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Courtney Allen Van Winkle
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Practice Areas: Personal Injury

Licensed in Virginia since: 1990

Education: University of Richmond School of Law

Selected to Super Lawyers: 2015 - 2023

Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen, P.C.

1809 Staples Mill Road
Richmond, VA 23230 Phone: 804-257-7560 Email: Courtney Allen Van Winkle Visit website


Courtney, a partner with the firm, concentrates her practice on personal injury, brain injury cases and wrongful death claims. She works in the firm's Richmond office and serves clients in Short Pump, Midlothian, Mechanicsville and across the state of Virginia. She is a tireless, compassionate advocate for her clients. Since joining the firm in 1990, Courtney has obtained numerous victories in the courtroom. Courtney's compassion extends beyond the courtroom as she works closely with her clients to resolve their cases. Although Courtney is proud of her courtroom results, she is most passionate about the people she represents. "I'm a people person," she says, "and I enjoy the individual relationships I develop with my clients". She draws inspiration from the courage of her clients to overcome adversity and to recover from injury that was caused by the fault of another.

Courtney has successfully resolved through trial and settlement many cases involving children. As the mother of four children herself, Courtney is able to draw upon her own experiences to compassionately work with children. Courtney has lectured on the topic of "Children as Witnesses" and has participated in producing a video which has been used to train lawyers and judges on the special circumstances involved when children are in the courtroom.

Courtney aggressively takes on insurance companies to preserve the rights of her clients. She once fought a case all the way to the Virginia Supreme Court to obtain justice for a 12-year-old client whose insurance company wrongfully denied payments for his medical bills.

Courtney is proud to be a trial lawyer and an advocate for injured people. She believes in the civil justice system, individual freedom and the responsibility placed on society and individuals to maintain a system whereby injured parties can seek and receive justice. 

First Admitted: 1990, Virginia

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Representative Clients:
  • Crystal from Richmond, VA - Courtney did everything she could to make me comfortable. She didn’t talk down to me but explained everything in a comforting way. She was also great about meeting after hours and coming to see me. I had a difficult case because of some pre-existing conditions, but Courtney stayed on top of everything. She worked with all of my doctors, interviewing them and asking about my progress. It was obvious to Courtney and my doctors that my injuries were from the accident. If I could do it again, I wouldn’t have waited so long to hire an attorney. I was going deep in debt with medical costs and never getting my money back. I had a friend recently get into a car accident and I recommended she see Courtney right away. She was wonderful to work with.
  • Jewel from Montpelier, VA - I would certainly recommend Courtney and Allen & Allen without hesitation. She represents the Firm and its commitment to clients. Courtney was patient and helped me understand what was happening and why. I wasn’t just a case number to Courtney. She really cared, and she demonstrated that time and time again.
  • Confidential, Goochland, VA - Coming to Allen & Allen was a blessing from God. Courtney Van Winkle handled my case so well. My family and I have been through a great ordeal with my accident and two surgeries. Kim and Courtney are truly good people. They took a lot of time following up with me and my doctors. Even my doctors had nothing but good things to say about my attorney. They kept me informed and stayed on top of everything. Your TV commercials are true - in my opinion this is the finest law firm I have come across. In legal representation, in service and in friendship - Courtney gave me sound advice and sound information and greatly helped me. I thank God for it.
  • Rom, Richmond, VA - I had heard about Allen & Allen on TV for a long time. One of your employees goes to my church so I called her after my accident and she referred me. I was very impressed with Courtney and Scott. I was very nervous. Courtney calmed my fears and helped me through it - before and during the deposition and trial. Along the way and especially during the trial they were extremely professional and used sound judgment. Their expertise showed in the advice they gave me and how they helped me prepare for the trial. I deferred to them and relied on them when decisions had to be made, and it gave me a very favorable result at the end. Their thought processes and the way they arrived at decisions demonstrated their experience and knowledge of applicable laws and court procedures. I was extremely impressed with the calm yet firm manner in which Courtney presented the opening and closing statements as well as the counter arguments to motions by the defense. She is an excellent lawyer. Courtney and Scott kept me apprised of what was going on during the trial and it helped to ease my nerves. Scott's calm demeanor is worth noting for a young lawyer, who I understand is a fourth generation of the Allens to join the firm. Their collaboration during the trial was remarkable. Everyone, from the first time I came into to the Short Pump office and talked to Ms. Reynolds about how the accident happened, was tremendously helpful and gave me advice and pointers along the way. I'm more than 100% happy with the excellent work done by Courtney and her staff. I'm grateful for the outstanding input during the trial from Courtney's legal assistant as well. It was an outstanding teamwork. They even sent me baskets of fruit after my surgeries. It was a nice personal touch and very thoughtful. No questions asked - I would definitely refer someone to them.
  • Wilma, Richmond, VA - As my case comes to a close I wanted to take a moment and say thank you for everything Allen and Allen and your team did for me. Flashback over four years ago - I had lost my job in this crazy economy and while shopping at a retail establishment I tripped on a cot blindly placed under a table. Not only did I trip but I went flying coming down on my knees and to protect my head I went stiffed armed with my arms in front of me. As I tried to get up I realized my shoulder was dislocated, I was rushed to the emergency room. When returning to my home I had a feeling what the end result of this would be - surgery. I contacted multiple law firms in Richmond but each and every one asked did you take pictures and get names. "No I didn’t take pictures and no I didn’t get names - my shoulder was traumatically dislocated and the pain was so intense I was either going to pass out or get sick. I was more concerned about getting to the emergency room." Allen and Allen was the only law firm to agree to represent me with my personal injury. I knew I was in good hands when my orthopedic surgeon also recommended Allen and Allen and specifically you to me. What seemed like something simple-a dislocated shoulder-turned into two surgeries on my left shoulder, a labrum repair on my right shoulder, over six months of physical therapy and an entire year of unemployment. My settlement won’t ever make my left shoulder stable, it won’t mend all the emotional turmoil of that unpredictable year but it will at least allow me to get on with my life. I know when Allen and Allen agreed to represent me it wasn’t going to be an easy case due to the laws of Virginia but sometimes the right thing to do isn’t always the easiest thing to do. I don’t know what my life would be like had Allen and Allen not agreed to take on this very difficult case. I only wish when this initially happened I had gone to you first because in my mind when it comes to personal injury you want a fighter on your side not a law firm looking to take on just the easy cases. I will never forget what you and your team were able to do on my behalf.
  • Janei, Richmond, VA - Courtney Van Winkle had represented a family member of mine previously. They referred me after my accident. My experience working with Courtney and her team was great. Her legal assistant Kim was really nice and she and Courtney always responded to me quickly. Communication was never a problem. They were willing to meet with me at times that were convenient to my schedule - even in the evening. I was really happy with the outcome of my case. She was concerned for my best interests. After the initial offer seemed low, Courtney was willing to negotiate for more. My biggest worry was getting my bills paid. The accident turned my life upside down - then Courtney stepped in and took care of everything. Courtney didn't treat me like just a client. She got to know my family and made my daughter feel very comfortable. I feel like she went above and beyond in some aspects. She was willing to help me out and answer all of my questions. She gave me advice and literature on managing my daughter's settlement responsibly. She felt more like a shepherd. She took care of me so I could take care of my life. When I see her, it is more like seeing a friend.
  • Kathryn, Richmond, VA - had hired Allen & Allen for an accident when I was in my 20’s. My brother is a lawyer and he had recommended them. It was a good experience so when I was in this accident I went back. Working with Courtney Van Winkle and Scott Fitzgerald was awesome. I would recommend them 100% and I already have. If I had questions, they called me back immediately. They were always quick to meet with me if I needed to come in for questions and follow up. I never felt rushed. I felt like they took their time with me. This was my first time dealing with depositions and court. Courtney’s advice was great and she was with me every step of the way. She helped guide me when the settlement offers came in. Courtney really did fight to get the outcome we were aiming for.
  • Peggy, Beaverdam, VA - My family hired them to represent me because I was in recovery for a long time. And I'm glad they did. I felt that both Courtney and her legal assistant Kim gave me superior service and were very qualified to handle my case. They were genuinely friendly and made me feel comfortable. I thought they were very thorough with my case. I was amazed at my settlement. The person who hit me did not have a lot of coverage on the vehicle but we were able to access additional insurance. Courtney did a marvelous job and I was amazed and thankful for the result. I would refer them to anyone who needed them.
  • Danny, Richmond, VA - first experience with the Allen firm was some 20 years ago. Although the specifics of that accident have faded from memory, I do remember that the case was handled well, all of my associated bills were paid, and I received a settlement commensurate with the damages. Naturally that was a determining factor when I chose Allen and Allen to represent my interests after being involved in another automobile accident, one that from a litigation standpoint would evolve much differently. Those differences presented serious challenges that even a layperson like me could recognize as difficult. Call it my good fortune that Courtney Van Winkle handled this matter. Upon meeting Courtney it doesn't take long to realize that she has a true passion for her work, which time and again was our most valuable asset as this case developed. Obstacles quickly became the norm. Yet, things such as the other party having only legal minimum insurance coverage, significant injury to my existing medical conditions, endless Medicare entanglements, unintentional errors in statements, and sometimes just seeming that there was no end in sight - all proved to be no match for Courtney's reliable determination. Her professional judgment and experience provided good advice from start to finish, while her personable manner assured me that my case was always important to her. Ultimately Courtney stuck with a case that I thought would fall all to pieces, pulled it together to pay all the medical bills, and then wrote me a check! I would certainly be remiss to overlook Courtney's assistant, Dana, who has provided answers to a few questions even after all the paperwork was signed, and is an absolute joy to talk with. It is clear that representing the Allen Law firm demands nothing less than the best at every level from everyone.
  • Michael, Richmond, VA - I've lived in the area all of my life so I had heard of Allen & Allen for a long time. The reason I chose to come to Allen & Allen after my accident was a talk with a friend. I felt confident after my initial conversation and meeting that my case would have a favorable outcome. I would say my experience working with Courtney was excellent. I liked having her for my attorney. She made me feel very comfortable. She always came across very professional and competent. She was straight forward and didn't beat around the bush. She pointed out the strengths and weaknesses of my case and what to expect. Given all of the information I have, I am happy with the outcome of my case. I couldn't have expected any better.
  • Jacqueline & Alfred, Hanover, VA - Courtney has been wonderful. The best lawyer I could hope for. We were in a head on collision and we are blessed to be alive. My husband was out of work for 8 months following the accident and I had severe injuries. After our accident our son saw the commercials and called Allen & Allen. We are so appreciative of everything Courtney has done for us. She was there for us during a difficult time. If anyone else we know needs an attorney, we would recommend Allen & Allen hands down. They are the number one choice.
  • Ruth, Amelia, VA - If you want a law firm that cares about their clients and will use all of their resources to assist you, Allen, Allen, Allen and Allen is there to help. I have seen many TV commercials and thought the Allen Law Firm’s to be the best. However, when I needed an attorney, Allen & Allen was recommended. In my opinion, that was confirmation. Ms. Van Winkle and her team were exceptional. They fought for me and stuck with me, encouraging me every step of the way. During this time, I experienced a family tragedy and they were very understanding and supportive. They were caring and patient, yet professional. They recognized my needs and ensured they were addressed. I will be forever grateful to them. I would most definitely recommend Ms. Van Winkle. I believe I would not have had the favorable outcome that I did without Ms. Van Winkle and her team. They gave me information that helped me make informed decisions when necessary. They were there when I needed them. Because of Ms. Van Winkle, I will not have to worry about finances due to my inability to work.
  • Lisa, Richmond, VA - I was thrilled with the service I received with your team. My brother is an attorney out of state and he was given Courtney's name from a friend in Northern Virginia who knew about her reputation. My experience was fabulous. Courtney was very respectful, courteous and insightful. Her experience showed in the questions she asked and how she handled some of the details of the case. She was always so nice to work with. I was very happy with the outcome. I hope I never have to but should I or anyone in my family need a personal injury lawyer, I would give Allen & Allen my highest recommendation.
  • Trisha, Ruther Glen, VA - count it a blessing to have had the opportunity to work with Courtney Van Winkle and the Allen Law Firm.  Not only did Courtney expedite the settlement process of my bicycle accident case, but she was a pleasure to work with.  She sought to understand every detail of my case, both the physical and emotional effects of my accident, and as a result, she represented my cause better than I could have ever imagined.  Courtney communicated consistently and clearly with me throughout the process and was able to answer every question I had along the way.  Courtney represented me as if I was a family member, and I felt cared for through the entire process.  Additionally, Courtney went above and beyond in the personal attention she put into the case and into making sure I received the absolute best settlement possible.   I recommend the Allen and Allen team to anyone needing representation. In particular, Courtney has my highest recommendation.  Her integrity, her knowledge of the law and her command of a case make her someone I am glad to have in my corner of life.  Thank you Courtney! 
  • Wilford, Richmond, VA - I had seen their ads on TV and was impressed so I decided to try Allen & Allen. I had heard so much about them. I'm glad I hired them. At one point I thought the case was lost but Courtney Van Winkle is tough - she worked hard and did a wonderful job. She always kept in touch with me. When I was sick she sent me a fruit basket and I received a card on my birthday. They did a magnificent job. She was very good. If I ever had to get an attorney again it would be them. I am very happy with how my case turned out.
  • Horace, Richmond, VA - heard about Allen & Allen from a co-worker. He recommended Courtney Van Winkle to me about 5 years ago when I had an accident before. Courtney and Kim were so friendly and I kept in touch with them. Not only did I come back, but recommended Courtney and her team to friends and family. My experience working with Courtney was cheerful, extremely pleasant, and informative.  All my questions concerning any issue I had were answered promptly. They were really attentive. They were there every step of the way. I can’t say Kim’s name enough- she was extremely helpful and pleasant. I was very pleased with the outcome of my case and I was so happy with the legal services. I will recommend Courtney and her team, and I already have - and everyone that I have recommended that hired her was also extremely satisfied.
  • Stephanie, Georgia - I wanted to express to you my sincere gratitude for your hard work and tireless commitment to my motor vehicle accident personal injury case. I entered your office a disheartened and upset victim, who was also experiencing a lot of physical and emotional pain as a result of a car accident. I had little hope for an adequate resolution to all I had gone through and all that I was to face. Immediately, you and your staff ingratiated yourselves to me, listened intently, and truly seemed to care. You took time to get to know me, my circumstances, my family, and my medical conditions. You and your staff were always responsive to my calls and e-mails; even my occasional moments of emotional distress. You were not only my legal counsel, but a colleague and a counselor, as well. I was always treated with professionalism, honesty, and dignity. There are no words that can truly express the joy I experienced as a result of the ultimate resolution to my case. The settlement that you fought for on my behalf allowed me to piece my life and the lives of my family back together, to be in the same state again, and to help us to build a new home together. Although, the physical pain I experienced and still experience on occasion cannot be taken back, the happiness I have knowing that my family is in a better place because of the resolution of my case is more than adequate compensation. You have truly helped me overcome this accident and have a better life. I thank you kindly for everything you and your firm have done for me. I would highly recommend Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen to anyone seeking justice for a wrong and seeking hope for a better future.
  • Lauren, Midlothian, VA - After my accident almost three years ago, I was hurt and getting the run around by the insurance company. I was referred to Allen and Allen by a friend, and I was extremely impressed by the dedication and help that I received. Throughout my medical treatment and subsequent issues concerning my accident everyone was kind and patient while I asked a multitude of questions. I really appreciate everything Allen and Allen did for me from our first meeting through to the moment my case was settled.
  • Bokeem & Dorette, Richmond, VA - My experience with Allen and Allen was really awesome. Mrs. Van Winkle. There are no words to explain how good she was to me. Since May 2003 until September 2008 she has been working for my son. She was at the hospital five days after my son's accident. She went to the accident scene to investigate what happened. And she gave me hope. She was with me every step of the way. No words can express how thankful I am. I will always recommend her. She was there to talk to me, to give me advice. When no other lawyer would take my case in the beginning Mrs. Van Winkle was willing to help my son. I am really happy with the result and we have come a long way because of Mrs. Van Winkle. She lifted my spirits. She was there for everything. I hope I am never in this position again, but if my family or friends are, I will recommend her. She gave me the courage that everything would be okay. She really stood up for us and for my little boy. I will never forget her.
  • Jon, Richmond, VA - Working with Courtney Van Winkle and Kim was great. Courtney was there for us. They tried to make the experience as easy as possible. They were in touch with me to see how I was feeling. They kept communicating with me through out my case. I was very happy with the outcome. The whole experience was great. They looked out for us. I have already referred other friends in need to Allen & Allen.
  • Bradley, Henrico, VA - I was driving in the West End on Broad Street and saw the signage at your Short Pump office. I knew I wanted representation for my case so I walked in to speak with someone in person. The person I spoke with was very professional and cordial. I was sold on the first impression from the moment I walked in. Courtney and her team were empathetic and caring. They were very professional. Courtney laid out how the process would work. They checked in on me often, but they were not overly intrusive. Courtney didn’t cloak anything in the situation, which I appreciated. She always got in touch with me. She was very professional but had a personal care for my pain and treatment. We had the same goal – for me to get the treatment I needed. I was very pleased with the outcome of my case. The legal services were excellent. The Allen Law Firm knows their game. Without the Firm’s experience, this wouldn’t have gotten resolved as favorably in dealing with the defendant’s insurance company and my insurance company. Courtney’s experience really came into play and helped my case. Without hesitation, I would give Courtney and Allen & Allen my highest recommendation.
  • Karen, Richmond, VA - This is my 1st time dealing with an auto accident/personal injury claim so I naively tried to take on the other person's insurance company by myself. After too many almost daily phone calls at work where I felt like I was being taken advantage of, I decided to hire Allen & Allen based on their reputation for handling personal injury cases. I am so glad I did! Courtney Van Winkle and her team answered all of my questions and were very supportive throughout the entire process. Her and her team showed their experience as well as their heart based on the questions they asked me and the ability to make me feel at ease in the most difficult and painful situation I have ever had to deal with. I have already and will continue to tell anyone who needs a personal injury lawyer to contact Courtney and her team at Allen & Allen for all of their personal injury needs!
  • Maya, Henrico, VA - was T-boned at an intersection and decided I probably needed an attorney when the other driver was uninsured. I’m from Richmond so Allen & Allen was the first name that popped into my head. My experience working with Courtney Van Winkle was excellent. Courtney is so professional but warm at the same time. I never had to wonder what was going on with my case. She kept me informed at every stage. The insurance company never made a fair offer so my case went to trial. I was very happy with the jury verdict. I would absolutely refer anyone who needs a personal injury attorney to Courtney. Even if you think you may not need representation you should contact a lawyer. Being in an accident is scary but the insurance and legal process afterwards turned out to be almost as scary for me. Working with Courtney made it so much easier. I was thoroughly pleased.
  • Confidential, Richmond, VA - It has been an excellent experience working with The Allen & Allen Law Firm and Courtney Van Winkle. Being a Richmonder, I have been exposed to the legacy of the firm and I knew they were a reputable firm. I have always heard good things about Allen & Allen and with its history and legacy it was a natural fit for me to pursue its legal services. Courtney was very professional. It was the team approach, the organization, the attention to detail and the thoroughness that impressed me. Because of the experience of Courtney and her team, they helped me through the process. The preparation for the case was more than I expected and it more than paid off. I could go on and on, and I am grateful.
  • Devonia, Richmond, VA - my accident, I was referred by a family member who had hired Courtney Van Winkle for her accident years ago. She said that Courtney was really good and recommended her, so I came in for a consultation. My experience working with Courtney was great. And she had an excellent team. She was nice, personable and very knowledgeable. I had never been in an accident of this caliber so I didn’t know what to expect. They walked me through every step. I never had to wonder what was going to happen next. They kept me in the loop and they were very easy to reach if I had questions. I was very happy with the outcome of my case. If you have been in an accident, I would definitely recommend contacting Courtney and getting her opinion.
  • Edward, Richmond, VA - I have never met anyone in the business world who treated me as well as Courtney Van Winkle did. This is a terrific firm to do business with... the people are very professional, knowledgeable and make you feel at home. Courtney's staff was great as well. Kim worked with me for 2 years and was a great help. Nancy was wonderful to work with as well. My claim should have been handled by the insurance company to begin with - if they had been willing to pay my medical bills I would not have even thought about a law suit - but they choose not to do the right thing. I would recommend Allen & Allen and I already have. I was very happy with the outcome of my case - it was more than I expected.
  • Best Lawyers in America, 2019 
Pro bono/Community Service:
  • CHIP Board of Directors, 2007
  • Lead attorney, Legal Food Frenzy Drive
Educational Background:
  • B.A., Vanderbilt University, 1986

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1809 Staples Mill Road
Richmond, VA 23230


9 Years Super Lawyers
  • Super Lawyers: 2015 - 2023

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