Warner Norcross + Judd LLP

Warner Norcross + Judd LLP

150 Ottawa Ave NW
Suite 1500
Grand Rapids, MI 49503-2487 Phone: 616-752-2000 https://www.wnj.com

Attorney list

Roquia K. Draper
Roquia K. Draper

Family Law

Laura E. Morris
Laura E. Morris

Estate & Trust Litigation, Civil Litigation, Estate Planning & Probate

Jennifer L. Remondino
Jennifer L. Remondino

Estate Planning & Probate, Nonprofit Organizations, Business/Corporate, Closely Held Business

Richard A. Roane
Richard A. Roane

Family Law, Alternative Dispute Resolution, International

Nazli G. Sater
Nazli G. Sater

Family Law

David L.J.M. Skidmore
David L.J.M. Skidmore

Estate & Trust Litigation, Estate Planning & Probate

Thomas M. Amon

General Litigation, Class Action/Mass Torts, Appellate

Loren Andrulis

Business/Corporate, Securities & Corporate Finance, Real Estate

Kristina M. Araya

Business Litigation, Civil Litigation, Banking, Insurance Coverage, Securities Litigation

Charles N. Ash, Jr.

Business Litigation

R. Michael Azzi

Business Litigation, Intellectual Property Litigation, Environmental Litigation, Bankruptcy, Class Action/Mass Torts

Edward J. Bardelli

Employment Litigation, Business Litigation, Employment & Labor

Jeffrey S. Battershall

Business/Corporate, Health Care, Mergers & Acquisitions

Kenneth W. Beall

Real Estate, Tax, Banking

Jared T. Belka

Real Estate, Government Finance, Environmental

Andrea J. Bernard

Employment Litigation, Construction Litigation

Jeffrey O. Birkhold

Appellate, Bankruptcy

Gregory P. Bondarenko

Intellectual Property

Daniel G. Bonucchi

Mergers & Acquisitions

Joscelyn C. Boucher


Michael J. Bovill

General Litigation

Jeffrey W. Bracken

Construction Litigation, Business Litigation, Energy & Natural Resources

Michael G. Brady

Class Action/Mass Torts, Business Litigation, Civil Litigation

Kurt M. Brauer

Environmental, Energy & Natural Resources, Food and Drugs

Eric V. Brown, Jr.

Securities & Corporate Finance, Mergers & Acquisitions, Banking

Adam D. Bruski

Government Contracts, Real Estate

John V. Byl


Jason L. Byrne

Insurance Coverage, Business Litigation

Emily E. Cantor

Business/Corporate, Securities & Corporate Finance

Scott R. Carvo

Business Litigation, General Litigation, Employment Litigation

Matthew K. Casey

Business Litigation, Banking

Ashley Chrysler

Civil Litigation, Appellate, Environmental Litigation

Vito A. Ciaravino

Intellectual Property

Haley Clough

Estate Planning & Probate, Business/Corporate, Family Law, Real Estate

Susan M. Cook

Bankruptcy, Mergers & Acquisitions, Creditor Debtor Rights

Matthew M. Crowe

Business/Corporate, Closely Held Business, Mergers & Acquisitions, Health Care

Robert M. Davies

Banking, Real Estate, Business/Corporate, Energy & Natural Resources

Cameron S. DeLong

Business/Corporate, International, Tax

Nathan J. DeVries

Intellectual Property

Dennis J. Donohue

Environmental, Energy & Natural Resources

Douglas A. Dozeman

Business Litigation, Intellectual Property Litigation

Carl W. Dufendach

Estate Planning & Probate, Tax, Closely Held Business

Candace C. Dugan

Civil Litigation, Business/Corporate

Conor B. Dugan


David C.C. Eberhard

Real Estate, Business/Corporate

Paul T. Engel

Intellectual Property

Amanda M. Fielder

Employment Litigation, Class Action/Mass Torts

Gaëtan Gerville-Reache

Appellate, Environmental Litigation, Land Use/Zoning, State, Local & Municipal

Homayune A. Ghaussi

Business Litigation, Business/Corporate, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Intellectual Property Litigation

Rozanne M. Giunta

Creditor Debtor Rights, Bankruptcy

Charlie Goode

Business/Corporate, Securities & Corporate Finance

C. Ryan Grondzik

Employment Litigation, Criminal Defense: White Collar

Stephen B. Grow

Creditor Debtor Rights, Bankruptcy

Peter L. Gustafson

Business Litigation, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Construction Litigation

William W. Hall

Real Estate, Energy & Natural Resources

Shane B. Hansen

Securities & Corporate Finance, Business/Corporate, Banking

Mark K. Harder

Estate Planning & Probate, Closely Held Business

Frank E. Henke

Estate Planning & Probate, Business/Corporate, Tax

Timothy Hillegonds

Business/Corporate, Banking, Real Estate

Kelly R. Hollingsworth


Scott D. Hubbard


Wyatt J. Istvan-Mitchell

Intellectual Property

Paul R. Jackson

Tax, Mergers & Acquisitions

William R. Jansen

Business Litigation, Business/Corporate, Antitrust Litigation, Utilities

Matthew D. Johnson

Mergers & Acquisitions, Closely Held Business, Securities & Corporate Finance

Michael J. Jones

Mergers & Acquisitions, Business/Corporate

Jay A. Kennedy

Tax, Estate Planning & Probate

Kurt Kissling

Environmental, Environmental Litigation

Chad E. Kleinheksel

Intellectual Property

David J. Klippert

Business/Corporate, Estate Planning & Probate

Janet P. Knaus

Business/Corporate, Intellectual Property

Steven C. Kohl

Environmental, Administrative Law, Energy & Natural Resources, Environmental Litigation

Jonathan P. Kok

Employment & Labor, Employment Litigation

Anthony J. Kolenic, Jr.

Employee Benefits

Stephen R. Kretschman

Business/Corporate, Tax

Norbert F. Kugele

Employee Benefits, Health Care

Tracey L. Lackman

Real Estate, Nonprofit Organizations, Business/Corporate

Madelaine C. Lane

Criminal Defense: White Collar, Civil Litigation, E-Discovery, Appellate

Brian T. Lang

Business Litigation, Construction Litigation, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Eminent Domain

Mary Jo Larson

Employee Benefits

Jonathan E. Lauderbach

Business Litigation, E-Discovery, Government Relations

Brian P. Lennon

Schools & Education, Criminal Defense, Criminal Defense: White Collar

William C. Lentine

Tax, Estate Planning & Probate, Mergers & Acquisitions

Gordon R. Lewis

Securities & Corporate Finance, Banking, Business/Corporate

Rodrick W. Lewis

Business Litigation, Construction Litigation, Environmental Litigation

James L. Liggins, Jr.

Business Litigation, Construction Litigation, Civil Litigation

Dennis W. Loughlin

Bankruptcy, Creditor Debtor Rights, Business/Corporate, Business Litigation

Heidi A. Lyon

Employee Benefits

John Mackenzie

Business Litigation

Thomas J. Manganello

Business Litigation, Business/Corporate

John H. Martin

Estate Planning & Probate, Tax

Rodney D. Martin

Banking, Business/Corporate

Charles E. McCallum

International, Business/Corporate, Mergers & Acquisitions

Craig N. Meurlin

Securities & Corporate Finance, International

Susan G. Meyers

Estate Planning & Probate, Closely Held Business

James Moskal

Business Litigation, Intellectual Property Litigation, Appellate

Lawrence J. Murphy

Business Litigation

Matthew T. Nelson

Appellate, Civil Litigation

Beth L. O'Laughlin

Estate Planning & Probate, Business/Corporate

Jeffrey A. Ott

Mergers & Acquisitions, Banking, Securities & Corporate Finance, Business/Corporate

Dean F. Pacific

Employment Litigation

Linda Paullin-Hebden

Mergers & Acquisitions, Securities & Corporate Finance, Business/Corporate, Closely Held Business

Randall J. Peck

Intellectual Property

Daniel C. Persinger

Securities & Corporate Finance, Mergers & Acquisitions

Jeffrey B. Power

Estate Planning & Probate, Nonprofit Organizations

Katherine L. Pullen

Business Litigation

James J. Rabaut

Real Estate, Land Use/Zoning

Louis C. Rabaut

Employment & Labor

Janet L. Ramsey

Intellectual Property Litigation, Business Litigation

Adam Ratliff

General Litigation, Appellate

Michael L. Robinson


Alan T. Rogalski

Health Care

Emily Rucker

Business Litigation, Construction Litigation

Raymond E. Scott

Intellectual Property

Jeffrey S. Segal

Health Care, Civil Litigation, Tax

Robert H. Skilton, III

Creditor Debtor Rights

Eugene E. Smary

Environmental, Energy & Natural Resources

Corinne N. Sprague

Business/Corporate, Banking, Closely Held Business, Mergers & Acquisitions, Securities & Corporate Finance

James J. Steffel

Estate Planning & Probate, Closely Held Business

Justin W. Stemple

Employee Benefits

Gordon J. Toering

Creditor Debtor Rights, Business/Corporate, Bankruptcy

Christopher E. Tracy

Business Litigation, Environmental Litigation, Criminal Defense: White Collar

Ford J.H. Turrell

Real Estate, Business/Corporate

W. Michael Van Haren

Estate Planning & Probate, Closely Held Business, Nonprofit Organizations

Elisabeth M. Von Eitzen

Bankruptcy, Creditor Debtor Rights, Business Litigation

Douglas E. Wagner

Business Litigation, Personal Injury - Products, Alternative Dispute Resolution

Brian D. Wassom

Intellectual Property Litigation, Business Litigation, Media and Advertising

Stephen C. Waterbury

Mergers & Acquisitions, Business/Corporate, Securities & Corporate Finance

Jennifer Watkins

Employee Benefits

Michael E. Wooley


Laura N. You

Business Litigation, Closely Held Business

Carly Zagaroli

Insurance Coverage, Civil Litigation, General Litigation, Intellectual Property Litigation

Lisa B. Zimmer

Employee Benefits

Lance R. Zoerhof

Business Litigation, Real Estate

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