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Ice Miller LLP

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Attorney list

Gasper Stare
Gasper Stare

Criminal Defense, Criminal Defense: DUI/DWI, Personal Injury - General

Anthony P. Aaron

Business/Corporate, Aviation and Aerospace

Wayne O. Adams, III

Employment & Labor, Employment Litigation, Civil Litigation

Adam Alexander

Business Litigation, Civil Litigation, General Litigation, Environmental Litigation

Michael P. Allen

Government Finance

Mark R. Alson

Utilities, Business Litigation

Daniel M. Anderson

Bankruptcy, General Litigation, Appellate

Adam Arceneaux

Business Litigation, General Litigation

Randall S. Arndt

Real Estate

Erica Arras

Civil Litigation, Business Litigation, Construction Litigation, General Litigation

James D. Augustyn

Real Estate

Reena R. Bajowala

General Litigation, Technology Transactions, Class Action/Mass Torts, Employee Benefits, Employment Litigation

Holiday W. Banta

Intellectual Property Litigation, Intellectual Property

Richard A. Barnhart

Banking, Business/Corporate, Mergers & Acquisitions

Abigail Barr

Employment & Labor

Maria Bazakos

Real Estate

Timothy D. Belevetz

Criminal Defense: White Collar

Amy Berg

Environmental, Environmental Litigation, Intellectual Property

Paul L. Bittner

Employment & Labor, Civil Litigation

Michael H. Boldt

Employment & Labor, Employee Benefits

Sid Bose

Technology Transactions, Communications, E-Discovery, Intellectual Property, International, Utilities

Kristine J. Bouaichi

Estate Planning & Probate, Estate & Trust Litigation

Emmanuel V.R. Boulukos

Employment & Labor, Employment Litigation

Jenny R. Buchheit

Business Litigation

Craig C. Burke

Employee Benefits

John David Burke

Business Litigation

Charles E. Bush, II

Employment Litigation

Edward M. Buxbaum

Business Litigation, Insurance Coverage

Kristine M. Camron

Securities & Corporate Finance, Mergers & Acquisitions, Business/Corporate

John C. Cannizzaro

Bankruptcy, Business/Corporate, Business Litigation, Creditor Debtor Rights, Legal Aid/Pro Bono

Timothy J. Capen

Securities & Corporate Finance, Business/Corporate, Mergers & Acquisitions

David J. Carr

Employment & Labor, Employment Litigation, General Litigation

Aaron L. Casagrande

Bankruptcy, Business Litigation, Professional Liability

Nicholas A. Casto

Business Litigation

Michael A. Chabraja

Business Litigation, Nonprofit Organizations

Joshua L. Christie

Business/Corporate, Mergers & Acquisitions

Troy J. (T.J.) Cole

Intellectual Property

Michael P. Collins, Jr.

Business Litigation

Isaac J. Colunga

Business Litigation

Phillip N. Coover

Real Estate, Business Litigation

Angela M. Courtwright

Employment & Labor, Employment Litigation

Michael B. Cracraft

Utilities, Energy & Natural Resources, Administrative Law, Communications

Brian C. Crist

Real Estate, State, Local & Municipal

Tyson A. Crist

Bankruptcy, Business Litigation, Creditor Debtor Rights

Terri Czajka


Jeffery C. Dack

Real Estate

Kristina S. Dahmann

Civil Litigation, Cannabis Law, General Litigation

James E. Davidson

Employment & Labor, General Litigation

Kris M. Dawley

Health Care, Civil Litigation, Administrative Law

Matthew Delaruelle

Real Estate, Business/Corporate, Mergers & Acquisitions

Louis T. DeLucia

Bankruptcy, Business Litigation

Ryanne Dent

Construction Litigation, Civil Litigation, Business Litigation

Patrick A. Devine

Construction Litigation, Government Contracts, Administrative Law, Employment & Labor, State, Local & Municipal, Workers' Compensation

Sean T. Dewey

Business Litigation, Appellate

Thomas W. Dimond


Jay R. Dingledy

Securities & Corporate Finance

Aaron J. Dixon

Real Estate

Tamatha A. Earnhart

Employment & Labor, Employment Litigation

Henry A. Efroymson

Bankruptcy, Creditor Debtor Rights, Business Litigation

Kayla Ernst

Employment Litigation, Employment & Labor

Alyson M. Fiedler


Kyle Finnegan

Business Litigation

Mark W. Ford

Employment & Labor, Employment Litigation, State, Local & Municipal

Christina Laun Fugate

Business Litigation, Franchise/Dealership

Bonnie L. Gallivan

Class Action/Mass Torts

Craig Ganter


Samuel B. Gardner

General Litigation

George A. Gasper

Business Litigation, Civil Litigation, Alternative Dispute Resolution

Robert L. Gauss

Employee Benefits, Business Litigation

Philip C. Genetos

Government Finance, State, Local & Municipal, Tax

Mary F. Geswein

Business Litigation

Brendan T. Gibson


John P. Gilligan

Business Litigation, Government Contracts, Intellectual Property Litigation

Herbert R. Godby

Real Estate

Harry Lee Gonso

Business/Corporate, Mergers & Acquisitions, Securities & Corporate Finance

Eric I. Goodman

Securities & Corporate Finance, Mergers & Acquisitions, Business/Corporate

Gregory Alan Gorospe

Real Estate, Banking, Securities & Corporate Finance

Jeremy Grayem

Business Litigation, Eminent Domain, State, Local & Municipal, Utilities, Appellate, Land Use/Zoning

John R. Gregg

Business/Corporate, State, Local & Municipal

Stephen J. Hackman

Mergers & Acquisitions, Securities & Corporate Finance

Melanie E. Harris

Business Litigation

A. J. Hensel

Civil Litigation, Business Litigation, Construction Litigation, General Litigation

Jane Neuhauser Herndon

Government Finance, Schools & Education, State, Local & Municipal

Frank A. Hoffman

Real Estate, Business/Corporate

Jeffrey A. Hokanson

Bankruptcy, Business/Corporate, Business Litigation

Richard W. Holz

Tax, Business/Corporate

Kevin G. Hroblak

Business Litigation, Professional Liability, Bankruptcy

Weihong Hsing

Intellectual Property

Brent W. Huber

Insurance Coverage, Environmental, General Litigation

Jennifer S. Jackman

Employment Litigation, Civil Litigation, Real Estate

Leslie S. Johnson

Business/Corporate, Real Estate, Estate Planning & Probate

Michael Jordan


Tyler J. Kalachnik

Government Finance

Robert D. Keeler

Intellectual Property, Business Litigation, Intellectual Property Litigation

Josef Keglewitsch

Mergers & Acquisitions, Business/Corporate, Closely Held Business

G. Daniel Kelley, Jr.

Antitrust Litigation, Energy & Natural Resources

Ben Kitto

Government Finance, Nonprofit Organizations, Schools & Education, Tax, Securities & Corporate Finance, State, Local & Municipal

Justin E. Klein

Business Litigation, Entertainment & Sports, Insurance Coverage, Intellectual Property Litigation, Food and Drugs

Kevin R. Knight

Personal Injury - Products, Personal Injury - General, Class Action/Mass Torts

Masallay Komrabai-Kanu

Employment & Labor

Angela P. Krahulik

Environmental, Environmental Litigation, General Litigation, Administrative Law, Insurance Coverage

Chelsea R. Kurth

Civil Litigation, Class Action/Mass Torts, Business Litigation

Aneca E. Lasley

Business Litigation, Insurance Coverage, Personal Injury - Products

John F. Lawlor

Banking, Securities & Corporate Finance

T. Earl LeVere

Intellectual Property Litigation, Intellectual Property, Entertainment & Sports

Jeffrey Owen Lewis

Government Finance, Schools & Education

Heather L. Maly

Business Litigation

Katie J. Marschke

Real Estate

Kristin McNulty McClellan

Government Finance

Jennifer McDaniel

Workers' Compensation, Employment & Labor

Philip B. McKiernan

Administrative Law, General Litigation

Jason A. McNiel

Business Litigation, Eminent Domain, Land Use/Zoning

Daniel Meiklejohn

Estate Planning & Probate

Ryan C. Metzing

Business Litigation

Chris Michael

Mergers & Acquisitions, Business/Corporate, Securities & Corporate Finance, Banking

Christopher L. Miller

Utilities, Communications, State, Local & Municipal

Michael E. Millikan

Business/Corporate, Mergers & Acquisitions

Lawren K. Mills

Government Relations, Government Contracts, Lobbying

Drew J. Miroff

Business Litigation, Real Estate, Personal Injury - Products, Eminent Domain, Estate & Trust Litigation

Thomas E. Mixdorf

Business Litigation

Miranda E. Morgan

Estate Planning & Probate, Tax, Estate & Trust Litigation

Steven D. Mroczkowski

Construction Litigation, Creditor Debtor Rights, Business Litigation

Bart T. Murphy

Class Action/Mass Torts, Business Litigation, State, Local & Municipal

David Nie

Government Finance, Health Care

Alex Norlander

Real Estate, Business/Corporate

Kevin J. O'Shea

Intellectual Property Litigation

John Oberle

State, Local & Municipal, Administrative Law, Legislative & Governmental Affairs

Paul Obszanski

Mergers & Acquisitions

Judy S. Okenfuss

Class Action/Mass Torts, Personal Injury - Products

Robert R. Ouellette

Mergers & Acquisitions

Thomas A. Pampush

Mergers & Acquisitions, Business/Corporate, Closely Held Business

Simone Park

General Litigation, Intellectual Property Litigation

Kay E. Pashos

Energy & Natural Resources, Administrative Law, Utilities

Gregory L. Pemberton

Health Care, Nonprofit Organizations, Business/Corporate

Michael D. Pisano

Construction Litigation, Business Litigation

Alexandria Pittman

Civil Litigation

Todd Wesley Ponder

State, Local & Municipal, Schools & Education

Ryan Poor

Employment & Labor, Employment Litigation

Susan B. Price

Government Finance

Melissa Proffitt

Employee Benefits

Stanley D. Prybe

Employee Benefits

Thomas A. Rammer, II

Intellectual Property Litigation

Lindsay C. Ramsey

Immigration, Employment & Labor

Nicholas Reuhs

Insurance Coverage, Business Litigation, Professional Liability

Jennifer L. Rhodes

Business/Corporate, Mergers & Acquisitions

Mark J. Richards

Tax, Business/Corporate, Entertainment & Sports

Carolyn E. Riggs

Personal Injury - Products, Class Action/Mass Torts

Kenneth J. Robinson

Immigration, Business/Corporate

Austin C. Root

Government Finance, Securities & Corporate Finance

Michael F. Ruggio

Health Care, Food and Drugs, Criminal Defense: White Collar

Phillip Ralph Scaletta

Environmental, Business Litigation, General Litigation

Thomas Schnellenberger

Tax, Estate Planning & Probate

Audrey Schricker

Mergers & Acquisitions

Blake Schulz

Real Estate

Joseph M. Scimia

Real Estate, Land Use/Zoning

Marc W. Sciscoe

Employee Benefits, Tax

Christopher S. Sears

Employee Benefits, Health Care

Myra C. Selby

Health Care, Appellate, Business/Corporate

Kenneth J. Sheehan

Intellectual Property

Paul Sinclair

Employment & Labor, Employment Litigation

Eric L. Singer

Construction Litigation, General Litigation, Real Estate

Richard A. Smikle

Securities & Corporate Finance, Estate & Trust Litigation, Civil Litigation, Business/Corporate

Freedom S.N. Smith

Environmental, Administrative Law, Environmental Litigation, General Litigation, Insurance Coverage

Donald Snemis

Environmental, Environmental Litigation, Business Litigation

Zachariah Snyder

Mergers & Acquisitions, Business/Corporate

Alan G. Starkoff

Business Litigation, Estate & Trust Litigation, Business/Corporate

Catherine L. Strauss

Employment & Labor, Business Litigation

Chase A. Stuart

Mergers & Acquisitions, Business/Corporate

Meghann C.T. Supino

Administrative Law, Business/Corporate, Consumer Law, Government Relations

Paul C. Sweeney

Employment Litigation, Employment & Labor, Appellate, Business Litigation, Civil Litigation

Daniel R. Swetnam

Bankruptcy, Business Litigation, Creditor Debtor Rights, Business/Corporate

John R. Thornburgh

Mergers & Acquisitions, Business/Corporate, Securities & Corporate Finance

Richard J. Thrapp

Business/Corporate, Mergers & Acquisitions, Closely Held Business

Elizabeth Johnson Timme

Estate Planning & Probate, Estate & Trust Litigation

Michael Robert Tirman

Real Estate

Mike R. Tirman

Real Estate

Michael L. Tooley

Employment & Labor, Employment Litigation

Calvin A. Townsend, II

Civil Litigation

Nathaniel M. Uhl

Business Litigation, Construction Litigation, E-Discovery

Olga Voinarevich

Health Care, General Litigation, Appellate, Business Litigation

Tim Walters

Business Litigation

Robert D. Weisman

Employment & Labor

Philip A. Whistler

Business Litigation, Securities Litigation, State, Local & Municipal

Germaine Winnick Willett

Employment Litigation, Civil Litigation

Bradley L. Williams

Criminal Defense: White Collar, Health Care, Civil Litigation

Kevin C. Woodhouse

Health Care

Nicole R. Woods

Business Litigation

Michael A. Wukmer

Business Litigation, General Litigation, Business/Corporate

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Suite 700
Columbus, OH 43215

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