion, or another form of internet harassment, taking the first step to contact a law firm may feel like an overwhelming and stressful task., Thinking About Contacting Minc Law? Here's What to Expect, 2020
  • Have you or your business been anonymously attacked or defamed online and are considering filing a lawsuit? The anonymity of the internet makes it possible for people to attack or harass an individual or business online and then disappear. Or does it?, How Much Does a John Doe Lawsuit Cost? The Cost to Sue an Unknown Defendant, 2020
  • We live in a world where shaming people on the internet and cancel culture has become the norm. It is impossible nowadays to browse through our Facebook or Twitter feed without stumbling on a post about a “rude” waiter who “ruined” someone’s dining experience., Why You Should Not Publicly Shame Someone on Social Media, 2020
  • These stats highlight the importance of online reviews for your business or practice. , The Importance of Online Reviews: 50+ Key Statistics to Know [2020], 2020
  • This guide will help anyone struggling with negative and fake online content learn their legal options. , How to Obtain a Court Order to Remove Content From the Internet , 2020
  • Most clients who contact our firm about removing online news articles want to know if they can sue the news outlet who published the story. In the vast majority of cases, the answer is no., Why Suing the Media For Defamation is Usually Not Your Best Option, 2020
  • Employer online review sites are becoming a normal part of everyday business. While there are many employer review sites, none are more popular or powerful than Glassdoor, which attracts north of 50 million users per month. Unfortunately, negative and fake reviews on Glassdoor can discourage potential employees (and job applicants) and harm a company’s reputation. Having a favorable profile on Glassdoor, on the other hand, is vital for employers to attract the best caliber candidates., How to Remove Negative & Fake Glassdoor Reviews, 2020
  • Search engines can turn up hundreds of pages of results for a person or business. Web-based tools can locate negative business reviews, decades-old news articles, adult content, and other unwanted material you may have not known was even posted to the internet., How to Google Yourself to Find Negative Search Results, 2020
  • Have you been defamed on the internet and are considering a defamation lawsuit? Costs are a number one concern among our clients when it comes to pursuing a defamation lawsuit. At Minc Law, we’ve litigated hundreds of defamation lawsuits in over 25 states and 3 countries, so we know what contributes to the cost of a defamation case (in any jurisdiction)., How Much Does a Defamation Lawsuit Cost? The Cost to Sue for Internet Defamation , 2020
  • A defamatory statement is any communication of false facts that harms the reputation of another person or tends to lower his respect or confidence in the community., What is a Defamatory Statement?, 2020
  • Consider this the ultimate guide to online defamation law in the United States., The Complete Guide to Online Defamation Law, 2020
  • In this comprehensive blog post, we’re going to walk you through how to remove defamatory and malicious content and videos from YouTube, how to submit a defamation complaint on YouTube, and why YouTube defamation poses a serious threat to your personal and professional reputation., How to Remove Defamatory Videos & Content From YouTube , 2019
  • DatingComplaints.Us is at the forefront of dating complaints, cheater exposing, homewrecker reports, and STD-shaming websites on the Internet, and stands to severely affect both your personal and professional life. If you’ve found yourself the subject of a post or comment on DatingComplaints.Us, we’re here to help and get it removed as soon as possible!, Remove Yourself & Defamatory Posts From DatingCompaints.US, 2019
  • In this comprehensive post, we’re going to take you through how to secure a guaranteed removal of defamatory and false posts from CheaterCentral.com, why CheaterCentral poses a serious threat to both your professional and personal reputation, several defamation cases concerning themselves with cheater and homewrecker websites/forums, and more!, How to Remove Fake & Defamatory Content From CheaterCentral.com, 2019
  • Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) has filed a lawsuit for more than $250 million against Twitter and several users, including two parody accounts. Aaron Minc, attorney, principal and founder of Minc Law, weighs in on the case., Rep. Nunes Targets Twitter, Several Users in $250 Million Lawsuit , 2019
  • Has someone posted something just straight up false and malicious about you on the Internet? Or, someone has written an entirely fake Google review about your local restaurant or business? Or, maybe a news site has wrongly published a piece accusing you of having committed an egregious crime? An internet defamation lawyer can help., 5 Benefits of Hiring an Internet Defamation Lawyer, 2019
  • In this all-encompassing article, we’re going to walk you through how to secure a guaranteed review removal from NameAndShame.com, why a good percentage of consumer advocacy forums and bulletin boards have morphed into hot zones for online defamation, three steps to protect your business’s online presence and reputation, and more!, Guaranteed Defamation & Libel Removal From NameAndShame.com, 2019
  • In this comprehensive blog post and guide, we’re going to walk you through how to remove yourself from Private-Complaints.com, several fundamental features of Private-Complaints.com which poses a serious threat to your personal and professional reputation, and some alternative methods of online defamation and libel removal., Remove Yourself From PrivateComplaints.com , 2019
  • ReviewsTalk.com is a user-generated content platform for consumer reviews of businesses, contractors, and professionals.If you or your business has been, or is being, maliciously attacked or defamed on ReviewsTalk.com, your professional livelihood may be in jeopardy. Unfortunately, customers and potential clients can be swayed even by a meritless review, causing them to seek out other businesses. , How Do I Get Fake and Defamatory Reviews Removed from ReviewsTalk.com?, 2018
  • Revolutions in the world of law are paramount to shaping the way we live. In the twenties and thirties, it was about the role of the government in our lives.  In the fifties and sixties it was about civil rights, and the next two decades are going to be about privacy. This means the internet, what’s said on it, and what type of protection you and your reputation should be afforded, and in a country founded on freedom, what could be a more fundamental cause than that?, Five Years in Defamation Law, 2018
  • Internet blog posts and online forums have become two of the most popular online mediums for malicious posters and Internet trolls to attack and defame others, so it’s important to approach both with caution and familiarize yourself with your options (and the likelihood) of legal recourse., Lawsuit to Remove Defamation from Internet Blog Site , 2018
  • ScamBoard.com is a user-generated content platform and website sporting the tagline, “Accountability is everything.” The site seeks to provide a transparent platform for consumers who have “been scammed,” are willing to “expose bad behavior,” and “voice their opinion” on the scam that allegedly got them. While ScamBoard was likely created with the intention to further transparency and fairness in our consumer society, it has unfortunately evolved into a hub for online defamation and baseless and malicious online attacks., How to Remove Your Business & Name From ScamBoard.com, 2018
  • Ohio failed to pass Bill 353 to join 38 other states and Washington DC to criminalize Revenge Porn.  Mona Kosar from Cleveland 5 news interviews Aaron Minc about this and the latest Revenge Porn making headlines between Rob Kardashian and his former fiancee Blac Chyna after he leaked nude photos of her and posted defamatory tweets and instagram posts.   Rob Kardashian’s X-Rated rant might not be a crime in Ohio but it is in California where Chyna is seeking further legal action under the revenge porn law., Attorney Aaron Minc Interview on Cleveland News 5, 2017
  • On June 7, 2016, the California Court of Appeals, First District, ordered Yelp to take down a defamatory online review about a lawyer left by a former disgruntled client after the lawyer obtained a judgment against her former client declaring the review defamatory., California Appellate Court Decision Forces Yelp to Remove Defamatory Review , 2016
  • The following is a re-post of my interview published in the Fall 2014 edition of InBrief, the Case Western Reserve Alumni Magazine., "The Reputation Protector" - My Interview With the Case Law Alumni Mag , 2014
  • Welcome to the new age of the Internet. Unbeknownst to many, an entire new industry has taken foothold online, which profits solely by spreading derogatory statements, malicious content, and other private information about people’s affairs., The Dark Side of the Internet: How to Remove Defamatory Online Content , 2013
Scholarly Lectures/Writings:
  • Court Slams Free Speech: Anonymous Yelp Reviews Under Fire, SearchEngineJournal.com, 2014
  • Ripoff Report To Revise Removal Policy: May Accept Court Orders, SearchEngineWatch.com, 2014
  • Man Who Claims He Matches Description of Lena Dunham’s Alleged Rapist Starts Legal fund To Clear His Name and Prepare For Law Suit Against The Girls Creator, The Daily Mail, 2014
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Pro bono/Community Service:
  • Shaker LaunchHouse, Mentor
  • Bizdom, Mentor
  • Cleveland Jewish News, Board Member, 2014-Present
  • Cleveland Jewish News, Director
Bar/Professional Activity:
  • United States Supreme Court
  • U.S. District Court, Northern District of Ohio
  • Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association, Member
  • Ohio State Bar Association, Member
  • Ohio
  • American Bar Association, Member
  • U.S. District Court, Southern District of Ohio
  • Rising Star, Super Lawyers, 2014-Present
  • Superb Rated (10/10), Avvo.com
  • Gold Client Champion Award, 2017 & 2018
  • Clients Choice Award, Libel Law, Avvo.com, 2013
  • Obtained a $5,064,449 jury verdict in Dumais v. Bentzley, earning a spot on the ‘Best of the Bar’ list of Top 100 Verdicts Nationwide (2021)., 2022
Industry Groups:
  • Internet Defamation; Online Reputation & Brand Protection

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